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    Well, I won't be anyone's babysitter, but if an adult who wants to race brings a kid, that's fine.

    I did get Adrian's final "go for it" about using the image. So, unless there are any last minute changes, this will be the final version and can be printed off and distributed. My initial thought was that everyone could keep a couple copies in their car, and when they're at a hobby store that sells Scalextric (especially digital) or other slot cars, ask them to stick one up near their slot products, or an appropriate place. It's not my intention to provide a stack of flyers for every store for people to take home as those usually end up in the trash. If people are actually interested, they'll email, call, or scan the barcode and check the web site, or even just remember that we exist and google us at some point. Have spares at all times, though, as when you return to a store that has put them up you might find it gone, either because someone took it or it was otherwise lost or taken down. You can then ask to put another one up without having to remember to bring a flyer next time.

    Anyway, here you go:
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      Ok, it's canvassing time. Let's create a list of all the places in the area that we a) need to get to and place flyers at and 2) that we have done so. These should be any store that sells slot cars, especially those that sell digital... any brand, though especially SSD because that's what most of us are using so far. I'm pretty sure every Hobby Town USA carries Scalextric, even if only a little bit, so we need to hit all those, of course. There are also several local hobby stores that carry Scalextric, such as Eagle Hobbies in Seattle, Red Devil, and more. Please contribute a list of the stores you expect to be able to put a flyer in, and then update your post as you get flyers posted. I'll start.

      1) Remote Control Hobbies in Covington. DONE!
      2) NW Nitro RC Hobbies in Puyallup
      3) Tacoma Trains and Hobbies
      4) Fantasy World Hobbies. DONE!
      5) Blitz Hobbies in Lacey

      Rockinator, can you tackle the HobbyTown in Tukwila and anything else in the area? Earthbound, you're probably closest to Eagle Hobbies and Red Devil. Magless or Slapshot can do the HobbyTown in Redmond town center. There's also Galaxy Hobby up in Lynnwood, and probably some other Hobby Town USAs to look into. Anyone up north-north can look into Valley Slots in Monroe. I've never been there or called them, but the name sure does indicate something.

      Please post your list of planned flyer drops.
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        I'll get Redmond HobbyTown


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          Got Fantasy World Hobbies store in Tacoma. Judy made a great point when she tried the barcode and saw the DRAWW page... there's no pictures! There's also no personalized feel. So, I'll be making some changes to that page such as adding photos of the tracks we have so far, maybe of the owners as well, and other stuff, to spice it up a bit, and make it a little more "small screen" friendly. Suggestions and photo contributions are welcome.


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            Success! I just had a long conversation with a guy who had seen the flyer at HobbyTown in Redmond. The HobbyTown salesman still has old info about SSD (powerbases dying, like the original 6 car base, etc), but he didn't convince the customer, fortunately.

            Hopefully he'll introduce himself soon, if not here then on the Yahoo Group, and we'll see him at the next race.

            So, a quick reminder to check for the presence of flyers at hobby stores you visit. Be sure to have one in your car so you can replace any missing ones or post one in a new location.



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              Another reminder. This will be the season of parents buying sets as gifts, and then kids/dads buying more track and cars to expand in the new year. This is when we need to make sure all local hobby stores know about DRAWW and hopefully have a flyer up somewhere.