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I had to get a wall clock for the Glen

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  • I had to get a wall clock for the Glen

    I just purchased a cheap wall clock to help me and visitors stay aware of what time it is. The other day Garold came by to drop off a slot car he wanted me to paint. He was supposed to be going to the 7-Eleven to get some aspirin for his wife but one thing lead to another until about an hour later he got a call from said wife. Needless to say he was gone in a flash.

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    He won't be back anytime soon!

    And he was such a nice guy ... he will be missed.


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      Actually she is pretty tolerant about his slot car addiction. She has even come over herself and played a bit.


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        I have a clock that is tough to read, just so guys won't pay attention and leave too soon.

        For domestic tranquility, When the wife calls, time is up.