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Carrera DTM Series Specs

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  • Carrera DTM Series Specs

    (Subject to change no later than the first race of the series.)

    Brand: Carrera
    Type: DTM (old or new chassis)
    Magnet Location (if present): NO MAGNETS
    Rear Tires/prep: Carlos' Urethane tires, may be glued and trued

    MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED (otherwise Box Stock*)
    Front tires/prep: stock tires may be glued, trued, and coated for grip reduction
    Added Weight: no more than 10g added weight, any type, any location inside car.
    Guides: stock may be thinned/trimmed for Sport track, or BRM replacements. Centering spring may be removed for better LC reliability.
    Braids: Stock
    Wiring: May be replaced for lighting and chipping purposes, or use stock.
    SSD Chip: Stock Scalextric brand chip with no component replacements or code changes
    Chassis: stock
    Screws (body/pod): stock, must not fall out (use tape if screws are loose)
    Gearing: stock
    Motors: stock
    Pods: N/A
    Wheels: Stock
    Axles/Spacers: Spacers Allowed
    Interiors: Stock

    HOUSE RULES! Run the race at your track however you want to.
    Points assigned to winner of each race meeting toward placement in series will be 10 for winner, 8 for second, 6 for 3rd, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Any present racer earns no less than 1 point.
    Series will consist of ten races, twice at each track in the group.
    There will be one "take out" for the series championship. If you miss a race, that will be your take-out. Otherwise, lowest of earned points will be removed at the end of the series to determine final placement for the series.
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    Race Format updated. House Rules for all race meetings. Points toward series placement remains.


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      Greg, have you considered allowing the GT cars in the mix to give more variety?



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        Not until now, and now it's a bit late as we all have DTM cars.
        However, that brings up the question... do DTM cars ever share the track with GT cars in an official race? I thought DTM was a class that tended to race on its own.