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    The first race of the series went quite well, I believe. After some discussion, it was decided that each host may choose his own rules for how the race will be conducted at his track. As I'd been wanting to dive deeper into the racing simulations of RCS64, that's what I chose for the first race of the series which happened to be at my track. We raced with fuel, load simulation, tire wear, weather effects, damage, and even false start triggering a stop and go penalty. Also, rather than running a rotation of each driver through the grid and driving stations, I decided to put people to work as marshals. To get marshals out of only 7 in attendance, I decided to qualify all the drivers to get their best time. With best lap times written down, the 4 slowest raced a 100 lap race (with all the features mentioned). The winner moved up to the second heat of the same kind, with the top 3 qualifiers. This gives even the bottom qualifier a chance at the podium. This second race determined the winners of the overall race.

    Practice was long, and gave everyone an opportunity to practice changing tires both for wear and for weather, as well as to experience the effects of the wrong tire for the current track conditions. The pit menu does get a little long with 4 choices for tire being added to the list, but with a little practice, and especially PATIENCE when navigating the menu, most everyone had the knack of it by the time the official race started.

    The first heat, including myself, Carlos, Alex, and Jeff, went well. There was quite a bit of crashing, but the marshals did an excellent job putting cars back on. I think there was only a couple actual track calls, one of which was accidental. I couldn't have counted the number of crashes, but they didn't slow down the race, and we managed to complete that race in about 15 minutes. Such a race would normally have taken upwards of 45-60 minutes due to all the track calls. There's no arguing that marshaling will speed up a race, but it doesn't do much for getting crashers to back off and drive more conservatively.

    I managed to stay out of enough trouble and pick the right times to refuel and change tires that I was able to win this heat. This put me into the running for the podium by racing in the final heat. Jeff, Carlos, and Alex earned 5-7 respectively.

    The final heat was between Mike H, Mike D, Dave, and myself, and it was run exactly the same. We even had the same weather pattern to deal with. This heat (video below) had a significantly lower number of crashes, and no track calls at all (I don't think). The marshals even started to look a little bored from time to time. I was doing pretty well, but I miscalculated the track condition and put wet tires on too early. They wore out fast and I had to put on another pair too soon. I also realized how much effect my hard driving was having on my fuel and tires, so I reeled it back in and drove at a more consistent speed with less braking. I was able to greatly conserve my fuel and tires and finish out the race without having to come back into the pit lane. In the end, I managed to pull out a second place finish overall. Mike H got first, with Mike D and Dave getting 3rd and 4th.

    So, after the first race of this series, The points are as follows:
    Mike H: 10
    Greg: 8
    Mike D: 6
    Dave: 5
    Jeff: 4
    Carlos: 3
    Alex: 2

    The next race will be this coming Sunday, to get back on our normal biweekly schedule that most people can attend and happens to miss all the upcoming holidays quite nicely. We'll be racing at Mike's, so be sure to attend if you can.

    And here's the video:
    [ame=""]DRAWW - Carrera DTM 10/4/15 - YouTube[/ame]

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    Ok ! Very nice video and some pro drivers having fun there!

    What brand of cars were run in that race?

    I am trying to start a Digital Carrera Slot Club for 1/24 and 1/32 cars here in the phoenix area. Is it ok if I use the url for this video to show people what Digital racing can be? Thanks.


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      Carrera DTM cars, chipped for SSD.
      Share all you like! The more digital clubs, whatever the brand, the better.


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        Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! Here we are in beautiful Sammamish, Washington, home of the challenging Raceline Raceway. Track owner, MajorMagless (Mike) had promised an exciting day of racing, having recently tested out his fog machine on the track and finding that the residue created a truly ice-rink-like experience. Not wanting his insurance premium to triple due to excessive crashing, he worked tirelessly to have the track cleaned and prepped for the races. It took three complete wash-downs with isopropyl alcohol to get all the residue off, and by the time cars were on the track practicing before qualifications, grip had come back strong... strong enough to cause some roll overs if the driver went into a turn too hot. Well done, Mike!

        We've got great attendance today, with nine racers in total. Alas, we're still missing Randy, but he should be able to make the rest of the races, having the dates added to the family calendar. Alex has more important things to do, running the manufacturing crew for his Formula Students of Automotive Engineering team while they design and build a competitive formula race car this year. Fortunately, Russ and his son Kris were able to attend, along with our usual rabble rousers, bringing enough racers to have two rounds of 6 cars on the track with 3 marshals, as determined by our host.

        Mike decided we'd run similarly to the last race, minus false start penalties, and weather. Drivers still had to strategize their usage of fuel and tires and do their best to avoid crashing, but marshals were well stationed to handle most of the common crash points, with an available track call for those which were out of easy reach. As before, we qualified all racers, and split them up into two heats. The bottom six competed in a 100 lap GP race. The podium standers of that heat moved on to compete in the second heat with the top three qualifiers. The second heat was run exactly the same as the first, giving those three ample opportunity, especially with the experience of the previous heat under their belts, to stand on the winners podium for the day.

        To avoid pileups and complaints about the track being too full to get a good lap, qualifying was done with three racers at a time, in three minute sessions. The best times were recorded, and the racers placed in best lap order to determine the racers for each heat. With lots of marshals around the track, qualifying went well. Mike, with his exceptionally quick car, managed to capture pole with a lap time of 8.822s. Following (not so) close behind was Carlos (CarlosInSeattle) with a 9.112, then myself with a 9.123. Bringing up 4th was Sam (CaptCasualty, MM's son) with a 9.131 followed by MikeD (Earthbound) and Dave (TheRockinator) with 9.146 and 9.314 respectively. Bringing up the rear were Jeff (Dawgnut) with a 9.350, Kris with a 10.190 and his dad Russ with a 10.518.

        Thus, our first heat racers were caste. Their qualification times gave them their choice of driver ID, driving position (around the track), and grid position. In most cases, the drivers chose the position they had been practicing from, or were most accustomed to racing from at this track. The race went well, for the most part, with a little learning of how to run races this way at this track. We had some pit lane related mistakes, such as coming in too fast (or accidentally) and ramming the cars out of the pit lane... as well as what to do when a car was out of reach, but we figured it out. I remembered to start the camera for this race, which you can watch right here:

        [ame=""]DRAWW 10/11/15 - YouTube[/ame]

        MikeD, Dave, and Sam managed to bring in the top 3 places for the first heat, moving them up to the final heat for a chance at the win. Jeff, Russ, and Kris had a hard fight against those guys, but were done for the day. They had the unenviable task of marshaling the track for the second and final heat.

        Unfortunately, although I thought I started the camera again, I apparently hit the wrong button, or pressed it twice or something, and didn't get a video of this race. That might not be a bad thing, as there were a couple disagreements on how to handle crashes that marshals were being a little too slow to attend to. Unfortunately, Carlos really wanted to review the race, because he thought his car was not performing well. I'm not sure why, since he qualified second, but there's a big difference between racing 100 laps against 5 cars, and running hot laps for 3 minutes with only 2 other cars on the track.

        Anyway, we got our racing done, and in the end, Mike earned first place, to no one's surprise. Home track with a quick car under the control of a VERY good driver... trifecta of winning ju-ju. In spite of some marshaling SNAFUs and getting shunted out of the pit lane more than once, MikeD brought home a second place win. Sam did very well, rounding off the podium in third place. I got fourth, which I blame entirely on my LC thumb, putting me in the pit lane two times early in the race when I didn't need to be there, and forgetting to just keep driving, then ending up in the pit menu to try and exit out of, easily losing a lap each time... but I digress... Dave and Carlos brought home fifth and sixth places respectively. Well done to Mike, Dave, and Sam... Maybe giving them an extra 100 lap practice wasn't such a great idea?

        Adding the points earned today, the series standings points are as follows:
        Mike H: 10+10= 20
        Mike D: 6+8= 14
        Greg: 8+5= 13
        Dave: 5+4= 9
        Sam: 6
        Jeff: 4+2= 6
        Carlos: 3+3= 6
        Alex: 2
        Kris: 1
        Russ: 1

        Great racing, guys! Thanks for hosting, Mike! The next race will be at Carlos' track in two weeks, on October 25th. Be there or be bored!

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          Again a very nice video and thanks for posting it for viewing.

          IF and that's a BIG IF you had plenty of marshals wouldn't it be better to just quit the track calls? It seems there is always confusion created by that. But that is a big IF.
          The races would be done sooner and if your car falls off then that I would think waiting for a the a marshall to put your car back on the track would be enough of a penalty. Of course if someone ran your car off then that would maybe lead to further discussion


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            Yes. Even with just one more attentive marshal, we probably could have avoided a LOT of track calls. But, we only had three this time, due to the host choosing to run 6 cars at once.

            And yes, getting run off the road by another car is a hot topic when brought up. The irony is that those who do the running-off of other cars are not usually the winners.


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              (traveling back in TIME.. TIme... time... to October 25th....)

              Welcome back, race fans!

              We're back with the Digital Racing Alliance of Western Washington's Carrera DTM race series at the world renowned track formerly known as Indianrockolis (name change still TBD). The weather outside is unpredictable, and it looks like the weather on the track will be changing during the race as well. Our first two races have shown us that it looks like this series will be a hard fought battle for second and third place, with MajorMagless commanding an impressive lead on the rest of the field already. Typical. :P

              Today's qualifying was organized into two five minute rounds of 4 drivers, with everyone else actively marshaling so that it went quickly. It could be hard to get a fast lap on this course, with dirty air in front of you, and some very challenging sections of the track to contend with, but the racers took it in stride and did their best. The first round put newcomer Joel in 7th place on the grid, with Randy close behind in 8th. MrFlippant and Earthbound pulled a bit ahead and managed lap times that put them into 3rd and 2nd places, respectively. Round 2 qualifiers took heed of the action they just witnessed, and ran some great laps, putting MajorMagless into 4th, Dawgnut into 6th, TheRock into 5th, and our host CarlosInSeattle into 1st place with a hot lap under 13.5s. Well done, Carlos!

              For the racing, our host chose to run all 6 cars, leaving only 2 for marshaling. With the track being so large and with a difficult to reach infield, we had little choice but to utilize track calls for all crashes to keep things fair. Knowing this would extend the time needed for the race, we went down to two 50 lap races. We kept weather and tires and fuel, but did not use damage or other penalties.

              According to qualifying order, drivers were given their choice of available driving locations/car ID, but were gridded according to position. This put MrFlippant in the front row next to MajorMagless. Behind us were TheRock and DawgNut, followed by Randy and Joel. Carlos and Earthbound provided assistance with crashes and tire/fuel status for the racers. We ended up with Sunny-Cloudy-Rainy weather (which was repeated for the second race), so most racers started out on hard tires with a couple running soft tires. Joel, not having raced slot cars since his youth, picked up the magless 1/32 digital racing really quickly, and only really needed help with the complex pit menu stuff when his car needed new tires or more fuel. TheRock had a couple missed pit lane sensors for some reason, even though most others managed to trigger them reliably. Carlos graciously provded MrFlippant with some excellent lubricant made by Capt. Morgan (and some others) to help his Coke slide down better. This reporter thinks there might have been an ulterior motive for his generosity, but MrFlippant didn't seem to care. Emerging from the gauntlet after 50 long laps of Carlos' track, MajorMagless came out first, followed by TheRock. Looks like those pit mishaps didn't hurt much. Next up was MrFlippant in 3rd followed by Dawgnut, Joel, and Randy. Hopefully Joel will be racing again with us in the future. If how fast he picked up the driving in this heat was any indication, he'll be someone to watch out for in the future.

              Unfortunately, Joel had to go, leaving Randy to help monitor the race progress while the others were watching their cars. The top four from the first heat moved up to the final heat against the top 2 qualifiers. As usual, most of us were happy to stay where we were, or to return to where they had been practicing from. I don't think anyone even had to re-id their car for the second heat. On pole was Carlos, ready to show us all what home track advantage really means, especially after he was able to fix whatever problem might have been present at the last race. All I know is that his car was plenty fast enough to pass me. Earthbound was on the grid next to Carlos, followed by MajorMagless and TheRock, with myself and Dawgnut bringing up the rear. I was happy to start in the back, and let those guys rush around into the turns. I took my time and got some clean air ahead of me and just tried to take it easy. This race starts just after the 35 minute mark of the video below.

              After the usual crashing, refueling, tire changing, rain pouring, track cursing fun of 50 more laps on a 30 meter course, the final battle was finished. MajorMagless found his way into first place with a few laps lead. Carlos fought valiantly, earning the second highest spot on the podium. TheRock eeked out a third place win, much to his own surprise. This left Earthbound, Dawgnut, and MfFlippant to round out the standings with fourth, fifth, and sixth. Looks like that special lubricant helped Carlos more than it did MrFlippant, but hey, at least he enjoyed the loss. Next time, he'll have to stick with lower proof lube.

              Adding the points earned today, the series standings points are as follows:
              Mike H: 20+10 = 30
              Mike D: 14+5 = 19
              Greg: 13+3 = 16
              Dave: 9+6 = 15
              Carlos: 6+8 = 14
              Jeff: 6+4 = 10
              Sam: 6
              Alex: 2
              Joel: 2
              Randy: 1
              Kris: 1
              Russ: 1

              [ame=""]DRAWW 10/25/15 - YouTube[/ame]

              Thanks to our host Carlos and his wife for the hospitality, food, and beverages. It was a fantastic time for all who attended!

              Next week, on November 8th, our fourth race of the series will take place at Dawgnut's track in Sammamish. Please be there as soon as you can starting at 2pm for practice. Newcomers are always welcome, just send me a private message for location information.



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                We had a great turnout last night for the race. Joel returned, and Russ with his son Kris were able to attend. With pretty much all of our regulars, we had a total of 10 racers. This allowed us to run a full 6 car heat with ample marshaling support. As such, we ran two 100 lap heats with full simulation features (except false start and damage). We ended up with a sunny-to-rainy weather pattern. We worked through a couple confusing race events (one overload and a couple erroneous track calls) but had a lot of fun.

                Russ got lost on his way there, never having raced at Jeff's track, so we started qualifying without him, assuming 8 total racers. Four of us qualified, then Russ and Kris arrived, so the remaining 6 qualified in 3 person sessions. Qualifying was 3 minutes, fully marshaled.

                After qualifying, the first heat was between Carlos, Dave, Russ, Kris, Randy, and Joel. This is what's shown in the video below (race begins at the 5m mark). Again, we had a couple "events" during the heat which put some people behind that might have had a shot at the podium. In the end, Carlos and Dave got to move up to the final heat, leaving Randy, Joel, Russ, and Kris in 7-10th places, and to marshal for us in the final heat.

                We ran a pretty steady race for the final heat, but it wasn't without it's issues. Mike H(MajorMagless) got such a lead on most of us that Carlos was pushing really hard to try and make up that gap, resulting in more crashes than he normally would have had. Earthbound seemed to be having some trouble with a couple turns, but in the end it looked as though he might have missed a few laps along the way. Without the video, I don't think we'll ever know. The good news is I know exactly what I did that resulted in no video, so I should be able to avoid that in the future. In the end, MajorMagless brought home the win, followed by Jeff and myself. Dave, Carlos, and Earthbound Mike followed us in.

                Adding the points earned today, the series standings points are as follows:
                Mike H: 30+10 = 40
                Mike D: 19+3 = 22
                Greg: 16+6 = 22
                Dave: 15+5 = 20
                Carlos: 14+4 = 18
                Jeff: 10+8 = 18
                Sam: 6
                Joel: 2+1 = 3
                Randy: 1+2 = 3
                Kris: 1+1 = 2
                Russ: 1+1 = 2
                Alex: 2

                [ame=""]DRAWW 11/8/15 - YouTube[/ame]

                Thanks to Jeff and family for their hospitality. We look forward to racing here again in a couple months! Next stop, Dave's track, which underwent changes after Jeff's race. He didn't like getting stuck behind people in the pits, and has done everything he can to make sure there are lots of places to be within his pit lane. Should be fun!


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                  This has been a fun series to follow. Thanks for the great descriptions, detail and video.


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                    You're very welcome.


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                      With 4 points separating 5 guys, that's some pretty good competition! With Earthbound Mike's [Mike D?] struggles this round, Jeff and Carlos are right on the doorstep. While it seems first place has been determined, there's still a significant challenge for the final podium spots. Pretty cool.

                      Seems like the Esses on Jeff's track really tested people, as did the Paperclip on MajorMagless Mike's track.


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                        Yep, Earthbound = Mike D. And yeah, it's a race for 2nd and 3rd (as usual) but hotly contested. I really dropped the ball last time, and don't mean to make that mistake again.


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                          Very nice to see! Wish we had some races like this in the Phoenix area. Your video shows that constant track calls are not needed if you have good marshaling support.


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                            Very true. Not that they reduce the crashing, but they sure speed up the process.
                            Some of the racers decided to help, too. Too bad they couldn't help when OTHER people crashed in front of them. ;-)

                            Now, just imagine that with crash and burn rules. LOL. Two laps and one car left. hehe


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                              Welcome back, race fans!

                              Maybe it was the temperature keeping competitors away, or maybe they feared the high speed racing in store for them on The Kitchen Floor... or maybe they were afraid they wouldn't know how to deal with a pit lane that was 2/3 the length of the track, providing long, dedicated pit pays for each of all 6 cars on the track. Whatever the case may be, we were short 3 of our regulars. Fortunately, Joel has officially become a regular, with a new car prepped and tuned by MikeH. We tried to get it to go slower during testing before Joel got there, but no dice. Joel ended up with a great running car to keep us all honest on the track. In the end, with a last minute cancellation, we had only 7 racers today. Not bad, but it did mean track calls for crashes during the races again. :\

                              With 7 racers, we qualified 4 then 3. The host randomly (yeah, right!) selected the first 4 people to hit the track and try to get the best possible lap time. We qualified in sunny weather so that rain didn't throw a wrench into the works. First up were Mike H, Mike D, Carlos, and Joel. During practice, we saw some great lap times that kept getting lower. To be on the safe side, we reduced the min lap in RCS64 to 5s, even though no one had broken 6s. It's a good thing we did, because both Mike H and Mike D got below 6s, with 5.861 and 5.963 respectively. Carlos and Joel turned some great laps as well, with 6.254 and 6.397. For a guy so new to 1/32, let alone digital, let alone a car he'd barely pulled the trigger on, Joel did very well!

                              As we watched Mike H's lap times tumble during qualify, no one thought he would be beaten (foreshadowing!). He didn't even finish qualification time. He pulled his car off, confident that no one would beat him, and that he wouldn't get any better. He even started claiming his driving and grid position before the rest of us qualified. He SAYS he forgot there were others left to qualify, but we're onto him. I didn't think anyone would beat him, either, but it was fun to mess with him about it.

                              Finishing out the qualifying was Greg, Jeff, and David. I think we all were running hard on the off chance that someone might edge one of the Mikes off the top 2 spots. We still thought Randy might show up, which would mean two of us went straight to the final heat. It's a good thing we did run hard... well, good for us... and for me. I was somehow able to manage some pretty consistent sub-6 laps, with a best lap of 5.804. Jeff came in with a 5.975, and David rounded things out with a 6.517. Was Dave sandbagging?

                              With those qualy times, it meant I'd be sitting out the first heat, and watching the car-nage to see who would be watching everyone else in the final heat. Since we'd be using track calls for crashes, Dave decided that 50 laps would be best, to keep the race from taking all afternoon. Good call, Dave! After calibrating the controllers and making sure everyone had their preferred brake and throttle settings, the race was able to begin! (Race starts at 5:28) It was a fun race, with some close battles from time to time, and of course, lots of crashing. Dave handily solved the problem of getting stuck behind people in the pit lane, and even when people got stopped elsewhere in the pit lane than their designated bay, it didn't seem to cause any real issues. Unfortunately, having done a few races with marshaling and no track calls, Dave found that what was frustrating him the most was the constant track calls while trying to take care of his car in the pit lane. Take it up with the no-shows, Dave. ;-)

                              When the race was over, it didn't end! Turns out, we had the finish option set to make sure all cars finished their 50 laps. OOPS! Rather than extend the race another 10 minutes while everyone crashed their way to their 50th lap, we ended the race early... but I forgot that clicking "Stop Race" just closes it out without any results. WHOOPS! Fortunately, everyone agreed on their finishing order, and comparing it to what I could see on the video, it looks like they were spot on. That meant that Joel was going to watch us crash for the final heat, and I'd be racing against the Mikes, Dave, Carlos, and Jeff.

                              After making sure to change the way the race ended, this one got started off a bit quicker. Everyone but Mike H and Carlos ran from their previous location. Mike H decided that getting into the pit bay for car 6 was the easiest, so he opted to switch to that position, leaving Carlos to move to ID3. (Race starts at 25:40) I don't remember choosing my grid position (like they did for the first heat), but that's OK. I got put on pole, and fortunately managed to get enough room between me and the other guys to avoid being shunted out in the first couple laps. Mike and Carlos were fighting each other to get to me, and ended up taking each other out on a lane change error, giving me a much more comfortable lead. It didn't take long for Mike to catch up to me, but changing lanes to pass would have cost him too much distance, so he bided his time, hoping for an off. Unfortunately, it was he who came off next, giving me some breathing space again. We both pitted for different tires soon after, as track conditions changed, but I managed to be as quick as him in the pit menu and maintained my lead. It wasn't long before I cooked a corner, though, giving the lead over to Mike who pulled ahead while I waited for the track call. What I didn't realize was that I was a lap ahead somehow, and when I crossed the line at 50 laps, the race ended and everyone stopped where they were. There were no lap ties to break based on track position, and so the final standings (with new points added) are as follows:

                              Mike H: 40+8 = 48
                              Greg: 22+10 = 32
                              Mike D: 22+6 = 28
                              Dave: 20+4 = 24
                              Jeff: 18+5 = 23
                              Carlos: 18+3 = 21
                              Sam: 6
                              Joel: 3+2 = 5
                              Randy: 3
                              Kris: 2
                              Russ: 2
                              Alex: 2

                              [ame=""]DRAWW at Dave's 11/22/15 - YouTube[/ame]

                              And for the first time, I saved the HTML output from RCS64 for this heat:
                              I'll try to grab these from now on, and maybe find some of the old results as well.

                              We also ran an IROC race (starts at 42:30), since we still had some spare time. To give Joel some more track time, I sat this one out. We ran Mike H's Ninco McLaren GT cars. They're rockets, with just enough magnet to help them stay on in the turns. We went with just fuel this time, no tires or damage, so the crashing penalty was the distance lost by the track call delay. Fortunately for Dave, he opted to turn off dynamic brakes, and was better for it. While most of the others were losing momentum with hard braking at every turn, Dave was coasting round maintaining his speed as needed, bringing home the win and redeeming himself as the master of his track. ;-)

                              Thanks go to Dave as the gracious host and his wonderful wife, especially for her fantastic chili and treats. Next race is at my track in two weeks. I hope everyone can make it!