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Videos and results from 2014 Scalextric GT3 Series

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  • Videos and results from 2014 Scalextric GT3 Series

    The first race of the series found us with a new regular member, a variety of cars, and our first time using some features of SSDC for official races. Pit sensors were not working in SSDC at the time, so we had some issues to deal with regarding fuel and penalties without pit sensors.

    For our second race, taking place at Raceline Raceway, we had pit in sensor with the C7030, but had to use the start/finish line as pit out. This worked pretty well, actually, but a couple drivers were having a really hard time staying on the track and taking care of their penalties.

    Race number #3 was on my home track, Rainier Raceways, where technical issues were minimal, but only 4 of us could make it. On the plus side, there was a lot less crashing, but on the flip side, there was a lot less traffic to contend with.

    The fourth race was on a new track for DRAWW, named Indianrockolis. A local SSD user sold off his track and a lot of his cars and stuff, and our new regular picked it up for a song, table and all. He did need to add the APB and pit sensors (SmartSensors), but got his track up and running with a little help from other DRAWW members. Unfortunately, all the wood cutting resulted in a layer of slipper that just didn't want to go away. Along with a few guests and frustrated members having car problems, we'll be re-running this race once the track has attained better levels of grip. Still a good time for most of us. ;-)

    The fifth race found us back on the Kitchen Floor. Unfortunately, although the SmartSensors were now working, a related issue appeared causing erroneous pit in and out activations. We were able to deal with it, for the most part. We also discovered something about SSDC we were unaware of, as the manual does not yet explain everything in the more recent versions. Again, only four of us could attend, but a slightly different group. In spite of the minor glitches, the race was fun. We're now done with these cars at The Kitchen Floor for this series.

    For our sixth meeting, we made-up the race at Carlos' track. This time, the traction was much better. While the track isn't perfect, the imperfections are primarily down to the inconsistencies of plastic track, much of which was well (ab)used prior to Carlos getting it. Overall, the racing was much better this time, though there was still plenty of crashing with the 6 of us trying to get as many laps as possible. The video below is of 3 of the 7 heats we ran. With 7 people, we decided to run timed heats with normal (analog style) rotation, with the winner decided by total laps after all 7 heats were run. This way, there was no need to qualify, and everyone got to race the same amount of time (a lot!). We went with 7 minute heats, and had to turn up the fuel burn later because efficient driving meant no need to refuel before the time elapsed. Also, this video has been edited to remove all the track call banter. We tend to waste a bit of time there, especially having to figure out who got a penalty, and who else needs to get one, due to crashing. The full length video is available to those who like to hear us goofing around during track calls, though.
    Short(er) video:
    Long(er) video: DRAWW - Indianrockolis Make-up Race - YouTube

    Meeting #7 was the second race at Rainier Raceways for this series. Although we had a couple racers unable to come, we still had a good time racing. Although crashes were common, they might have been reduced by the reduction in cars on the track at one time. In any case, we had a lot of fun. With slightly faster fuel burn, carrying over from the previous race, fuel management played a crucial role in the outcome of these races, with the person able to balance consumption and position rising to the top of the podium. Home track advantage might have helped a little bit, too.

    Meeting #8 (official race #7) was back at Raceline Raceway, with a brand new point of view. Mike put his wide angle GoPro on the ceiling, and voila! Now we have a SKY CAM! Carlos was out sick, but Sam was able to join us to make a five man race. I forgot my USB stick with the database we usually use, so we went with an old one which also had a faster fuel burn. Mike had just done his ABP high amp/variable voltage mod and we were able to dial the power anywhere we wanted. He even did my APB mod while we were practicing. The racing was great, as always, but the lower voltage did have an effect on car performance. Mine didn't seem to go as well at lower voltage, and so I used more throttle than normal, and burned more fuel than normal, and well above Mike and Dave. But, good strategy and only a couple outs got me to second place. Fortunately, the GoPro caught the end of the race just before the battery died.

    FINAL race of the series as back at Indianrockolis, Carlos' track. It was working as well as it was last time, so the racing was pretty good. With fast laps in the high 12s range, a 50 lap race takes a while (especially with track calls). Fuel usage also plays a big role because there are long, fast sections when you want to go full blast, as well as the technical section where poor traction can cost a lot of time and wasted throttle. With 6 racers, we qualified for grid order (and choice of driver position, but most of us stick with whatever position we were practicing at), then ran two 50 lap races. The video is of the second race. Sorry about the washed out video, but the sun was shining, and around here, we don't let that go to waste.

    Well, guys, it was a fun series, and one I expect we'll do again at some point in the future. Scoring in SSDC is a little wonky, but the end result is the same as when assigning points for each race day like we used to. If I take the lowest score out from everyone that was at all the races (top 3), the only change is that Mike H and I were tied. Missing races is unavoidable sometimes, but it sure doesn't help a guy's series standing. ;-)

        Race 1     Race 2     Race 3     Race 4     Race 5     Race 6     Race 7     Race 8     Total
    Mike H     10     8     8     8     10     8     10     10     72
    Greg     8     10     10     10     6     10     8     8     70
    David     6     4     5     6     4     5     5     3     38
    Carlos     5     3         5     8     6         6     33
    Mike D     4     6     6         5         6     4     31
    Sam         5             2         4     5     16
    Alex     3                 3                 6
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    Videos posted from last races. Series is over! Series placings will be posted soon.


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      Series results posted to bottom of top post.