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  • Classics Series Results Classics Sereies Race #1, The Kitchen Floor

    Greg: 6.135
    Jeff: 6.147
    MikeD: 6.161
    Russ: 6.315
    Kris: 6.317
    Dave: 6.344
    MikeH: 6.496
    Randy: 6.511

    Qualification was done with full simulation features. It was also on the short side. Three minutes, I think? Maybe 5? Anyway, weather definitely played a role, here. It didn't occur to me how quickly weather would change when run this way, so I'll probably have that off for future qualifications, but leave fuel and tires on, just 'cus. :P

    Without enough people to fully marshal with 6 racers, and not wanting to have only 4 racers on the track at once, Dave decided to run a 50 lap race with the bottom six, then a 100 lap race with the top two qualifiers and top four finishers of the first race.

    Kris managed to stay ahead of his dad, Russ, and make it into the final race. The first race finished with MikeD leading MikeH, followed by Dave, Kris, Russ, and Randy.

    We had a technical glitch during our first attempt at the final race. About 30 laps in, there was a car shorting the track somewhere, so I pulled the power from the base. Usually, it can be reconnected to RCS64 and work fine, but for some reason, even after that, it would not count laps or change anything else. It was way too early to call the race, so we aborted and re-tried. This aborted race is not in the video.

    For the final race, we managed to get most of the way through it, but the power failed right as the leaders were getting about 80 laps. The power had failed earlier that day, but came on a minute or two later, and we were able to keep playing. This time, however, the power did not come back on, so we called the race. Finishing order was MikeH followed by Dave, then MikeD, Jeff, Greg, and Kris. MikeH had a 3 lap lead on Dave, and there were only a couple laps between MikeD and Greg. Anything COULD have happened, but everyone agreed to call the race at this point. Fudge. :P

    So, with that, our first race of the series, points are as follows:

    MikeH: 10
    Dave: 8
    MikeD: 6
    Jeff: 5
    Greg: 4
    Kris: 3
    Russ: 2
    Randy: 1

    Here's the video:
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    looks like you all had a good spread of car types. saw lots of Alfa Romeo on the track.


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      Yeah, we have at least one of every type of Classic car. It's a great mix.
      I'll try to get a photo of all the cars in a formation on the track next time.


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        Did the track rubber in has you ran? what little I have run in the few 100 laps or so with the Mclaren and I have a nice groove forming on the track. really shows up on the painted sections. that wind storm missed us and hit up there instead. how long were you all out of power?
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          Yeah, with tire cleaner, the grip came up pretty fast. You may have noticed Kris cleaning his tires a lot... I gave up trying to convince him to stop. He really didn't need cleaner tires... he needed a less sticky trigger finger. ;-)

          The first power flicker was only a minute or two. The one that ended the final race was a good 20-30 minutes long. When I got home, I found the power had flickered a bit, but not gone out for long.


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            OK, I slacked off on the race reports for this series. It can be hard to keep them up, and I literally just didn't do them. I have all the results, though, which is what I'm posting now, with a little commentary on the race as I'm able.

            So, the second race of the series took place at Samm Hill Raceway. It was a low turnout due to a last minute commitment for me, and others also having other things prevent them from coming. In the end, it was a 4 man race between Mike H, Jeff, Russ, and his son Kris. Apparently, Kris decided that it would be his mission to ensure that his dad won second place. He succeeded, though it was VERY close. Jeff placed second in the first race, but third in the second race. Not only was Kris able to slow Jeff down enough for his dad to pass him, but was enough of an impediment that Mike H was barely able to hold onto first in the second race. They added the results together to determine final standings, and Russ was ahead by just one lap. We allowed the results to stand, but Kris will not be racing like that again. There was no video from this race.

            MikeH: 10 + 10 = 20
            Jeff: 5 + 6 = 11
            Russ: 2 + 8 = 10
            Kris: 3 + 5 = 8
            Dave: 8
            MikeD: 6
            Greg: 4
            Randy: 1

            Race #3 was the first for the series at Mike's Raceline Raceway. The regular five showed up for this race, so we were one short of a full grid, and not nearly enough for marshaling, so we ran a couple 100 lap heats with track call. Adding the total laps like before, Mike H with 200, Jeff with 193, Greg with 187, Mike D with 178, and Dave with 161.
            Video can be seen at

            MikeH: 20 + 10 = 30
            Jeff: 11 + 8 = 19
            Dave: 8 + 4 = 12
            MikeD: 6 + 5 = 11
            Greg: 4 + 6 = 10
            Russ: 10
            Kris: 8
            Randy: 1

            Race #4 was at my track, Rainier Raceways. For this race, Mike D was not able to make it, but Russ and Kris were back, Kris with a new respect for the proper way to win a race. After some craziness with the computer, we ended up running two 50 lap heats. Top two from each then competed in the final 100 lap race. With two marshals, most crashes were taken care of quickly, though we still had track calls for when they were out of reach or taking too long.
            Video can be seen at

            MikeH: 30 + 10 = 40
            Jeff: 19 + 8 = 27
            Dave: 12 + 5 = 17
            Greg: 10 + 6 = 16
            Russ: 10 + 4 = 14
            Kris: 8 + 3 = 11
            MikeD: 11
            Randy: 1

            Race #5, back to Dave's track, The Kitchen Floor. Mike D was able to come, so we had seven. Deciding to go with marshaling, we raced four at a time again. Top qualifier, Dave, got straight into the final. The rest of us battled it out in two heats of 50 laps each. From the first heat, two moved up, leaving the bottom two to finish 6th and 7th. From the second heat, three moved up, leaving the bottom one to take 5th. The final heat of 100 laps determined 1st-4th places. With a couple mistakes in the pit lane, Mike H fell back just enough to allow me to bring home first place at the end, by less than a lap.
            Video at

            MikeH: 40 + 8 = 48
            Jeff: 27 + 6 = 33
            Greg: 16 + 10 = 26
            Dave: 17 + 5 = 22
            Russ: 14 + 3 = 17
            MikeD: 11 + 4 = 15
            Kris: 11 + 2 = 12
            Randy: 1

            Race #6 was back at Samm Hill Raceway. Kris was sick, so he and Russ stayed home, but Mike H's son Sam was able to attend. We qualified for fun and grid position as well as choosing our driving location, and then ran a single 100 lap race. With no marshals, we used track calls, so it took a while. We also had a few long pauses while Mike H tried to figure out what was going on with his car or controller. It was an interesting turn of events with Mike H losing a couple dozen laps as a result of his "racing incident", opening the door for someone else to take first place. In this case, it turned out to be me.
            Video at

            MikeH: 48 + 3 = 51
            Jeff: 33 + 8 = 41
            Greg: 26 + 10 = 36
            Dave: 22 + 4 = 26
            MikeD: 15 + 5 = 20
            Russ: 14 + 3 = 17
            Kris: 11 + 2 = 13
            Sam: +6
            Randy: 1

            Race #7, back to Raceline Raceway. With Kris feeling better, but Sam doing other things, we had seven people again, but this track needs four or more to marshal fairly, so we went with track calls. After qualifying, the top racer went straight to the final. Mike H, of course! The rest of us battled in a 50 lapper for the chance to race him. Kris won the chance to help with the pit lane in the final race, and the rest of us went after Mike H. Well, back on his home track, and in top form, Mike H was ready to win. Too bad his controller apparently had issues again. That, or his track is. He'll be looking into that for sure, but the end result was another upset for Mike H, only coming in third, behind Jeff and Mike D. I didn't do too well, either. Not sure why, though my car did seem a bit slower than normal. I blame the track. ;-)
            Video is here

            MikeH: 51 + 6 = 57
            Jeff: 41 + 10 = 51
            Greg: 36 + 4 = 40
            Dave: 26 + 5 = 31
            MikeD: 20 + 8 = 28
            Russ: 17 + 3 = 20
            Kris: 13 + 2 = 15
            Sam: 6
            Randy: 1

            There's one more race for this series in just a week and a half to go. With a pretty hefty spread between most of the points, it'll be hard for much movement unless someone isn't able to attend, or someone's car has a problem. We shall see!


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              Sorry I could not make any of the races up north. just crazy at work and could not get the time off. So have you all come up with a new race series yet? what about f1 or Le Mans Classics.Fly Scalextric, Monogram, Revell, or Ninco which ran in the 1971 event or prior are eligible. running these down here on the anlog tracks and they are a big hit.


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                Le Mans Classic is pretty much what we've been running, only brand. Those other brands would be roughly equivalent, but take a lot more work in some cases than most of us are prepared to dedicate. Most of the members are still fairly casual, so keeping it simple is helpful.

                As for what we're running next, it looks like we'll be doing a Scalextric DPR series, probably modern GT, and get some of those Carrera DPR chips so that we can host races on Carrera Digital tracks that some members have, expanding our track rotation by 2 or 3 tracks.


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                  Carrera DPR chips??? havnt seen Or heard about them/ have a link?


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                    Well, the series is over. The point spread after the previous race meant that the only possible change that could take place would be if Jeff won and Mike H didn't even show up, pretty much. As such, we decided to to a little test. After practice showed us our expected qualification order, we decided to just grid in that order and run a 100 lap race. To shake things up a little, since the results wouldn't change anything, I decided to handicap Mike H. There were only 4 of us, so we had to use track calls. I like having damage points and making people repair in the pit lane to discourage reckless driving. I gave everyone 5 damage, but Mike H only got 3. It would take him the same length of time to repair, but he would have to do so after only 3 crashes, while the rest had 5 before needing repair.

                    In the end, it didn't really seem to make much difference. With some judicious pit stops, tire choices, and a RMS glitch that probably saved me 3 laps, I won by 6 laps over Mike H. It looks like he had to pit twice, so that, plus the glitch, probably won me the race. I'll have a word with RCS64 about the glitch, but it would have been close, either way. Still, the overall series finishing order would NOT have changed if Mike had won. He still got 8 points, and my 10 didn't put me past anyone else that earned points. Speaking of which...

                    MikeH: 57 + 8 = 65
                    Jeff: 51 + 6 = 57
                    Greg: 40 + 10 = 50
                    Dave: 31 + 5 = 36
                    MikeD: 28
                    Russ: 20
                    Kris: 15
                    Sam: 6
                    Randy: 1

                    Had Mike had to miss the race AND Jeff gotten at least second place, things would have changed, but even if Mike had lost this race, he would have had enough points to stay in the lead. Dangit. ;-)

                    This did inspire some discussion, and it's possible we'll consider a handicapping system to make the race results a little more interesting by keeping things a little closer. Something like, starting with a baseline of damage, and the winner has one less damage point at the next race... or something. We'll see.

                    Anyway, those are the series results. The next series will probably be Scalextric modern GT DPR cars so that we can use the Carrera DPR chips and include the Carrera Digital tracks in the group, and either have a much longer series, or not repeat all tracks two times.

                    Oh yeah, if you want to watch us race, here you go:
                    [ame=""]DRAWW - 6/5/16 - Classics FINAL - YouTube[/ame]

                    We had enough time to mess around, so we got back to basics and just had a whole pile of FUN!
                    [ame=""]NASCAR bash and crash fun - YouTube[/ame]


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                      What? No videos now for over 6 months. I don't know why but for some reason I am missing seeing them