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3RD annual Michigan 24 Hour race

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    Waiting patiently....


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      Pulled from another site...2 heats to go...


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        Well?????? Its gotta be over by now. The suspense is killing me....
        Just Dave


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          SCC Wins sets new World Record

          SCC - New world record holders


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            Congrats to SCC ! Congrats to the Tuesday night crew ! Congrats to the out of towners ! ALL of you are a bunch of Maniacs !


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              Congratulations to SCC. I can only imagine what it was like. Also hats off to EVERYONE to participated in this race. Job well done guys. Looking for followup/pics once everyones gets some rest....


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                Congratulations to everyone on the SCC team for their race win and "A New World Record !!! Looks like everyone else had a great race as well... Time now for you all to get some rest. Thanks for the great race...
                Ray M.


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                  Hat’s off to SCC and their 3rd victory. If one were to look up the word ‘teamwork’ in the dictionary they would see a picture of these 5 guys. They are professional, gracious and humble if not a bit gaudy (including the match underwear). I’m always happy to see them again and it’s always fun to spend time in their company.

                  As one of the drivers for Clover Leaf Racing I again offer my congratulations to Dave616, Moby Dick, Elsecundo, Wizz, Art and Rob for a hard fought and well deserved 2nd place. Moby Dick and Dave616 did a great job in preparing the team's car. I felt their car was a little faster than CLR's car, but I think CLR's car was a little quicker in the corners. I believe the drivers were closely matched in their abilities and skills so it came down to chance and luck. Each team had its fair amount of both - good and bad! Early on, DDD's headlights (and taillights) failed and there was much speculation as to how long the repair would take (all repairs being made under green). Moby Dick fixed the problem very quickly before the night racing began. At another point, towards the final heat of the race, the motor in CLR's car started to die off yet the team was able to massage the motor back to its original performance. None of the drivers were slouches (on any team) - I know; I drove the snot out of our car in an attempt to claw our way into second place; but it was not to be.

                  The battle for 3rd was also hard fought. The Cincinnati Slot Rods were initially at a disadvantage due to never having had run on the track. The Can-Am team consisted of people from the usual Tuesday night Clover Leaf Racing series, a Canadian and Bob from New Hampshire. I was struck by how easy it was for the members of the Can-Am team to come together and work as a singular unit. Pasquale, Bob, James, Craig and John G are easy going guys that enjoy the thrill of the hunt; my hat off to the Can-Am team.

                  The Cincinnati Slot Rods came with an Ill-prepared car yet through sheer determination and perseverance managed to progressively improve not only the performance of their car but also their individual driving abilities – in other words, they learned how to drive the track. My hat off to their ‘never quit’ attitude!!!! They deserve the ‘most improved’ award!

                  Every participant displayed true sportsmanship. It was a delight to spend 24 (grueling) hours with everyone involved. Mike, the host and impetus behind this event, once again opened his home to all and provided an unending supply of food and beverage.

                  Thanks to ALL for a memorable weekend!


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                    Great summary, Fumey!
                    Outstanding weekend, and we were thrilled to see SCC capture the world record. Congrats to them -- it's very well-deserved, for sure. Mike (Smokeio) built an absolutely fantastic car, and it was driven brilliantly by one of the most organized and well-prepared teams you'll ever see. To top it off, they're a blast to hang around with, and even more so after extreme sleep deprivation.

                    Many, many thanks to Mike for hosting this thing. It's a huge undertaking, bringing 30+ people into his home, and making sure the track and facilities are ready for racing -- all while being part of one of the teams. Mike, I really enjoyed our battles throughout the evening, too. Really well done all around!

                    I can't thank John (MobyDick) enough for inviting me to this thing, and all the hard work he did to get this team ready for battle. That car was awesome, and I really enjoyed being part of your team. Like you said, it was just a great team effort to bring that car home, with great contributions from everybody. I had a blast with the guys, and particularly enjoyed throwing ideas around with you and Dave.616 -- it seemed like we'd been teammates for years, and it all just seemed to 'click' when we were hanging out together. That was really, really cool.

                    Great weekend, thanks for letting me be a part of it!


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                      Some pics from the race

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                        [ame=""]Michigan 24 Hour Race 2013 - YouTube[/ame]

                        night racing video


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                          Congrats SCC!

                          Congrats also to the rest of the teams. It's a big accomplishment itself just to finish.


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                            Congrats to SCC on the win and a New World Record. Congrats to all the Teams that raced and all of them finishing the race great job. It was nice meeting old and new slot car friends. Thanks Clover Leaf Racing ( Mike & Art) for put on this race again this year.


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                              Originally posted by ElSecundo View Post
                              To top it off, they're a blast to hang around with, and even more so after extreme sleep deprivation.
                              Your sleep deprivation or ours? Inquiring minds wanna know.


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                                Here are the official results:

                                Team Slot Car Corner beat the world record by 0.3 miles only 3 minutes from the end of the race and Detroit Dum Dums and Clover Leaf Racing fought hard for second place until the last heat. Detroit Dum Dums finally clinched 2nd place with only 16 laps ahead of CLR. What a finish!