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Fall 2014 Series: BBR Ferrari F430

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    I'm a builder from the plastic modeling days, so I was excited to to get this as a kit. For that price, I couldn't say no. Now if I could only find 3-5 guys here in central Ohio to get some I could have a series of our own.


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      Where there's a will, there's a way. It takes a little work, but I bet you can find other slot racers close enough for a weekend race every so often.


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        Dawgnut and TheRockinator made it to the T&T yesterday, and while solving a problem with one of Dawgnut's cars, I was reminded of the same fix I did to TheRockinator's last week. Seems the pinion on some motors is too close to the grown gear centering ring. When assembled, the rear axle does not turn freely, because the ring is pressing hard against the pinion. A quick pop in the pinion press had it right as rain and running smoothly. It still needs running in, but Dawgnut and TheRock both have spare cars.

        TheRock is not a big fan of the exceptionally grippy BRM F22 tires. They are plenty grippy on sport track, even with a little dust on them. I'm not planning to clean my tires AT ALL, not even with water/spit or lint roller, unless someone's track is like running on an ice rink. Even after tightening my pod screws, the car doesn't slide much. Plus, the plasti-dip sprayed borders on my track provide even MORE grip, so keep the car over the rails in the R1 turns, boys. Dave would like to run with one BRM and one stock tire on his car. I have no problem with that if it makes his car more manageable for him to drive.

        Dawgnut is a fan of using the button brake rather than dynamic brakes. We did some playing around, and for these cars, with the grip we have from the tires, I think giving drivers the option of coasting through turns is a good idea. We don't have to mandate it, because SSDC allows us to each have our own setting for brakes. In the analog world, it's almost unheard of to force everyone to have the same brake settings (if it would even be possible), and I see no reason to be more restrictive. As I mentioned to Dawgnut, as long as everyone understands who is using or not using dynamic braking, and is careful not to follow too closely behind someone who does when you're going to be coasting into a turn, then it's all good.

        We also talked a little about race format, but nothing was decided since there were barely half of us in attendance. We did think it might be interesting to try some new things if we have 8 or more people at a race. For example, racing 4 cars at a time, with the other 4 being active marshals. We could get a lot more racing in if we didn't spend half our time on track calls. But, if we have our usual 6, that's not enough for a fun race and enough people to marshal, so probably just do a couple long races with everyone and track calls as we have been.


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          Just a reminder that our first official race of the series is this Sunday, 2-6pm at Mike's track in Sammamish. Anyone wishing to join us, just PM me for details. If anyone has car problems, we can try to address them on Sunday, but there's no rule against maintaining your car during the series, as long as the specs are adhered to.