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DRAWW Series Nomination Spec Sheet (form)

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  • DRAWW Series Nomination Spec Sheet (form)

    With the help of a friend and the members of DRAWW, I've developed this nomination spec sheet form for future use. It should be helpful in a variety of ways. It will help us remember to think about everything prior to nominating and voting on a series. It will help new members to nominate their own series by having a simple form to fill out. It will also help us get future series underway quickly by having settled on details further in advance.

    The idea is that the top part of the form under "Fundamental Specs" is the stuff we need to know for sure. Brand and type of car are easy enough. Min weight is easy to determine by rounding down the weight of the example car. Max downforce can be determined based on the example car and a Magnet Marshal. Magnet location, if present, is easy to determine. Note that even cars without traction magnets should have a max downforce entry, as it's easy for motors to provide traction effect. Rear tires/prep is for what kind/brand of tire, if they are to be replaced, and if any treatment is allowed such as oil to soften rubber, or the oil and lighter fluid treatment that NSR tires are designed for. Finally, Voltage/Power% is to determine how fast the cars are to be run.

    That information, along with an example car, is all one needs to provide when nominating a car, and all the members need to make an informed decision when voting.

    The Modifications Allowed section is for changes allowed to the car aside from the fundamentals above. Anything from sanding the chassis to increase body float to wholesale replacement of motors and running gear. It's up to the series nominator to decide what modifications are allowed. Members can bring up questions and suggestions on the spec during nomination and voting, but once a series has been voted in, the spec should not need to be changed or added to except for very important reasons, decided by the nominating member.

    The Race Format section is if the member wishes to run the series with rules other than a typical heat rotation with 20 lap GP heats. For example, crashing penalties, or the use of fuel or other ideas for running each race of the series.

    This form may or may not be complete, and is subject to change. I think I've covered pretty much everything, but I expect someone to think of something I missed. Any suggestions are welcome.