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  • Test'N'Tune and racing...

    Don't forget, we'll be meeting at Carlos' track for our Test And Tune meeting this Sunday the 28th at 1pm.
    We'll have all the chips and most of the tires (plenty for the series needs, still waiting on 4 packs) and LOTS of tools for chipping and setting up cars.
    If, and only if, we get all the cars set up and there is a unanimous vote in favor of using the available time for our first official race of the series, then we'll do that, too. If not, the next race will be the first official race. But, we'll definitely do some racing.

    The sooner you can come, the better, so that we can get cracking on your car chipping and tuning, if you haven't already gotten yours set up.

    See you guys on Sunday!