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Welcome to DRAWW! (PLEASE READ!)

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  • Welcome to DRAWW! (PLEASE READ!)

    Hello, everyone!

    We are the Digital Racing Alliance of Western Washington. That's about as simple as it gets, but to expand on that, we are a casual racing group who enjoy digital slot racing of all kinds, brought together by our region, aka the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, and even Canada (Vancouver/BC area), and anyone who wants to make the trip to an event in the area. We support and encourage ALL kinds of digital slot racing including, but not limited to: Scalextric Sport Digital, SCX The Digital System, Ninco Digital, Carrera D143/D132/D124/Pro-X, Artin DigiPro, Scorpius, oXigen, Davic, BLST, and even AC2Car! If you have a track that allows lane changing and the sharing of lanes between 2 or more cars, and you're in the area, we want you to know about us, and to know about you. Even if you don't have a track of your own, but like the idea and want to get involved, then please join in! We like all kinds of slot racing, and analog is great, but our focus is on the digital aspect of the hobby.

    What will we be doing here? Same as everyone else. We'll be coordinating and announcing events (aka races), discussing potential and active race series, helping each other with technical and tuning issues, and having as much fun as possible.

    We also need your help! If you know anyone in the area who is a digital slot racer, or even just curious about digital racing, please point them here. If you've seen people post in other forums about digital, and they live in the general area of the Puget Sound (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Vancouver, etc), please point them in our direction. The only way for the DRAWW to grow and become active is to get the people to know about us.

    Any questions or concerns or ideas? Please post them here, or start a new thread in the DRAWW sub-forum.

    Here are a few threads that are club related, or otherwise useful to club members:
    DRAWW Series Nomination Spec Sheet Form
    DRAWW Race Day Scoresheet
    DRAWW club promo Flyer
    DRAWW Rules Discussion
    DRAWW Race Videos
    DRAWW Live Stream
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    Excellent idea Greg... how about adding a few links of those DRAWW YouTube videos?


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      Good idea. I started a separate thread for that, and linked to it in the welcome message.


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        I am from the east coast, and we are slowly getting into Digital... We are having so much fun the traditional way!!! We do have a couple of members with digital and we are trying to start racing that way... If I am ever on the coast I will take you up on the offer and bring some cars... Are you into modifying the cars from the stock???


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          We do some small mods, mainly to help keep costs down for those who don't usually hop up their cars. But, some members do like to get things running nicely, and have cars with lots of replacement parts. We don't usually add faster motors or magnets, usually it's no mag so we go for better traction and handling.

          It would be hard to get a mostly analog club to switch to digital, but it's usually not hard to have IROC or feature racing at the digital places while running analog cars at the other tracks. One thing we did recently in EMSA was choose a car to run that was DPR, so that when we raced at my track, the series could be run digitally with 6 cars, rather than in analog mode with only 2.


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            I'd like to drive down from Vancouver and check out what you guys are up to one day. When and where are you running at?


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              Right now we're between series, but are trying to stick to a semi weekly schedule on Sunday afternoons. The northernmost tracks are in the Redmond area, and the next time we're there is in two weeks. If you think you'll want to make the trip on the 23rd, PM or email me and I'll get you the address. We usually meet up at around 2pm, and finish up before dinner.


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                Redmond would be great, but I'm already tied up that day. Let me know the next time you guys are there... that's only 90 minutes from my house +/- a few if the popo are out.