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Live Streaming of Events

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  • Live Streaming of Events

    While DRAWW does not live stream all events, when possible, we do so using my ustream account. If there's a race at my track (Rainier Raceways), I almost always stream it. I'll try to do more streaming at other locations as well. You can find my ustream channel here:

    There, you can find the live stream, as well as any available recordings before they are deleted. If you join/sign into ustream (such as with a ustream or Facebook account), you can subscribe to my channel. Subscribing means that you get a notification when my stream goes live, so that even if you're unaware of an event, you can go check it out. Sometimes I'm just testing something, but I try not to go live unless there's an event to watch. For example, I recently live streamed the Shootout proxy race that took place nearby. Anything worth keeping, I also copy to YouTube and post a link to.