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Monogram and Scalextric regoional race.

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  • Monogram and Scalextric regoional race.

    To all racers, we will be holding a pair of Regional qualifier races for the May 5th & 6th Nationals at GT slots in Philadelphia, PA. All racers are welcome to participate in the qualifier races. It does not matter whether they intend to try to qualify for the NATs or just have some racing fun. I have included links for the race rules. If you have any questions please ask.
    • Race date is Saturday, April 21ST
    • Doors open at 4:00 PM
    • Tech at 5:00 PM for the Monogram race.
    • Scalextric race starts after the Monogram race.
    • Entry fee is $10 for one race $15.00 for both
    • Price includes Pizza, pop and motor for race.
    • Sanctioned Handout Motor must be returned at the end of the race.
    • All racers must supply their own tires. We will have them for sale if you need them.
    • Racers not interested in qualifying for the Nats may race a mostly box stock car without having to replace their motor with a sactioned motor. Their result will not count for National Race qualifying.


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    And I assume to win the Cobra you must use a handout motor ?


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      Yes Dave you are correct.


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        How did the races go?


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          Race results.

          Monogram Vintage Stock car race results.

          Driver Total Laps
          1. Dave Wickham 77
          2. Mike Stott 76
          3. Art Roberts 74
          4. Craig Jensen 73
          5. Bill McIntyer 71
          6. John Greenway 71
          7. Ray Neubauer 70
          8. Ron Caponey 68
          9. Rob Hall 68
          10. Sam Bedford 64
          11. Nick Zuk 64
          12. Wayne Biermacki 63
          13. Matt Bedford 60
          14. John Allard 27

          Scalextric Trans-Am

          1. Dave Wickham 104
          2. Mike Stott 101
          3. Steve Guth 96
          4. Craig Jensen 96
          5. John Kroppe 95
          6. John Greenway 93
          7. Rob Hall 93
          8. Ray Neubauer 91
          9. Bill McIntyer 90
          10. Ron Caponey 89
          11. Wayne Biermacki 87
          12. Nick Zuk 72
          13. Sam Bedford 71
          14. John Allard 44

          I would like to thank you to all of the drivers that came and made this a great race. Big congrats to Dave for winning both of the races and walking away with the Limited edition Monogram Cobra and a Scalextric Trans-Am car.
          Clover Leaf Racing
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            Thanks again, Mike. I had a great time!

            The print out that night had Craig ahead of me in T/A. What happened?


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              Steve you had the same amount of laps. you stopped at marker 56 and he stopped at marker 45.


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                I see. Sweet.


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                  Photo from race