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  • Club Rules - Please Discuss

    DRAWW members (any local digital racer) only, please discuss. Final rules will be posted and linked in the Welcome post.

    Rule #1, this is not a dictatorship. As such, these are only my ideas for what I think would be good rules to go by. Everyone should have equal say in not only the rules, but pretty much everything, regardless of their "seniority" in the club, experience as a slot car buyer/builder/tuner, or their expertise on the track. Just because someone knows what they like doesn't mean that's what everyone else wants/has to do.

    Rule #2, we do this for the fun of it. If it's not fun, something is wrong. There is no money, fame, or power for anyone here, win or lose. Power struggles and superiority complexes have no place here.

    Rule #3, we want racing to be fair and fun. Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone has something to share. Secrets are worthless, and so information should be shared freely and willingly. Members should not be afraid to ask how someone does something (tuning, driving, etc), nor should members be unwilling to answer questions about anything slot or club related.

    Rule #4, race series' should be nominated by any active member (someone who is attending races), regardless of their seniority or experience. Any member can nominate any number of cars for consideration for the next race series. Ideally, that nomination should include an example of the nominated car, and a basic spec for the series so that everyone understands what they are voting on.

    Rule #5 The next series is determined by a majority vote of those present at the meeting from the nominated cars. Everyone present may cast their vote. Multiple nominations can be narrowed down with multiple votes. No one shall be excluded from nominating, voting, or participating for any reason.

    Rule #6, series specs should include all information pertinent to the setup of the car, and can also include how to conduct the races. It is assumed in all cases that anything not listed in the spec is not allowed, and that lack of race rules means a basic lap limited heat rotation race.

    Rule #7, there shall be no limitations placed on the race rules or car specs up for nomination and voting. It is up to the nominating member to present the specs and/or rules for consideration and majority vote. At no time shall specs be limited to no/mag, tires, weight, brand, type, motor, or race rules. If members like what is nominated, they will vote for it. If not, try again at a later date. Every possible option has equal chance of winning a series vote.

    Rule #8, there is no difference between a member who has a track, and one who does not. Although members are encouraged to set up a track for the club to race on, it is certainly not required. Track owners have no additional power within the club than other members.

    I think it's important that the rules be kept very simple, and that the club is more about the spirit of having fun and learning/teaching/sharing than to have a multiple page handbook of rules. Some of the above rule suggestions might already be too verbose or redundant.

    Again, these are just my opinions. I'm as likely to stop racing for personal reasons as anyone else, or to race until I'm old and gray. As long as the club can grow and freely be what its majority makes it at any given time, I think it will be a good thing.

    Now, don't hold back. Let's hear it. Paul? Mike? Dave? Mike? Randy? Frank? Bueller? Bueller?

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    thats what rules should be. What is your take on if you hit something that is in your lane that was placed in your lane i.e. a grabber, not from personal experience .


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      Pull over and let the next guy hit it. He'll be glad to offer up an opinion at that time.


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        i know i'm not part of your group, but my name is mike so i'll chime in.... i think that if a crash is such where you need to use a grabber to marshal a car, that would be a good time to have a track call.


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          I agree with all those rules. Although, I would prefer to call them guideline. 'Rules' sound too strict and confining and we are neither of those.

          What about a vision type statement. Something like:
          The vision of DRAWW is to keep it fun, fair and democratic. But mostly fun.

          Those 8 rules above could be all the legal small print stuff.

          What about having one non-series race day as a transition between series. It would be used for testing and tuning of the next series cars as well as IROC races. We seem to be having less and less of those since we starting series racing.


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            Good point about rules versus guidelines. At the same time, it can be helpful to have something to refer to when someone brings up a point such as sweendog's.

            As for crashing, well, that's something we continue to experiment with. Most of the time, we've been using track calls for ALL crashes, regardless of why they took place. We've been racing with an "if you come off, you take the penalty" when one exists, regardless of why you came off. I believe we will be experimenting more with other ways of dealing with offs and "infractions" but I think it's easiest to have an "if you're off, you're off" standard. Otherwise you get shouting matches about why you came off.


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              Those are rules or, (Guidelines) that I think everyone can live with, I know I can. And I know you and your peeps in your digital club will stand by them.



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                I had a thought about how we run our series races and wanted to see if it was already in our guidelines (soon to become rules). Item #6 comes close to addressing the idea but not quite...

                What do you guys think about this:

                The series car/spec/etc are nominated and voted as mentioned earlier but the individual race host may propose slight alterations to the race environment.

                What do I mean by environment?
                1) Using poker chips to pay for the marshall to put your car back on - we tried this yesterday and it seemed to go real well. It also seemed to alter one's driving style as one ran out of chips.
                2) Use fuel simulation - we tried it yesterday for an IROC race and it was fun (eventually)
                3) Adjust the voltage for the race within an acceptable range. For example: 9-12v
                4) Night, or low light races
                5) Disable brakes

                Anyone interested?
                Anyone have any other ideas?


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                  I like the idea of playing with all those ideas, but primarily for IROC races, at least from race to race. I'd like the series races to have a consistent format from race to race during a series. That way, we're not having to learn a new format for each race of a series. The IROC is pure fun, and if it's in pitch black with fuel loads and poker chips and everything, I'm fine with that.

                  Everyone seemed to really like the poker chip thing. I thought we took a vote to go ahead and continue that for the rest of the races in the series. If not, let me know. I think it will work well at all the tracks. The 20 lap heats worked out well, too, especially with less crashing due to the poker chip idea. Since we didn't get the idea for unused poker chips to become bonus points prior to the first race, we might want to save that for the next series that uses them.

                  My opinions are based on keeping things consistent, which to me helps keep things fair. My intent behind Rule #6 was that if the series nominator wants to include race format rules, that would be the best place to include them. I wasn't thinking that each host might run their series race differently. I'm thinking that's what IROC is for, and why I went with fuel loads and full marshaling (no track calls) for the IROC race.

                  I'm against fuel simulation for series races on the basis of the controllers being completely unequal. We could use the old SSDC and refueling but no fuel load simulation, but I would still prefer that to be part of the series rules from start to finish. Same with voltage. I think the cars run well at 11v, and will do so on all of our tracks. At Dave's track, probably 75% or 88% power? I forget what we were running at during testing.

                  Disabling brakes, eh? That will make things interesting.
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                    I'm just throwing ideas out there to see what sticks...


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                      Yep! I didn't mean to sound like I was shooting you down. I was just sharing my thoughts on your ideas. To be clear, I like them all! My main point was that I think the series races should be consistent within the series itself.

                      Then again, I still like the idea of IROC only racing, and forget series racing all together.


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                        I'm fine with keeping the settings for each race in a series consistent.

                        Maybe we can try and include one or even two such settings/environment changes for the next series.

                        I miss the IROCs as well. Maybe as we get better, our series heats when go quicker and we will have more time for IROCs. Also, we could have a few non-series race days between each series just for IROCs and such?

                        We certainly have enough IROC sets between us all now!


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                          No kidding!
                          I think the poker chips will really speed up the series racing. We got ours done in like 40 minutes. That's crazy fast for us. Maybe we'll even go with less chips as we get better. ;-)

                          But yeah, I'd love to get more IROC in and try more new things.


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                            As much as I'd like to believe it was the chips that made the races go so much quicker, I can't help but think it was mostly due to running with magnets that helped reduce the deslots.

                            I would love to be proven wrong on this however.


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                              I won't say they didn't help. I'm sure they did. But it's not like the cars were stuck down, either. What I saw was a lot more careful and clean racing. When people got down to their red chips, and especially when they had no more chips left, they tended to back off and keep the car in line better. But, it was only one race with one type of car. We might see entirely different results at other tracks or with other (magless) cars.