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    Another year, another series. Oh yeah... we have been racing, but I've been slacking off on the reporting. Heck, I didn't even calculate the points from each race as we went, so this post is a surprise for everyone because now we ALL find out how well we did for this series.

    (rewind noise here)

    For the 2016-17 series, DRAWW will be running (ran) Scalextric GT3 cars, DPR only. Why DPR only? Well, because of the advent of the Carson DPR chip for Carrera Digital. One of our members started with Carrera digital and only put up an SSD track because that's what we were running (Carlos). He wanted to go back to Carrera, and this chip made that a much easier decision. We also had a member with a Carrera Digital track and no ability/desire to put in an SSD one (Russ). We also had other members who have not yet hosted but who are, or were planning on, Carrera Digital. With the Carson chip, we'll be able to easily run the SAME cars on the Carrera digital track just by changing the chips. Since the chip itself was an expense to get into the racing, we chose a car type that most of us had one or more to choose from. That, plus no traction magnets and any brand urethane tires you want to use, glued and trued all around. A small amount of weight was also allowed, but nothing that could make a tank.

    That was the plan, anyway. Well, life got in the way with Carlos, and he was unable to participate at all for this series. Our first test on Russ' track didn't go well. For some reason, the system kept shutting down with more than a couple cars on the track. We tried all kinds of things, even replacing the power supply to no avail. Fortunately, it was just a test of the Carson chips, and not meant to be a scheduled race. When we finally made it to Russ' track for a race, we had a bunch of lap counting problems with both the various apps that work with the Carrera App Connect accessory, and with the PC program I tried. Both of which worked great on my home Carrera Digital track. We tried to get racing going, but as soon as we realized that laps weren't being counted, we stopped and tried again. Unfortunately, never getting in a successful race. I don't think it was a problem with the chips, though. Might have been software glitches between old CU firmware and new software, but we didn't have much time left to do any significant testing after I ran the CU update. When it came time to go back to Russ' for his second race, life got in the way and he was unable to host. Since Carlos had bowed out, we ended up running at Dave's track for practically half of the races having taken Carlos' spots as well as filling in for other hosts as needed. It also didn't help that my APB stopped counting on one lane, so my final race couldn't be run, either. Again, Dave to the rescue. He's a trooper, especially given the fact we never have to eat before coming over. Pizza, chili, tacos, sometimes more than one of those options at once! I thank him and his lovely wife for helping me maintain my figure. ;-)

    (fast forward noise here)

    So, yeah, it was a tumultuous series. Let's see how the numbers play out, one race at a time, shall we?

    First official race was at, you guessed it, The Kitchen Floor (The Rock/Dave's track) on November 20, 2016. We ran a 50 lap race with full simulation. Oh, look, I have a video, how convenient!
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Scalextric GT3 - The Kitchen Floor - 11/20/16 - YouTube[/ame]

    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 10
    2 - Dawgnut - 8
    3 - Capt. Casualty - 6
    4 - Mr. Flippant - 5
    5 - Earthbound - 4
    6 - TheRockinator - 3

    Race #2 took place at my track. I don't even remember what we raced... Let's find out together with another video!
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Scalectric GT3 - Rainier Raceways - 12/4/16 - YouTube[/ame]

    Well, that explains why I have two results files for that date. We ran a 100 lap and then a 50. Apparently, I didn't hear them decide on 100 laps after they told me 50. I'm not entirely sure which race, if not both, to count, and how to count them if I count both. Running some numbers, if I add the laps run from both races, the standings are the same as the results from the first race. But, if I add place points for each race together, I get a slightly different result, but still with Major Magless on top. I don't think it will be fair to others if I give MM a full 20 points (10 for each race) rather than 10 for the day, but I'm also not sure how the other differences will effect future standings for others. Whatever the case, it's really a series to find out who will be 2, 3, and 4. ;-) Aww heck, let's just see what happens...

    For the 100 lap race... Major Magless with the win of 100 laps and 10 points followed by TheRockinator with 99 laps and 8 more series points. Dawgnut took third with 97 laps, gaining him 6 points ahead of Earthbound who was close behind with 97 laps earning him 5 points. Bringing up the rear, it's Mr. Flippant with 95 laps, adding 4 points to his series tally. With only 5 laps in the spread on a 100 lap race, it was a lot closer than many of our races.

    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 20
    2 - Dawgnut - 14
    3 - TheRockinator - 11
    4 - Earthbound - 10
    5 - Mr. Flippant - 9
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 6

    For the 50 lapper... Major Magless with 50 laps and first place for 10 points, followed by Dawgnut with second place and 49 laps earning him 8 points. Finishing off the podium was Mr. Flippant with 49 laps and 6 points. TheRockinator pulled 48 laps and 5 points, followed by Earthbound with 48 laps and 4 points for 5th place.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 30
    2 - Dawgnut - 22
    3 - TheRockinator - 16
    4 - Mr. Flippant - 15
    5 - Earthbound - 14
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 6

    Yeah, we all know MM is going to win, but at least this gives the rest of us a fighting chance.

    Next up, some Christmas light night racing on Raceline Raceway, Major Magless' track. We all had custom, color coded LEDs stuck atop our cars for help in locating and identifying our cars while racing (and crashing). "Do you have a video, Greg?" you may ask. My response would be, "Why yes, I do!" of course. And here it is...
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Scalextric GT - Raceline Raceway - 12/18/16 - YouTube[/ame]
    We did a second race with the lights back on. The following month, MM sent me the race results to tabulate... at some point. ;-)

    Race #1, 50 laps in the derk... Capt. Casualty brings it home on his home track, adding a solid 10 points to his series total. Unfortunately, missing other races doesn't help, and he's still down at the bottom of the standings. Next in line was Major Magless only one lap down, and probably not even a whole one, adding ONLY 8 points to his total this time. I managed to shoulder my way onto the podium with 46 laps, earning me 6 points. Dawgnut not far behind with 44 laps and 5 more points. Earthbound brought home 42 laps and 4 points, followed by TheRockinator with 40 laps and 3 points.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 38
    2 - Dawgnut - 27
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 21
    4 - TheRockinator - 19
    5 - Earthbound - 18
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 16

    Paying attention? Ignoring the guy sitting comfortably up top, things are still changing pretty quickly. What will happen when the lights come back on? Let's see... well... read... math.. whatever. The seeing was earlier, assuming you watched the video above. Anyway, it looks like this one turned out a little different, so no surprise there. Major Magless hit the 50 lap mark first, earning him another 10 points. Yay for him. :P His mini-me, Capt. Casualty, only 2 laps down with second place and 8 points. Rounding out the podium on this one was Dawgnut just behind CC with 47 laps and 6 more points. Finishing up the standings found Mr. Flippant getting 45 laps and 5 points, Earthbound with 43 laps and 4 points, and finally TheRockinator, having gotten tired of crashing and so earning only 3 points with his 2 laps.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 48
    2 - Dawgnut - 33
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 26
    4 - Capt. Casualty - 24
    5 - TheRockinator - 22
    6 - Earthbound - 22

    Still a pretty close race there, especially down the field. Capt. Casualty usually can't attend races, so he'll be dropping down soon, I imagine. What's next then? Ah, I see... it's Samm Hill Raceway, Dawgnut's track. Lo! and behold! There be-ith a video... ith!
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Scalextric GT - Samm Hill Raceway - 1/15/17 - YouTube[/ame]

    Seems Major Magless was having some controller issues of some kind and didn't do so well as he normally does. No worries. This time, Dawgnut brings home the win, being the first to get to the 100 lap mark and earning 10 points. TheRockinator was in the lead for a good amount of time in the end, but had to splash and dash. He couldn't dash fast enough, though, and ended up losing position to Dawgnut right in the last lap. Still, that earned him 8 points. I got third place again, and another 6 points with my 92 laps. Earthbound wasn't far behind with 91 laps earning 5 points, followed by Major Magless with his 79 laps for 4 points. Poor dear.

    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 52
    2 - Dawgnut - 43
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 32
    4 - TheRockinator - 30
    5 - Earthbound - 27
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 24

    We also did a fun 50 lapper with no sims that didn't count for points. That can be seen in the video above. Major Magless gave up on his controller and sat that one out.

    Taking over for Carlos, we ran on The Kitchen Floor again for the next race. One more time before TheRockinator changes the track... again. Russ was able to join in for this one, but we lost Earthbound to other activities. DISLOYAL!
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Scalextric GT - The Kitchen Floor - 1/28/17 - YouTube[/ame]

    Major Magless with the win again, and another 10 points for this 100 lap race. Dawgnut held his own quite nicely getting 98 laps and 8 points followed by yours truly with 91 laps and 6 points. Yeesh, this will be hard to come back from, I hope I don't miss any races (*whisper*foreshadowing*whisper*). TheRockinator wasn't far behind me with 89 laps and his 5 points while Russ did his best to stay out of trouble and captured 72 laps and his 4 points for his first race in the series.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 62
    2 - Dawgnut - 51
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 38
    4 - TheRockinator - 35
    5 - Earthbound - 27
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 24
    7 - Russ - 4

    We also ran a 50 lap "IROC" race with MajorMagless' Ninco McLarens with magnets. My car was a dog in the worse way, but I powered through it. Eventually I took a closer look at it, and found that the rear axle had popped out on one side. A quick fix and the car ran like a champ. I was too far behind to catch up, but I sure tried. IROC is fun.

    Well, the standings aren't changing much any more, and Dawgnut is pulling away from the rest of us plebes to go hang out in 2nd place with his buddy Major Magless up there in 1st. You guys have fun up there with your ferst and seccund places. :P

    Our next race was to be held at Russ' Carrera Digital track. And it was. It's a giant plate of spaghetti track with a massive wall of banked turns and lots of bridges and ramps and hidden areas. It was determined that we would go ahead and put magnets back into the cars to run there, but having run without them so long, it was hard to get into that groove with the unpredictable deslots when the magnet gives. It would probably have been a heck of a toss up if the lap counting could be made to work reliably for everyone. Unfortunately, not being able to record a race here kind of defeated the point of this series. That, plus Carlos not being able to host kind of put a damper on the whole thing. Ah well. Such is life.

    Oh hey, we're back at The Kitchen Floor again! This one was scheduled to be his race. It's ok that he had hosted so many races already, because it was a brand new layout, as you can see in the video.
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Scalextric GT - The Kitchen Floor - 2/26/17 - YouTube[/ame]

    Looks like we had time to run TWO 100 lap races. Wow! OK, let's get to it. For the first race, Major Magless takes the win with 100 laps and 10 (more, ****it) points followed closely by Dawgnut with 99 laps and 8 points. In case you were wondering, we stop the race right as the leader crosses the last lap. Ties are broken by track position if needed. I managed a third with 97, earning me 6 points. TheRockinator was only a lap off me with 96 laps getting 5 points. Earthbound brings up the rear with 91 laps and 4 points.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 72
    2 - Dawgnut - 59
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 44
    4 - TheRockinator - 40
    5 - Earthbound - 31
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 24
    7 - Russ - 4

    The second race was an upset for Major Magless for some reason. I might have to watch the video again. ;-) In the end, I pulled a rabbit out my hat with 2 laps up on Dawgnut. 10 points for me and 8 for him followed by Major Magless with a mere pittance of 93 laps for his 6 points. TheRockinator racked up 88 laps for his 5 points, followed by Earthbound with 78 for his 4.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 78
    2 - Dawgnut - 67
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 54
    4 - TheRockinator - 45
    5 - Earthbound - 35
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 24
    7 - Russ - 4

    Due to schedule changes and other problems and mishaps, the last race of the season took place at Raceline Raceway. I wasn't able to attend, so no video to watch. I also have no idea what happened, other than the results. It would appear that they ran a 100 lap race. Major Magless must have had some other issues, because he was seven laps behind Dawgnut. 10 for the latter, and 8 for the former. Earthbound took third place with 89 laps (6pts), followed closely by TheRockinator with 87 (5pts). Capt. Casualty was also off his game bringing home last place with 77 laps and 4 points.
    Place - Name - Points
    1 - Major Magless - 86
    2 - Dawgnut - 77
    3 - Mr. Flippant - 54
    4 - TheRockinator - 50
    5 - Earthbound - 41
    6 - Capt. Casualty - 28
    7 - Russ - 4

    I wasn't able to locate any more race results, videos, or reports than those above. If any come in, I'll add them to the tally, but apart from a tight battle between me and TheRockinator, I don't see much changing up there. But hey, that could happen, since any race I don't have would likely be one I missed, if he was there, he might have pulled ahead of me.

    I hope that this was entertaining for you, the reader. If not, well, I can't believe you got this far. If so, well, then, you're either SUPER bored, or you DID enjoy it, so don't you lie to me!

    Looks like our next series will be an American muscle one. As most of the group has a pretty busy summer, we usually don't race much for the next few months. Our next series will probably start in the fall, so you can look forward to that.