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    Nice video!


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      Thanks for reading, Race Fans.

      This time, we're starting the second half of the DRAWW Carrera DTM series. We've raced all five of the group's tracks once, and now we're racing them all one more time. Today, well, yesterday, we took another stab at Rainier Raceways and it's oh-so-technical course.

      After quite a bit of practice time, and making sure everyone that was coming had arrived, we had a final tally of 8 people. Russ and Kris were unable to attend, but both Randy and Joel, and our usual gaggle of offenders, were able to. This meant a decision had to be made about how to conduct the racing. The host, me, put it to a vote. Either we raced 4 and 4 with marshaling, or 6 and 6 with 4 people moving up and track calls. The group went with track calls because they wanted to make sure that even the slowest qualifier still had a chance at the podium. I can't knock them for that.

      We qualified 4 and 4, and I went with the most convenient 4 people for the first match. Jeff brought home a 7.418, Dave a 7.847, MikeH a 7.976, and Joel an 8.219. They had 4 marshals, so couldn't complain about track calls slowing them down. In the second match, MikeD got a 7.325, Carlos a 7.507, Greg with a 7.525, and Randy with a 8.169. This meant that the first heat would be between Carlos, Greg, Dave, Mike H, Randy, and Joel. The top 4 of this heat would move on to the final to determine the ultimate winner of the race. Jeff and MikeD went straight to the final with their exceptional lap times.

      The first heat went well, with minimal issues aside from the track calls and normal racing incidents. In the end, it came down to a finishing order of Mike H, Greg, Dave, Carlos, Randy, and Joel. Randy and Joel earn 7th and 8th place for the race, while the rest get to try for the podium.

      (Final heat start at 16:15) On the track for the final race are top qualfiers MikeD and Jeff, followed by Mike H, Greg, Dave, and Carlos. The racing went well, though there was some question if Jeff's car had missed a lap or not. In the end, we decided to just allow the gremlins of racing be as they may, and maybe change the s/f line sound to a generic "blip" for everyone, so that it's clear if the lap counted or not. That said, after the trials and tribulations of digital slot car racing with tires, weather, fuel, and damage were all said and done, the victors were declared. In the end, we found that, as usual, MikeH stood on the top step. Greg followed on step 2, with Jeff filling out the podium in third. Carlos, MikeD, and Dave took the remaining spots, leaving us with the following points for the series...

      Mike H: 48+10 = 58
      Greg: 32+8 = 40
      Mike D: 28+4 = 32
      Jeff: 23+6 = 29
      Dave: 24+3 = 27
      Carlos: 21+5 = 26
      Joel: 5+1 = 6
      Sam: 6
      Randy: 3+2 = 5
      Kris: 2
      Russ: 2
      Alex: 2

      After the series racing, we spent some time playing with cars and talking about what the next series might be. I suggested a classics series might be fun, while a couple guys ran some cars around in analog mode. We still had plenty of time in the day, so the subject of an IROC race came up. Carlos wanted something out of the ordinary, and had never experienced the pleasure... or pain... of the Scalextric Moto GP bikes. Since neither Randy nor Joel had any PTSD from them, it was decided to run those "cars" in IROC format. I used the RCS64 series option, and we did a straight roration of the remaining 7 racers (Dave had to leave) in simple 2 minute heats with marshaling. No fuel or anything, just racing. In the end, the winner was determined by the most laps and points for finishing order. It was kind of funny, though, that at the end of each race, the "winner" was declared as the first person to cross the line at the end of time timer, in spite of whatever lap count he was on. This resulted in some confusion at the end of the race while we compared the actual finishing order and points of each heat. It was fun, but quite challenging. I don't think we'll be running the Moto GP bikes for another couple years. You can get to the IROC race starting at 35:10 in the video below.

      [ame=""]DRAWW at Greg's 12/7/15 - YouTube[/ame]

      Thanks to everyone for coming. I look forward to racing you all again in two weeks at MikeH's track.


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        Quite some close calls [and one spectacularly not-so-close] on the pit lane exit back to the straightaway.
        That lap down thing that happened to Jeff was weird. Some kind of anomaly? I didn't go back and follow his laps or not to see if he was indeed one down.
        Those Scaley bikes. Holy smokes! A marshaling nightmare.

        A couple questions [you've probably been asked this and answered it a billion times]:

        Are the track calls automatic or is someone on a button?
        Assuming that having damage on would make a person drive a little more cautiously, do you think that track calls are necessary, or could crash-and-burn work as well?
        What happens to the perceived handling of the car when the tires are old? Does it chatter or something?
        And that a dot matrix printer I hear in the background around the 30 minute mark? If so, is it printing out race data or something?


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          Hey Mikey,

          First - yes, we usually get a few more close calls and track calls on the smaller tighter tracks like this one.

          We did have some issues with missed laps for one car and loosing all power after the finish line for another car.
          The missed laps are unusual but we have had similar issues with these cars.
          It seems that the LED needs to protrude about 1mm below the chassis in order to trigger all the sensors properly.
          We all knew this but the design of these Carrera DTMs makes it very easy to mount the LED too far from the track.

          Now to try and answer your questions:
          1) Track calls are configurable with the RCS64 software. In this race they were automatic (2 second delay).
          We also can initiate a track call by pressing both buttons if we feel the auto track call isn't working correctly.
          2) The notion that the track call delay penalizes racers enough to make them drive more cautiously is only partially true.
          Some racers are just more prone to pushing the limits than other racers.
          We have raced with 'crash and burn' as well as 'crash, crash, crash and burn' in the past but we gave it up for several reasons:
          * No significant improvement in driving habits
          * It is fairly common to get knocked out of the slot for no fault of your own and being forced out of the race as a result didn't seem very fair.
          * More importantly, the good drivers were able to race longer while the beginner drivers crashed out and had to sit and watch.
          This meant that the good drivers got more practice and the novices got less which is not how we wanted to run our club.
          3) As the tires wear out, the race software adjusts the throttle and brake delays. The more your tires wear, the less responsive they become.
          The software doesn't make a special sound for worn tires. However, if you listen close you might hear the sound of some racers commenting that their tires must be the source of their crash
          4) That sound you hear at the 30 minute mark is probably the rain. We are using the weather feature of the software which forces us to use different tires to match the track conditions (dry, damp, wet).

          As for those scaley bikes - you can see why we only run them every 5 years.
          We do have some newer members that have not had the *pleasure* of racing them yet so we thought it was a good time to let them try <insert evil grin here/>

          Thanks for watching!



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            Happy Holidays, race fans!

            For this race, Mike decided to make sure all the cars had headlights and taillights because the room lights were going out. The track was lit by multicolored lights and the glow from the large TV showing race management information. But how can we tell the cars apart in the dark? Mike thought of that too, with battery powered, color-coded LEDs stuck to the roof of each car! What you see in the video is pretty much what we were looking at while racing. It was a challenge, but a lot of fun!

            We had a low turnout this time, with only six of us able to attend. That meant that we'd run one long race with everyone on at the same time, and therefore would need to use track calls for crashes. After qualifying three of us at a time to provide marshaling during qualification, we had our race. As I said, the simulated night racing was quite a challenge, but a lot of fun. As always, it came down to keeping the car in the slot, and trying to keep pit stops to a minimum. In the end, I had no choice but to stop and repair damage right near the end of the race, allowing Mike D to get ahead of me again, after trading places for second all race long. Mike H was so far ahead of us, he could have just stopped in the pits for 10 laps and not worried about losing first place. Pulling in behind us were Jeff, Randy, and Russ.

            [ame=""]DRAWW Carrera DTM 12/20/15 - YouTube[/ame]

            Mike H extends his commanding lead in the series, while Mike D and I continue to hash it out for who comes in second and third. There are still three more races in the series, plenty of time to close that gap if things play out in Mike's favor. Mike needs to keep an eye on Jeff, as well, who continues to creep his way toward third place. The rest of the guys just need to come to more races. ;-) Adding in the points from this race, the series standings are as follows:

            Mike H: 58+10 = 68
            Greg: 40 + 6 = 46
            Mike D: 32 + 8 = 40
            Jeff: 29 + 5 = 34
            Dave: 27
            Carlos: 26
            Randy: 5 + 4 = 9
            Joel: 6
            Sam: 6
            Russ: 2 +3 = 5
            Kris: 2
            Alex: 2

            Next Sunday we meet again at Carlos' track (still to be officially named). Thanks again to Mike H for hosting, providing the snacks and drinks (and tequila!) as well as working hard to get Randy's car lit up for the racing! See you guy at Carlos'!


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              Dateline, January third, twenty sixteen...(ticker tape sound).

              The Digital Racing Alliance of Western Washington met at Normandy Glenn Raceway (aka Carlos' track, formerly known as Indianrockolis) for our eighth race of the Carrera DTM series. We had a good turnout of eight racers, as Russ, Kris, Joel, and Sam could not attend.

              "Wait, Greg! Wouldn't that make for 12 total racers?" you may ask.

              Why yes, it would! Carlos invited a guest to attend this race. He found a nearby practitioner of Carrera D124 through friends and extended an invitation to our next race. As always, DRAWW is happy to accommodate interested parties, whether they want to spectate or participate. Chris took a break prior to his training to summit K2 to join us, and chose to participate. He did very well with what is essentially an entirely different system than the one he is familiar with. Carlos had invited another interested party, but they were unable to attend. Too bad, as it was a great race!

              The day started with the usual stuff. I arrived early to make sure the track and computer were both working and set up correctly. Carlos went out to get some rum in order to spike my Cokes. Mike D and Dave came on time to get some practice in before the race, and everyone else arrived fashionably late. But seriously, we didn't have to wait long. Randy was there ahead of the time he expected, and Chris came right as expected. We had already heard from Joel, Russ, and Kris that they would not be able to make it, and Sam didn't come with Mike H, so we knew he wouldn't be coming, since they're in the same family.

              Chris got some good practice on Carlos' track along with most of the other guys while they made sure their cars were working. I discovered the previous day that the tires were coming off the wheels of my car, and had resigned myself to running as is, but Carlos had some fresh tires to try. I had noticed his car had them, and they looked great, so I gave them a try as well. I didn't glue them on, but gave them a half-decent sanding on a spare power base. There was some discussion on the legality of changing tires mid-series, but those who were questioning that had apparently not realized that 2+ other racers had already changed their tires prior to this race.

              Time was wasting, so with a little bit of encouragement, I decided to go ahead and run the qualification. We gave 4 racers 5 minutes to get their best lap times in with only fuel load simulation to have any effect on their performance. First up was Jeff with a 16.015, Mike H with a 15.173, Randy with a 15.966, and Dave with a 16.189. If those numbers seem high, don't forget that Normandy Glenn Raceway is a fairly long AND technical track. Next up came Greg with a 14.852, Mike D with a 14.906, Carlos with a 14.560, and Chris with a respectable 16.961. These times determined the order in which drivers would choose their car ID (and hook up locations), and where they would grid.

              Carlos wanted 6 cars on track, so we tried the first race with 50 laps, weather, tires, and fuel, but no damage for crashing. The two extra people marshaled as best they could, with an occasional track call as needed. This pitted everyone but Carlos and Greg in the first heat. The top four would move on to the second heat to determine race winner. There was some great racing, but Dave's car was having some difficulty in the pit menu and with the pit sensors. He got frustrated and decided he would have more fun as a spectator, so bowed out of the first heat. In the end, Jeff, Mike D, Mike H, and Randy moved to the second heat.

              Unfortunately, Randy ran out of time, and could not continue racing for his chance at the podium in the second heat. Dave was so far behind having DNF, that Chris was the next one to move up in Randy's absence. This meant that the second heat was between Jeff, Mike H, Carlos, Mike D, Greg, and Chris.

              [ame=""]My Edited Video - YouTube[/ame]

              Oh, and hey, what do you know? That's the finishing order, too!

              "What's that you say?? Mike H didn't get first place?!? How can that BE??" you may ask.

              Well, it looks like Mike had a stratemegy that backfired on him. Toward the end of the race, he was very low on fuel, but thought he could eek out the last few laps if he was careful. He also thought that he was enough laps ahead that a quick splash and dash would keep him in the lead. Alas, he was wrong. He ran out of gas with only a couple laps to go, and had to stop for fuel or else miss laps entirely. He didn't spend long in the pit lane, but he did spend long enough for Jeff to take the lead and keep it until the last lap was completed. While this upset doesn't really effect Mike H's standing in the series, it does make a bit of difference with the drivers vying for second and third place.

              With the points added from this race, the series standings are as follows:
              Mike H: 68 + 8 = 76
              Greg: 46 + 4 = 50
              Mike D: 40 + 5 = 45
              Jeff: 34 + 10 = 44
              Carlos: 26 + 6 = 32
              Dave: 27 + 1 = 28
              Randy: 9 + 2 = 11
              Joel: 6
              Sam: 6
              Russ: 5
              Chris: +3 = 3
              Kris: 2
              Alex: 2

              With Dave's DNF, Carlos pulls ahead of him. Mike D begins to close the gap with Greg, but Jeff makes a BIG leap toward Mike D, now only 1 point behind him. If Greg and Mike D aren't careful for the next couple races, they might find themselves losing a place to Jeff... and with the next race at Jeff's track, home track advantage might be all it takes for a major upset.

              Will Jeff be able to surpass Mike D? Will Mike D close the gap to Greg? Will Jeff be able to spin his home track advantage into enough of a lead to close the gap with Greg to give him a chance at second place in the final race at Dave's track?

              Tune in next time to find out. Same DRAWW time, same DRAWW channel!
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                DRAWW 1/17/16 Race Report

                While not everyone who has ever raced with DRAWW was able to attend, the race at Jeff's Samm Hill track was marked by one of, if not the highest attendances we've had to date. Eleven, count them, ELEVEN people were on hand for the racing. Unimaginable! Or, as Carlos would say, "Unbelievable!" Well, believe it. Russ and Kris brought a friend named Parker, who really enjoyed the racing. It won't be long before we're running out of standing room for people. First world problems, eh? Not complaining, mind you!

                What to do with so many people? Well, the first task was to get everyone qualified. After a good amount of practice, Jeff managed to get everyone to stop long enough to organize the qualification. In order to try and give people the best chance at a good lap with clean air, the group was split into 4, 4, and 3 to get their best laps. I forget the amount of time for each qualifying heat, but it was probably just a few minutes each. In the end, the qualification order filtered down in this way: Mike H, Carlos, Jeff, Greg, Mike D, Randy, Dave, Russ, Joel, Parker, Kris.

                The next question is how to organize the races. We might have done the bottom six with the winner moving up and racing against the top five. That is, until Dave had the bright idea of having more races with more people moving up each time. What he suggested was to race the bottom six, and have the top three move up to the second heat with the next three qualifiers. The second heat would have the top four move up to the final. That gives those with slower qualifying times a much greater chance to move up and take a podium position... it also gave Dave plenty of racing, because as long as he was able to keep his cool, he could potentially run all three heats. Good move, Dave! To give the top qualifiers a bit more of a challenge and racing time, the final heat was to be 100 laps rather than the 50 lap heats that the first two were limited to.

                So, with the first heat between Randy, Dave, Russ, Joel, Parker, and Kris, the racing officially began. Skip to 13:12 in the video below to watch this heat. Nothing new, here. Weather, tire choice, fuel conservation, and just plain driving skill all came into play with the results of this heat. In the end, Randy, Dave, and Russ were able to clock enough laps to stay ahead of the others and move into the second heat. Take a look at the race results from RCS64. Not moving up, Joel, Parker and Kris earned 1 series point each for today's racing.

                Second verse, same as the first... Another 50 lap race with full simulation features (no damage or false start) to give Randy, Dave, Russ, Mike D, Greg, and Jeff their shots at the final heat. Skip to 29.27 in the video for this heat. This one was a bit more contentious. Mistakes were made, pileups were plowed through, and there were two epic battles taking place all the while. Jeff and Greg mere feet apart, vying for first place, as well as MikeD and Dave in the same situation just a couple laps back, seeing who would bring in third place for this heat. Fortunately, it didn't matter too very much, since they were a couple laps ahead of Randy, and as long as they could maintain their lead on him, would end up in the final heat. With mere inches between them as they crossed the finish line on the 50th lap, Greg managed to take first with Jeff close beind, then MikeD lead Dave after a crash in his penultimate lap that gave MikeD the edge, followed by Randy and Russ. Left behind this heat were Randy and Russ, but they earned 2 and 1 points, respectively. The results from this heat are also available for viewing.

                The top four of the second heat now had their chance to earn a step on the podium. At least one of them would, even if the top qualifiers took the other two. This heat took place between MikeH, Carlos, Greg, Jeff, MikeD, and Dave. Good job getting racing in all three heats, Dave! We'll have to rethink that idea. He had two 50 lap heats to practice in, but will that help him in a 100 lap heat? Let's see... Skip to 41.12 in the video for this heat.

                The racing definitely heated up (get it? LOL!) for this heat. While there might not have been as many crashes, by a small reduction anyway, the ones that did happen seemed to be much more harmful to the driver who was caught up in it... at least that's what I have to guess from their reactions. Try not to get mad at the marshals, guys, it doesn't matter how fast or accurate they are if you don't crash and give them the work to do. It was a pretty tight race all the way through, with tire choice playing a bigger role than may have been expected by the drivers. I know I took a pair of Intermediate tires before I should have. It's hard to say how much difference it really made though. I know it didn't make any difference in how much fun I was having! Take a look at the results to see that MikeH brought home the trophy and sprayed champagne all over everyone, while Jeff and Mike occupied the other steps. Greg stared longingly at third place, only a lap behind MikeD. Carlos and Dave were almost ten laps down, but only a lap between them deciding who earned four points and who only got three.

                [ame=""]DRAWW - 1/17/16 - YouTube[/ame]

                With the points added from this race, the standings are as follows:
                Mike H: 76 + 10 = 86
                Greg: 50 + 5 = 55
                Jeff: 44 + 8 = 52
                Mike D: 45 + 6 = 51
                Carlos: 32 + 4 = 36
                Dave: 28 + 3 = 31
                Randy: 11 + 2 = 13
                Joel: 6 + 1 = 7
                Sam: 6
                Russ: 5 + 1 = 6
                Chris: 3
                Kris: 2 + 1 = 3
                Alex: 2
                Parker: +1

                It was a fantastic day of racing at Samm Hill. Now, we look forward to the FINAL race of the Carrera DTM series. We'll all get another crack at whatever layout happens to be on The Kitchen Floor when we meet at Dave's tomorrow. However it all plays out, I know I'll at least get to have a bowl of some really great chili!

                See you there!


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                  DRAWW Race Report
                  Carrera DTM Series
                  Final Race

                  While we didn't beat last weeks turnout, or even match it, we still had a good number of racers. Enough to run marshaled heats on Dave's track. Today, we had all the regular rabble rousers, plus Chris, but minus Joel, Randy, and Parker. Nine was still a good number, since that gave us 4 marshals for 5 car races with step ups.

                  Again, Dave came up with a great plan for the step ups. After qualifications, the bottom five would race. The podium finishers would step up to the next heat with the next two highest qualifiers. Again, the podium finishers step up to the final heat with the top two qualifiers. We also did the same as at Jeff's, where the first two heats were run with 50 laps, and the final with 100, so that the top two qualifiers got a good amount of racing.

                  With nine people, we ran three qualifying heats of three people each, so we had plenty of marshals to help them get their best lap times. Dave decided we would qualify in reverse alphabetical order by last name. So, after a few minutes of figuring out what that meant for who qualifies and when, we got to it.

                  Qualifying first were Chris, Russ, and Kris. They earned 8.161, 7.700, and 9.254 respectively. Next up, Dave, Jeff, and Carlos getting 7.763, 7.255, and 7.441. Finally, Mike H, Mike D, and Greg, breaking into the sixes with 6.939, 7.167, and 6.836. My car was loving Dave's track, that's for sure. So, that puts the qualifying order in as Greg, Mike H, Mike D, Jeff, Carlos, Russ, Dave, Chris, and Kris.

                  As you can imagine, having two more people with the "same" name made things a little confusing from time to time. After a little while, we decided to come up with a nickname for Chris, who was officially the second person of that homophone to join the group. What to call him, though? Well, this is the man who is training to summit K2... seemed apropos to call him K2, and it seems to be sticking. You'll hear us calling him Chris and K2 in the video, but by the end of the night, everyone had pretty much switched to calling him K2.

                  Well, as you know, we were there to race slot cars. With the above qualifying accomplished, we had our first 50 lap heat between Kris, K2, Dave, Russ, and Carlos. They chose their racing position, and their cars were gridded in qually order. Racing commenced, and crashes were marshaled. We had a minor track malfunction that we'd thought was taken care of earlier, though. This time, we went ahead and put some copper tape on some of the questionable joins because we didn't have time to take the track apart and do a proper crimping job. Dave likes to change his track... a lot. Racing proceeded, but then we ran into a computer glitch. Dave's APB cable has seen better days, and is currently bent at a 45 degree angle somehow. It still works, but the base will lose the connection with the computer at random times. Usually, clicking "Reconnect" does the trick, but it got into a loop and wouldn't fully reconnect. We ended up stopping the heat at about 40 laps, and taking the current position as the final position. Russ and K2 were on the same lap, so we had a short discussion on that while they both told the other person to take the position, because it meant moving up to the next heat. I said that neither one would get into the top 5, but failed to say "of the series" at the end, which was then taken entirely the wrong way from what I meant, but I rolled with it and put my foot in farther by saying I meant they wouldn't get into the top three. LOL. Wut? :P

                  Anyhoo, Russ and K2 decided K2 would move up, so the positions at the end of that heat were Dave, Carlos, K2, Russ, and Kris. That means the second heat would be fought between Mike D, Jeff, Dave, Carlos, and K2. As before, driving position was chosen, and grid positions were filled, and the racing started. We had talked about switching to the APB tower and running the race without the computer, but as the connection was re-established in the mean time, we decided to run with it and hope for the best. Fortunately, it lasted through the entire heat. A pit sensor glitch caused some strife, when Mike D pushed Jeff out of the pit lane after Russ had thought he was stuck because he was a little far forward in the LAST pit bay, and Mike D got stuck on Jeff's car. Jeff ended up getting pushed out of the pit lane and triggered the sensor, but Mike D somehow missed the sensor himself and was still registered as being in the pit lane. I don't think Jeff even managed to get his tire change or anything done, but he didn't pit again right away, so maybe the program put him at 100% for whatever he was doing (as I would like to think it would). Carlos had some difficulty in the pit lane, getting a little impatient with the pit menu on Dave's older laptop, and ended up cycling past the things he needed more than once. In the end, that cost him multiple laps overall. K2 was happy to have come in 4th ahead of Carlos for this heat. Even better, he was only a lap behind Dave, who was on the same lap as Jeff, both only a lap off the leader, Mike D. Patience really does pay off, sometimes. We managed to save the results from this race, you can see them here.

                  With that, Mike D, Jeff, and Dave step up to the final heat to compete with Greg and Mike H. This time, it was for the big bucks! This is the heat that would decide the series positions between Mike D and Jeff, if not also with Greg. Mike H's win was a foregone conclusion, but his position in this race might mean someone else gets the big points boost they need to make a change in the series standings... don't change that dial!

                  The heat started off great. Although I forgot to start the video, K2 was able to turn it on for me in the first lap, so you won't miss much in the video other than the hole shot... ME! :P The heat started off pretty smoothly, but it didn't take long for Jeff's car to start bothering him. At first he thought it was his car's braids, but checking those didn't seem to help. Next, he thought it was his controller, so pulled into the pit lane early to make some changes and swapped controllers in the process. He soon found that the controller calibration we did earlier meant that the replacement was not performing correctly, and the problem with his car got worse, not better. He decided to pull out of race at that point. Carlos asked him what was up, and Jeff explained that the car was performing erratically, like it was losing power while moving. It wasn't long before we had a track call, and Carlos convinced Jeff to let him take a look at the car, maybe change the braids. That's when I remembered that Carrera cars have a braid system that relies on metal-on-metal pressure contact, similar to SCX and other cars. It occurred to me to try the INOX treatment on the bit of brass UNDER the braid that contacts the bits of the car that have the wire soldered to them. After applying a little on each contact, and properly installing and adjusting the braids, Jeff's car came back to life, and he started clawing back the laps he had lost.

                  While Jeff's car was LITERALLY in the pits, the computer decided to lose its connection with the APB again. This time, I had an idea that hadn't occurred to me before, and I was able to re-establish the connection without losing the race progress. This time, it was Dave's turn to mis-judge some of his button presses in the pit menu, and ended up leaving the pit lane on hard tires when it was raining. He went with it for a few laps but decided to come in for the proper tires a little while later. During a track call, I saw that I was somehow on hard tires as well, when I was positive I had changed to wets or intermediates earlier. I'm glad I saw, though, and pulled in on the next lap to get wets. Next thing you know, Dave's car loses its ID and reverts to ID1, it would appear, and kept coming off the track. Carlos and I thought he was on ID 5 because he was standing right at that number, but didn't hear us when we were asking him (and we didn't think to look at the screen, durrrr), and Carlos coded his car to ID 5. We even though it was a controller issue for a couple minutes. Mike D thought to verify what it was programmed to, which revealed the problem... so we coded it again to the correct ID and were able to continue racing.

                  No wobbly pops for me this time, just soda and water. As such, I was able to really stay aware of the changes in car performance as the tires degraded and the weather changed. The changing brake delay can be pretty detrimental if you're not watching for it, and changing your braking points rather than putting on fresh rubber every few laps. Almost every crash I had was due to driving into a turn as deep as I had been, after my tires were wearing down. Just a fraction of a second delay means the difference between coasting through the turn, and running into the gravel. I was also taking a glance at my tire and fuel levels whenever I could, which showed me that I was going to need new tires very soon. I pulled in for the next set, but lost another lap or two to Mike H.

                  A funny thing that happened on the way to the finish line... I accidentally entered the pit lane but didn't have any reason to stop, so I kept my throttle on full so that I didn't lose too much distance while proceeding at a lower speed. I noticed Mike H right next to me on the racing lane, and I knew he saw me as well. Instinctively, I said told him that I was exiting the pit lane, and he graciously backed off to avoid a crash. After that happened, we both realized that I was the one who should have backed off. It's only too bad I'm not clever enough to have planned it that way.

                  Remember how I said I was watching my fuel and tires? Well, I know Mike H was as well, but we apparently calculated things differently. When I saw the number of laps remaining, I didn't think I would be able to make it without a new set of tires. I decided that I didn't want any pit obstructions or concerns, so I came in before I needed to and put on a new set while Mike H kept racing. I'm pretty sure he was hoping to finish the heat with the set he had on, and he might have been able to if he hadn't used his brakes at all. Well, it didn't play out that way, and Mike H had to put on new tires with only a few laps remaining. That gave me the opportunity I needed to make back those precious two laps I had lost to him. I managed to pass him for the lead before he left the pit lane, and maintained it for the last few laps to win the race. I'll admit that it felt pretty good, even if an earlier exit sensor snafu might have helped me win.

                  That was a long way of saying that the winners for the final heat were: Greg, Mike H, Mike D, Jeff, and Dave. If you want to check the results, you'll see that I apparently spent an extra long time in the pit lane... yet still managed a win. With that big of a difference, I'm amazed I managed it, even if I was getting some great laps in.

                  Oh here, just watch the video. You know you want to.
                  [ame=""]DRAWW 1/31/16 - YouTube[/ame]

                  With the points added from this race, the FINAL standings are as follows:
                  Mike H: 86 + 8 = 94
                  Greg: 55 + 10 = 65
                  Jeff: 52 + 5 = 57
                  Mike D: 51 + 6 = 57
                  Carlos: 36 + 2 = 38
                  Dave: 31 + 4 = 35
                  Randy: 11 + 2 = 13
                  Joel: 6 + 1 = 7
                  Russ: 6 + 1 = 7
                  Chris: 3 + 3 = 6
                  Kris: 3 + 1 = 4
                  Sam: 6
                  Alex: 2
                  Parker: 1

                  Uh oh, looks like a tie in series points between Jeff and Mike D as well as between Joel and Russ! We don't have any actual, agreed upon rules for breaking the tie, so, you know what that means?


                  But seriously, it's been a fantastic series, guys! The next series should be a blast as well. I can't wait to see how things stack up with a classic car on the track!

                  Oh yeah... we ended this race with a meeting about the next series. Everyone with an idea to nominate brought a spec sheet and one or more example cars. We took a vote, and decided to run classics for the next series. Should be interesting!