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Fly Racing Round Results And Final Standings

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  • Fly Racing Round Results And Final Standings


    To Vic's for the opening Round of the Fly Racing slot cars . Looks like Roger
    and his F40 are going to be the car to beat . Greg's series winning RedBull
    M3 from the last time we ran them is just a tic off the pace , with the rest
    of us falling in line .

    SPRING KING ; Car , Roger's Slot-It GT40 . Pretty much a stock runner
    and your typical Slot-It performance . In other words a great little car . Greg
    was determined not to be in the lead off spot next week clocking in with a
    7.6 , Roger took it down to the 7.4's . 7.3 for Vic and myself . Greg got his
    wish .

    To Pat , To Vic and To Roger

    SPRING IROC ; Cars , Vic's Pro Slot GT2 Porsche's . After our last run Vic
    spent some time on the yellow car in hopes of picking up some performance
    It worked as the car in lane 1 stayed in the heats with the others . Lanes 3
    and 4 were definitely the class of the segment which made the round more
    competitive for all the cars .

    To Vic , To Ramjet and To Greg

    FLY RACING GT'S ; Well it had been 5 years sense we ran the Racing GT's
    and in the beginning it showed . As the race went on things got better for most
    of us . Like I said Roger's F40 was super quick but Greg's M3 could hang with
    him , even take him a time or two . I slipped in a heat win here and there and
    the Series race actually in a rare occurrence gave us the closest race of the
    night with only 2 laps separating the Podium . A great way to start a Series

    To Roger , To Greg and To Pat

    Thanks to Vic for the racing and the NCAA Finale (sorry Joe )

    Next week it's to RamJet's and Fossumheim

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    To RamJet's for the second Round of the Fly Racing GT's , it's a pretty
    loose term as the cars cover a broad spectrum off classes . We have
    2 seaters , 4 seaters , GT's and Sedan's . The chassis are comparable
    and performance within a tenth or 2 , making for some great racing .
    The best part is the race time , with each of us getting 17 heats at the
    throttle . Though we all pay attention during are Marshaling duties ,
    I think it's unanimous we enjoy the Racing much more than watching .

    SPRING KING ; Car , Roger's Revo Slot Repsol Porsche GT2 . In a rare
    occurrence Greg wasn't the lead off man so inheriting the much coveted
    position myself , I gave it a go . Logging a decent stage with a 7.5 , After
    Vic's 7.6 I felt pretty good about it . Then Roger takes it down to 7.4 and
    Greg to the low 7.5's . The car ran great and is due to be a series in the
    near future .

    To Roger , To Greg and To Pat

    SPRING IROC ; Cars , RamJet's Slot-It Alfa 33/3's . It's been wile since
    RamJet's Alfa's have been off the shelf but one could tell Rog has spent
    some time on them . With a swap on lane position with 2 of the cars it
    made the heats even closer . Another race that went down to last heat ,
    with the ball in Greg's hands for the win . Then with a last second off I
    receive the gift . Greg took it well . With this finish only 1 point
    separates the top 4 in the standings .

    To Pat , to Greg and To RamJet

    FLY RACING GT'S ; For the second round a couple of us seemed to be
    closing the gap on Roger and his F40 as the heats and number of wins
    are much closer than Round 1 . It's been tougher on RamJet and Vic as
    the Alfa and Porsche are running a little top heavy (more Led !) . The
    difference in this round was a early heat tap out from me on Greg and
    Roger . It was still close but would have been even closer . At the end
    of the night it's a 3 way tie for first place in the Series Standings .

    To Pat , To Greg and To Roger





    Thanks to Roger and the rest for all the racing and fun filled evening .

    Next week it's to Greg's and Rainier Raceway

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      Up to Auburn for the 3rd Round of the Fly Racing GT's . Upon my arrival I saw
      Greg had stashed some Nutter Butters for the Bride ( Happy Wife Happy Life )
      I'm not sure how this is going to effect Super Joe or myself but I made sure I
      got my share before Vic and Joe showed up .

      SPRING KING ; Car Roger's latest purchase , the Micheal Shank Ford Riley
      Daytona Prototype . A beautifully livered race car , pretty much stock except
      for having the magnet removed and a set of N22's on the rear . Roger led
      things off and set the bar high . I was next a nearly a tenth off the pace . Vic
      in-between and then Greg only 3 one thousandth's behind Vic . A close Stage
      with less than a tenth separating the top 4 .

      To Roger , To Vic and To Greg

      SRING IROC ; Cars , well we gave it 3 tries and ended up running Greg and
      Rogers Revo Slot Porsche GT 2's . We've run them in the King before but this
      was our first side by side event . Wow super fast , in the first heat Vic didn't
      make it through turn one . At that point every one turned their controllers to
      the minimum sensitivity and full brakes . The Cars were still a hand full but
      gave us a great race with RamJet and I tied in laps . I got the nod with 2 more
      position points .

      To Pat , To RamJet and To Vic

      FLY RACING GT'S ; To the Series Race , we had some great heat's and some
      moments we might want to forget . Like Vic's early off curtesy of Super Joe or
      RamJets heat restart . That through no fault of his own cost him 6 laps and a
      potential position point . Greg dominated the race never leaving the slot and
      having one of, if not the fastest laps of the night . Roger and I had the same
      laps and bonus points , this time Roger gets the nod with the 3rd tie breaker ,
      quickest lap time . With the win Greg takes the lead in the close Series .

      To Greg , To Roger and To Pat





      Thanks to Greg for the racing , to Joe for being a little late - Nutter Butters

      Next week , Scheduled for Dan's but we'll be racing at RamJet's

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        A last minute venue change for the 4th race of the Series and as usual RamJet
        steps up to the plate . I'm sure most everyone would and in some cases have
        done the same so just a quick thanks to all of you that continue make it happen .

        SPRING KING ; Car , Rogers Slot-It Alfa 155 V6 DTM - wide N22 rears and
        some sort of go fast motor , very open with changeable brushes super
        fast and pretty strong in the brake department . Well Roger drove it like he
        owned it and once again set the bar high . I was next and stunk it up , Vic was
        just off the pace but in the game and Greg clocked in at 3rd . A dominating Stage
        for Sir Roger .

        To Roger , To Vic and To Greg

        SPRING IROC ; Cars , Spirit Pug 406 Silhouette's . A great race with everyone
        having some sort of off , mine driver , was total racer fail others through contact
        or some sort of miscue . The offs evened out the playing field and made it close
        race . Vic's was later in his heat which gave him the victory by 4 laps and a tie
        in laps for second .

        To Vic , To Greg and To RamJet

        FLY RACING GT'S ; Finishing the night with the GT's , RamJet running his new
        Yellow Menards Corvette . In practice it looked like the car to beat . As the race
        started it held true with Ramjet winning or holding on to second through the
        early heats . Greg's M3 was making some sort of thumping noise causing a
        handeling problem with the car . After a quick inspection a spot of superglue
        was found on one of his tires . A tire change was allowed and Greg was back
        in the race . To little to late , though Greg had the most heat wins but the hole
        to was to deep to recover . I had the Lap lead but in a rare occurrence RamJet
        wins the Round with Bonus Points . Great Race RamJet .

        To RamJet , To Pat and To Greg





        Again a big thanks to RamJet for making it happen , as always Great Racing Guys

        Next week it's to Blair's and Masenchamps , with a IROC Surprise

        The Bus will be leaving from Vic's at around 6:00 as I have to run my Bride
        up North for a former work gathering .

        Till Then

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          To Blairs for the 5th Round of the Racing Gt's and I was shocked to find out
          that Mr. Blair didn't have a Fly Racing Gt . I know thats a shock most anyone
          who knows him . I was able to assemble a chassis and a body but didn't have a
          spare EVO2 motor so this car became a club effort . I recall in an earlier Round
          Roger used one of Vic's floaters wile his was being shipped from Spain . Vic's
          motor was still out of the car , and there you have it .

          SPRING KING ; Car , Mr Slot Car McLaren F1 GTR . The car ran smooth and
          fast on Masenchamps . Roger led things off and blistered a sub 5 by nearly a
          tenth . Looked even better after Vic was off the pace by 8 one hundredths . I
          took Rogers time down 8 one hundredths myself . Felt pretty good for about
          a minute tell Greg out leaned me at the tape by 5 one thousandths .

          To Greg , To Pat and To Vic

          SPRING IROC ; Hard to believe a guy without a Fly Racing car could surprise
          us but he did . Blair did it again rolling a new set of Revo Slot Porsche GT2's .
          I was pretty excited so excited my brake clip came off the post and my car
          didn't make it through the turn at the end of the main straight . That was
          pretty much my night in the IROC segment . Blair , RamJet and Victor had
          a different race , staying in the slot and getting laps . A great race for the 3 .
          At the end it was Blair by 1 lap over Ramjet and Vic one behind RamJet , 2
          laps separating the Podium . Blair !

          To Blair , To RamJet and To Vic

          FLY RACING GT'S ; To the Series race , all the cars had speed except a orange
          934 that had some trouble in the turns and at times in the braking department .
          Vic took it well . RamJet had some Coy cornerish offs in the infields hairpin .
          In fact I think he was 3 for 3 . Blair just kept on counting lap after lap . Roger
          and I were racing hard for the elusive 22 laps in a heat . Roger tried to hard
          a couple times and left the Raceway . At the end Krypton Racing covered the
          top 2 steps of the Podium .

          To Pat , To Blair and To Roger


          FLY RACING GTS

          SPRING IROC


          Thanks to Blair A great night for us and yourself

          Next week it's Thursday at Alan's and the Center

          Till Then

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            Making our Series visit to Alan's and the Center for the 6th Round of the Fly Racing
            GT's . It's turning out to be a great series with the standings changing most every
            week . Seeing 4 racers and 4 different types of cars all having round wins . It will be
            interesting to see what happens here as the Center is a venue that rewards speed .

            SPRING KING ; Car , Roger gave us treat offering his ScaleAuto , William's bodied
            1/24th scale Formula 1 racer . Definitely something totally out of the norm (NORM!)
            Roger started things off and drove it like he owned it clocking a high 8.5 . Greg was
            next about a half a tenth off , I landed somewhere in-between . We all held or own
            till Alain hooked up , blasting a 8.503 . ( we need to make Alan go first ) really !
            Thanks Roger it was a blast ! SPDUWTM

            To Alan , to Roger and To Pat

            SPRING IROC ; Cars , Bob's 6 Slot-It Group C's , well actually 5 of Bob's and one
            of Roger's . Shod with ScaleAuto yellow foamy's . It was the first time on the track
            for Bob's cars and it took a couple heats to shake them out . As the race went on
            things got better . At the end the track owner took the segment by 2 laps with 4
            laps covering the Podium . I think we'll be seeing the Group C's once again this
            Monday at Bob's .

            To Alan , to RamJet and To Roger

            FLY RACING GT'S ; To the Series Race , well we know Roger's F40 has plenty of
            speed . RamJet's Corvette shows it has some of it's own . In the early heats it
            was pretty close . In the second or third heat Roger and I had a great race
            never more moe the 3 feet apart exchanging the lead 2 and 3 times a lap . It
            was a blast . Alan started out slow with his loaner , discovered the braids we're
            dirty . A quick clean and he was backing the race . Roger checked out and never
            looked back . After a couple offs I was out of the picture but was fortunate to
            have another neck an neck heat , this time with RamJet only to loose at the
            end to a roll out . A happy ending to a forgettable series race for RamJet .
            Again 4 laps separating the Podium .

            To Roger , To Alan and To Pat


            FLY RACING GT'S


            SPRING IROC




            As always a big thanks to Alan for his time and the Venue

            Thanks to Roger for the F1 experience

            Next week it's to Bob's and the BrickYard .

            Till Then

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              To Baba Loo's for the 7th Round of the Racing GT's . On a hot Spring day it was nice
              to race down below in a cool venue . Though the basement stays pretty cool I was a
              bit shocked with the lack of music this time around as I'm always prepared for the
              sound distractions of Paramount or who ever else is thumping in the background .

              SPRING KING ; Car , A sample of our next Series . A Slot-It McLaren fitted with a
              angelwinder pod and the rest of the running gear from the Slot-It Modern LMP cars .
              I have to say it's pretty impressive , probably over a half a second quicker than the
              stock configuration . Roger lead things off clocking in with a high 6.9 , I was next
              about 5 hundredths below . Vic was 3 thousands off the pace with Bob just over a
              tenth behind Vic . Should be a great Series !

              To Pat , To Vic and To Bob

              SPRIND IROC ; Cars , Bob's Slot-It Group C's . We ran them Last week at Alan's
              and were pretty impressed . With some pre race tweaking they gave us even more
              this time around . The Cars are quick and fairly even which made for some close
              racing . Roger must of remembered something from last week as he takes the win
              for the second week in a row . 3 Laps ahead of RamJet , the talker lands in
              third .

              To Roger , To RamJet and To Baba Loo


              FLY RACING GT'S ; On to the Series race , things are staying close in the Racing
              GT's with Roger nipping at my heals . Roger's F40 is super quick but my Beamer
              has found something over the last couple week thats keeping it in the game . Vic's
              Porsche woes continue and finally we manage to talk Vic into shelving the 911 and
              giving a BMW a try . Big mistake as he win's his last 3 heats and takes his first
              win of the Series . The Series is going down to the last round .

              To Vic , To RamJet and To Pat



              FLY RACING GT'S


              SPRING IROC




              Bob , wake up ! Thanks to Bob for the racing and verbal Entertainment

              Next week it's to Fossumheim for the final Round .

              Till Then

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                Hope to have the Final Standings up by Monday Evening .

                Remember Test & Tune at RamJet's Tuesday Night .

                Have a Great weekend !



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                  To RamJet's for the 3rd time in the Series . They say the 3rd times a charm
                  and for Vic it held true . 3rd in the lap department but dominated with wins
                  in 8 of his 12 heats . Glad he only used the spare BMW in the last 2 rounds .

                  SPRING KING ; Car , Greg's 1/24 Carrera Corvette , modified with a mystery
                  motor . Maybe - maybe a little light on the torque end of the spectrum but
                  plenty of speed and brakes . I was first and stunk it up , Greg stepped it up
                  by a tenth and a half . Vic landed somewhere in the middle and we won't talk
                  about RamJet's Stage .

                  To Greg , To Vic and To Pat

                  SPRING IROC ; Car's RamJet's Fly 917's . The nearly Vintage Fly cars ran
                  well , in-fact they were just off the pace of the Racing Gt's . Pushing them
                  hard one might be able to log 15 lap heat . As in the Series finale it ended
                  up being about position points with the winner totaling only third in laps .

                  To Pat , To Vic and To RamJet

                  FLY RACING GT'S ; It was a strange night last Monday I started out running
                  fast and steady through the first rotation . Vic and Greg were right there ,
                  RamJet was just off the pace with dirty tires . We gave him a tire cleaning
                  and he was right back in the game . Starting the second round Vic and Greg
                  started putting the pressure on and unfortunately I had nothing to answer
                  them back . RamJet saw me loosing pace to and took advantage as well . A
                  tough night for me but we've all had them . Great race you guys !

                  To Vic , To Greg and To RamJet

                  FINAL STANDINGS

                  FLY RACING GT'S

                  TO PAT , TO ROGER AND TO GREG


                  SPRING IROC

                  TO RAMJET , TO VIC AND TO PAT


                  SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                  TO ROGER , TO GREG AND TO PAT


                  Well RamJet what can I say , You knew it was a tough job when you took it . Thank you again !

                  Hope you all had a Great weekend ! We'll be at RamJet's this Tuesday for a test and tune .

                  Till Then

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