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  • BBR Ferrari F430 Series Reports

    Race #1, Mike's track in Sammamish, aka Raceline Raceway.

    DawgNut has joined the group for this series, and started off with a bang! Along with Earthbound and MajorMagless, CarlosInSeattle, TheRockinator, and myself, we had a full 6 car grid. After some testing and practice, we started off with a 10 lap qualifying run. Turns out Carlos' chip was having issues, so he swapped his chassis out with TheRock's spare, and was back in the running, pulling out a 5th place in qually, just ahead of me. MajorMagless took the pole, followed by TheRock, Earthbound, and DawgNut. This gave us the grid positions for the first race, and the drivers got to choose where they stood while racing in turn. Most of us stayed where we practiced from, as usual, with me manning the computer (as usual ) No points are awarded for qualifying order, but we can change that down the road if the group wants to.

    We decided to race a couple 50 lap races with fuel as we had done the previous series. Unfortunately, our first attempt was abortive, as when I reached over to hit the F8 key to pause the race when someone's controller wasn't letting the auto-track-call kick in, I accidentally hit F7 at the same time... which ENDED the race. Who chose those keys, again? :P Anyway, we decided to keep the results of that for the time being, in case we ran out of time to run more races.

    Our second race, after plenty of shaking down up to this point, went much better. The faster guys took an early lead, with some of us driving much more carefully and conservatively. Being a 6 car race on a technical track, there was plenty of car on car action, but just as much overdriving and understeering. The "yump" on the back straight caught all of us more than once, and some of us quite a few times more. The drivers that managed to keep the guide in the slot and conserve their fuel slowly worked their way up the standings. In the end, I was able to eek out a win by staying out of too much trouble and keeping as far away from the pit lane as possible.

    With two full races completed, we voted to delete the race that was cut short, so there were no points from that one, much to some racer's chagrin.

    Our new "official" second race of the day went well. We gridded up according to the finishing order of the previous race, which put Dawgnut and myself up front, having to run away from the faster racers. I managed to stay out of trouble, but I think the nose of someone else's car found the bumper of Dawgnut's, and helped him out of the slot. That's ok, because he kept his head cool and dialed in his trigger action to again, stay out of trouble and conserve fuel. We both managed to stay out of trouble, but a crash in the last few laps gave me a penalty that I didn't want to keep. I'm not sure if I would have won the race if I kept it, but pitting to clear it gave Dawgnut just enough time to get around me for the win! uh-oh... time to watch out for this guy!

    For the final race of the day, TheRock decided to serve as the official Jam Car of the race, and made it a point to be as hard to get around as possible. Of course, he also found himself with 3 penalties and no laps being counted, which didn't bother him at first, but I believe he went in to clear a penalty or two anyway. He didn't jam us all up during the whole race, but did make it a point to try and "spread the love" around a bit, and make sure everyone got a taste of the action. I managed to stay out of his way for the most part, but a late crash forced me into the pits one more time, this time letting Earthbound get around me for the win! Go Earthbound!

    At the end of the day, individual race points tallied, we had a tie for second between Dawgnut and Earthbound, but Dawgnut got the place due to having more high placings (a 1st and 2nd compared to a 1st and 3rd). So, after the first race of the series, the points are as follows:

    MrFlippant: 10
    Dawgnut: 8
    Earthbound: 6
    MajorMagless: 5
    CarlosinSeattle: 4
    TheRock: 3

    Next race is on Nov 9th at Carlos' track. Be sure to bring it!
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    Nice race report Greg!

    Going forward, I will be most curious to see how not using the dynamics brakes will help those of us who opted to use them for this race.
    I did not see any mention of the effect of the optional use of dynamic brakes in the report.

    PS - Don't be too surprised if you find Carlos's F7 key disabled - much to my chagrin



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      Thanks, MM.

      I knew I was forgetting something. Yes, practice did include some testing of the available brake options. In the end, half of us decided to go without trigger/dynamic brakes (button brakes available), and the other half kept their ability to brake with the release of the trigger. This definitely had a positive effect on my fuel usage, and it will be harder for me to get into a lead from behind if other people switch to that method. Being able to carry more speed through a turn and therefore use less gas on the following straights is very helpful.

      Maybe the F7 key cap can just be popped off?


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        Indianrockolis, aka Carlos' (Goggles Pizano') track, was the site of race #2 in this series. The track had some dust build up from lack of racing, so the tires weren't nearly as grippy as on clean track. Even after many laps and tire cleanings, cars would still start sliding more after a few laps. It wasn't until the last few heats of the race that cleaning tires did more harm than good. Since practice was with the APB and no computer, plus the track was dirty, people got used to running on the track WITH brakes turned on. When given the choice, most people decided to keep brakes on for the racing.

        Since we had seven people, we had to choose a way to handle more than 6 racers, and it was decided to run rotation with timed/endurance heats and go with the total laps as the determination of the winner. As with analog racing of the same kind, we did not re-grid the cars each heat, but left them in the position they were at when the previous heat ended. This had the advantage of not creating a traffic jam at the start of every heat, so it's likely that we will use this method whenever we run timed heats with rotation.

        We knew that with 7 heats, it could take a while to get through all the racing, what with our full-stop track calls and the following debate about who had and who deserves a crashing penalty or not. With no way to know in SSDC who triggered the last track call, incurring the penalty, there's always a few times when drivers were certain they should have less penalties than they show. Sometimes, we just have to assume SSDC is correct, and go with it. Sometimes this means someone gets away with no added penalty, and sometimes someone gets one that they shouldn't get. But, oh well, it is what it is. Knowing all that, but not wanting the heats to be too short or too long, we settled on 6 minute heats. Although 5 might have given us a little buffer time, we did manage to complete the whole race by our scheduled end time of 6pm.

        Because the heats were relatively short, just over 20 laps each in those 6 minutes, fuel was not a factor. After the first couple heats, the more conservative drivers realized they could ignore fuel and race more or less flat out. Most of us burned down to a quarter tank for most heats, but no one ran completely dry, even though one racer took it pretty close in one heat. For this reason, the end results were more about going fast and staying on. Although most people tried to clear penalties, the length of the track meant that carrying one penalty didn't cost you an entire lap as it often does on shorter tracks (5s time penalty per carried penalty at the end of the race). Few people carried more than one penalty at the end, and I think the ones that did were confident in their lead, or didn't care because they knew they were too far back to catch up.

        Hopefully, some day we'll have more people so that we can try active marshaling, or we can use a program that makes it clear who received a penalty at each crash, and make it fast and easy to apply and remove penalties when the automatic application is inaccurate or incomplete (RCS64). Until then, this is how most of our heats went:

        [ame=""]DRAWW - BBR Ferrari Series, Indianrockolis #1 Final Heat - YouTube[/ame]

        This one was a little long due to a short break taken to repair a car that had a wire come out of the guide. The guide was also almost completely destroyed, so that will need replacing. It would seem that the BBR guides are a bit brittle. Also, a couple cars were chipped with used chips missing their ferrite men, and would have random failures. This was usually a loss of power/control and the car stops dead, but a couple full speed failures also occurred. We're looking for a good source of spare ferrite men, but might have to make our own from bulk parts in order to save a bit of money. Leads on the two hole ferrite beads that Scalextric uses would be much appreciated.

        So... at the end of the race, although we had no ties, we did have a couple very close finishes with only a lap difference between 1st and 2nd, and 5th and 6th. It was a great race, and a lot of fun! The finishing order (and laps/points) for this race was: CarlosInSeattle (129/10), MajorMagless (128/8), MrFlippant (126/6), TheComedian (122/5), Earthbound (115/4), DawgNut (114/3), and a new/guest racer, Russ (87/2).

        With those points assigned, the series standings are:
        MrFlippant: 16
        CarlosinSeattle: 14
        MajorMagless: 13
        Dawgnut: 11
        Earthbound: 10
        TheComedian: 5
        TheRock: 3
        Russ: 2

        Race #3 will be on the 23rd at TheRockinator from 2-6pm. See you there!


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          Race #3 took place at The Kitchen Floor, aka Dave's track.

          That pic is a little out of date, but you get the idea.

          6 of us were able to attend the race, so we were not required to run rotations, even though Carlos really wanted to. After getting the SSDC database loaded and the track working well, there was a bit of practice while people tried various brake options. We decided to forgo qualifying this time, and just get straight to the racing. We started off with a 50 lap race with fuel, as we normally do. There was a lot of great racing, but those running without brakes, and therefore coasting a lot more, had a clear advantage over the couple guys running with brakes. So much so, that we didn't even have to refuel, and they did, before the end of the 50 laps. This race also had a much more lenient penalty system with simple stop and go in the pit lane, rather than a 2s stop. The problem was that with how well the cars coasted, we could just let up on the throttle and then keep going, without losing very much distance at all.

          After the 50 lapper, there was some discussion as to what we should do next. We usually do at least one more 50 lapper, but with more than 6 people, we do a rotation race. Carlos liked that so much last time, that he really wanted to do it again, but after much discussion, it turned out that running a bunch of rotations wouldn't really be any better than running a long race, and might actually eliminate some of the fun such as fuel strategy being so important. We ended up changing the fuel settings a little, by cutting the fuel tank size in half for all cars. This ensured that everyone had to take on more fuel, even if it was just a splash and dash in the last few laps of the race. I don't think anyone had to fuel up twice, so I think it did help even things out. We also decided to reset the stop and go penalty to a 2s stop, so that it was more of a deterrent to reckless driving. Since we decided to go with long races with fuel strategy, everyone who had been running with dynamic brakes decided to turn them off, so everyone was coasting around, conserving fuel.

          At some point during the second race, we noticed that Dawgnut was still burning a lot less fuel than the rest of us, and someone suggested that it might be the fact that he's using a set controller rather than a TruSpeed. Well... that's all it took for Carlos and Dave to swap out their TruSpeeds for OEM controller, hoping that they would burn less fuel and gain an advantage. Looking at the race stats, I don't think it made much difference. Dawgnut is just a very conservative driver, at least with throttle level. That, or his controller has an especially helpful curve to it that really agree with is driving style.

          Also, toward the later laps of this second race, Carlos' car started having gear problems. It wasn't set up properly (the centering ring was installed to the side), but we managed to get it back on track in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, it kept slipping, and we kept fixing it.

          After the second 50 lapper, we decided we had time to run another, but in order to mix things up a little bit, someone (or two) came up with the idea of rolling a die to decide which lane/grid/controller position we would race from. I'm not sure why, but the order of the die rolling was based on the driving/grid position of the previous races, but flipped. So, the guy who was in 6 rolled first, and so on. I think everyone ended up with a completely different point of view for this final race. It did take some getting used to my new location, but I don't think it affected my race nearly as much as the crashing that my car was involved in.

          During this final race, Carlos' car kept getting worse, and a few laps into it we decided to switch him to one of the spares we had on hand. He ended up driving Captain Casualty's car, but at least it was a similar color. It performed well, and Carlos was able to finish the race with no other car problems.

          In the end, we had three 50 lap races with fuel load simulation, and it was a lot of fun. Adding up the place points from each race, we did end up with a tie for fourth place for the day between Carlos and TheRock. They both had the same number of placings of the same kind, so I added up their laps to break the tie. With 3 more laps, Carlos narrowly beat out TheRock for 4th place. The days points are as follows:
          MajorMagless 10, MrFlippant 8, Dawgnut 6, Carlos 5, TheRock 4, and Earthbound 3.

          This brings the series points to:
          MrFlippant: 24
          MajorMagless: 23
          CarlosinSeattle: 19
          Dawgnut: 17
          Earthbound: 13
          TheRock: 7
          TheComedian: 5
          Russ: 2

          Looks like I'm going to have to work hard to fend of MajorMagless' advancement on me, but it's probably a futile battle.

          We'll be at my track in two weeks. Be sure to check your cars to make sure they are running well, and can last a whole race day, if possible.


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            Nice report Greg!

            Something I have noticed is how close the racing is.
            It only takes a couple unfortunate offs for any of us to go from 1st to 4th.
            Just look at the results from each heat...
            Jeff wins the first heat and get last in the second.
            I think you got 1st in the second heat and then 3rd or 4th in the last heat.
            I think I had the reverse.

            The result of this is that anything can and will happen.


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              Very true, especially with all the "racing incidents" that were quite random as far as who fell victim to them.


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                DRAWW (digital racing) Live now!


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                  RACE ANNOUNCEMENT!

                  When: Sunday, December 21st, 2014
                  Time: Arrive at 2pm, leave at 6pm
                  Where: Mike's place in Sammamish (PM if you need address)
                  What: BBR Ferrari racing, and whatever else.

                  See you there!


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                    OK, I slacked off on race reports. Props to those who are able to keep writing them over many months. You know who you are.

                    I forgot to include points for a few of the previous races, so here's a catchup on points:

                    MrFlippant's Race #1
                    Streamed live in Post #6, with a copy of the event here (unedited stream recording: [ame=""][/ame] )
                    The points from that race were as follows. MajorMagless and I tied for points and laps, so I went with qualification to break the tie, putting him ahead of me.
                    MajorMagless: 10
                    MrFlippant: 8
                    Earthbound: 6
                    DawgNut: 5
                    theRock: 4

                    Bringing the Series points to:
                    MajorMagless: 33
                    MrFlippant: 32
                    Dawgnut: 22
                    CarlosinSeattle: 19
                    Earthbound: 19
                    TheRock: 11
                    TheComedian: 5
                    Russ: 2

                    MajorMagless' Race #2 Described in Post #10
                    I didn't do so well at this race. I don't remember why, but could only scrape up a 4th and 5th place finish for the two 50 lap races we were able to do. My son did well, bringing in a 2nd and 3rd, winning second spot on the podium for the event. MajorMagless is a great racer, and having home track advantage didn't hurt, either. This events points were much more straightforward, with no ties to break:
                    MajorMagless: 10
                    TheComedian: 8
                    Capt.Casualy: 6
                    Earthbound: 5
                    MrFlippant: 4
                    CarlosInSeattle: 3

                    Bringing the Series points to:
                    MajorMagless: 43
                    MrFlippant: 36
                    Earthbound: 24
                    Dawgnut: 22
                    CarlosinSeattle: 22
                    TheComedian: 13
                    TheRock: 11
                    Russ: 2

                    CarlosInSeattle Race #2
                    Here are the points from the last race at Carlos' track, described in the previous post ^^:

                    MajorMagless: 10
                    TheComedian (my son): 8
                    MrFlippant: 6
                    CarlosInSeattle: 5
                    TheRock: 4
                    DawgNut: 3
                    Russ: 2

                    Bringing the Series points to:
                    MajorMagless: 53
                    MrFlippant: 42
                    CarlosinSeattle: 27
                    Dawgnut: 25
                    Earthbound: 24
                    TheComedian: 21
                    TheRock: 15
                    Russ: 4

                    TheRock's Race #2 (Race #7)
                    Back at The Kitchen Floor, but I didn't get any good video. We had a couple aborted races due to technical problems, and a little of my own mistake (such as hitting F7 to track call, rather than F8... and ending the race). I decided that maybe the video was jinxing the racing, so I stopped trying to get a recording, and then everything was fine. I guess I was right. We got our first 50 lap race in, with MajorMagless, myself, and Carlos taking the podium, followed by TheRock and Earthbound. The next race went well, except that I forgot to change the number of laps, and we ended up running a 20 lap race. TheRock was happy, because he managed to stay on the lead lap the whole time, bringing in a third place behind myself and MajorMagless. By the third race, I managed to get my eye in and stay out of trouble, but if MajorMagless hadn't carried a penalty across the line, he still would have taken first. Fortunately, for me, he didn't realize he still had that penalty, and I got moved up to first, with MM in second, and Carlos bringing in a 3rd followed by TheRock and Earthbound. This earned everyone the following points:

                    MajorMagless: 10
                    MrFlippant: 8
                    CarlosInSeattle: 6
                    TheRock: 5
                    Earthbound: 4

                    Bringing the Series points to:
                    MajorMagless: 63
                    MrFlippant: 50
                    CarlosinSeattle: 33
                    Earthbound: 28
                    Dawgnut: 25
                    TheComedian: 21
                    TheRock: 20
                    Russ: 4

                    MrFlippant's Race #2, the final race!
                    A light showing for this race means not only was there less crashing due to less traffic, but as a result we were able to get in three 50 lap races in well under an hour. It helps that my track is relatively small, but it was nice to be able to get through that much racing in such a short time. Time to start looking for more members so that we can run races with marshals. I didn't do so well the first two races. Although I did conserve fuel, I had more than my share of offs that cost me dearly in that track call delay and the following penalty time. It's amazing how much you can lose in the 4+ seconds it takes for those two things. But, I pulled it all together, and thanks to some especially fortuitous crashes by other people, plus maybe some pity, I managed to get a first place in the last race. With the multiple trade-off for first place, it was a really fun race. Alas, no amount of wins would have put me past the series leader. You can watch the recording of the live stream:

                    The points for this race came out to:

                    MajorMagless: 10
                    MrFlippant: 8
                    TheRock: 6
                    Russ: 5

                    Bringing the Series points to:
                    MajorMagless: 73
                    MrFlippant: 58
                    CarlosinSeattle: 33
                    Earthbound: 28
                    TheRock: 26
                    Dawgnut: 25
                    TheComedian: 21
                    Russ: 9

                    TheRock and I were tied for points, so it could have been him with 8 points and me with 6, but that would not have changed the final series standings, other than tying him with Earthbound.

                    It definitely helps to attend as many races as possible. Sometimes those few points can make the difference. In the end, it was a great series. The cars performed really well, though I think I would recommend leaving the stock tires on. They had decent grip, and with the springs for the pod, can be made to run really well. The BRM F22 tires we used often had TOO MUCH grip, causing cars to roll easily and either understeer in turns, or literally roll over. Most of us ended up tightening up the pod and chassis to reduce float and encourage sliding, but even then the tires had a lot of grip. The track condition does matter, though. This is on clean, and well used/raced Sport track. Especially dusty or unused (and therefore little rubber on the track) might need more grip. In those cases, the pod and body being a little loose would help a lot.


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                      Great summary Greg!

                      If I am not mistaken, you and I are the only ones to make it to every event.
                      Not only does that show in the final series points, but getting more time in with these cars seems really beneficial.

                      Something I must say is that these cars took a while to get a good feel for.

                      Personally, for the first two races I really didn't like them. They felt too grippy and twitchy and as a result felt very unpredictable. To try and compensate, I tightened my pod, as you mentioned, as well as running with the tires dirty. That did help.

                      In addition, turning off the brakes made it feel more comfortable as well.

                      However, about midway through the series, 'Captain Zoom' started to grow on me. I loosened its pod a little and even started cleaning the tires a little. I was able to push it harder without fear of crashing at every turn.



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                        Yeah, I think the BRM tires made them much less forgiving than they would have been with the stock tires. Next time, we should give stock tires more of a chance before assuming that a different tire would be better.