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First official race at the new DeBary Glen

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  • Modlerbob
    started a topic First official race at the new DeBary Glen

    First official race at the new DeBary Glen

    Our first race will be held on the evening of Saturday Sept. 12th. Track opens at 6PM or when the first racer shows up. Racing will begin at 7PM. We will be racing Carrera classic NASCARS. Stock with the exception of tires. Any brand of urethane or rubber compound allowed including Carrera tires. No silicones. After that race we will see what happens. I have a brace of Scaley modern GT cars that I will loan to anyone who doesn't have one. If we have two races they should wrap up by 9PM. But you can stay as late as you want, within reason.

  • Modlerbob
    Race Results

    DeBary Glen Race Report
    Sept. 12, 2015
    Larry Granger and his wife Diane were the first to arrive. Pete Ross arrived shortly afterwards. Then Tony P. and his daughter Olivia came in follwed by Rick Turner. I got a call from Garold Page who needed a ride due to the rain and Rick volunteered to go pick him up. Pete had his wife with him and they took off to find a place to eat. There was a good half hour of practice and then it was time to race. The cars were Carrera classic NASCARs. The race format was round robin with sit outs with 5 minute heats with 3 minute breaks. There was a track power problem that cropped up at the last minute but we finally got under way. Expecting six racers I set up the lap counter with two sit outs putting Pete in as the final sit out driver. Unfortunately he never got back to race. Things proceeded well until the fourth heat when a combination of track power and a car with a broken lead wire caused a loss of two minutes. Final lap times for the drivers in that heat were adjusted to their average laps for their other three heats.

    Garold Page won the race driving my Ford Torino completing 176 laps
    Rick Turner placed second driving his own Ford Torino completing 168 laps
    Tony P placed third driving my Plymouth Road Runner completing 164 laps
    Olivia placed fourth driving her Dad's Dodge Charger completing 161 laps
    Larry Granger placed fifth driving my other Plymouth Road Runner completing 157 laps
    Pete never came back from dinner.

    Rick had fast lap at 5.951 seconds, Garold was second fast lap at 5.962 seconds.

    For a first time event things were a little bumpy but everyone had fun and hopefully the next race will progress more smoothly. The next race is tentatively scheduled for Saturday Oct. 10th

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