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Revo Slot GT2'S Round Results and Final Standings

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  • Revo Slot GT2'S Round Results and Final Standings


    On a beautiful August Monday night a handful of us got together for the 1st
    Round of the Revo Slot GT2's . Dan had done some work in the garage with
    his mobile AC unit , building exhaust vent spanning the length of the garage
    door . Keeping the venue comfortable in the mid to high 70's .

    LATE SUMMER KING ; Car , Roger's SLS GT3 Christian Crusader Mercedes .
    The car won this years 4 Hour Sprint race in June and finished 2nd in July's
    heat shortened 12 Hour . Roger's car is a great performer on both the big
    tracks with a possible sweep of the ScaleAuto Races barring a stripped motor
    screw rearing it's ugly head . The Last Series Champ our own Mr . Flippant led
    things off setting the bar high clocking in with a 4.4 . Roger just 4 hundredths
    off the pace . Dan was the only other one in the ballpark .

    To Greg , To Dan and To Roger

    LATE SUMMER IROC ; Car's , Dan's NSR Classics . Our second shot with this
    set and most of us excluding myself had a pretty good handle on the Classics .
    Greg lit it up right out of the box , Dan as usual was right there only a off or 2
    costing his chance . The Green 917 in lane 3 had several wins this time around .
    Greg ran a perfect IROC segment with 3 - 22 lamp heat win's

    To Greg , To Dan and To RamJet

    REVO SLOT GT2'S ; On to the Series Race , The cars ran very close with only
    5 hundredth's separating the fastest from the slowest . That also gave us some
    great heats . Roger had some issues with his Marcos with several offs in the heats
    Most everyones tires had marbling problems , mine stayed fairly smooth through -
    out the race . I used NSR Tire treatment oil as the rest used ScaleAuto tire cleaner
    With that information things should be even closer next week .

    To Pat , To Dan and To Greg

    A big thanks to Dan For the Racing and keeping it cool

    Next week it's to Vic's , Victory Lane and NSR Oil

    Till Then

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    To Vic's for the Second Round of the Revo Slot GT2's . After the first round the cars
    showed us they were very close performance wise . The second round just confirmed
    it . With heat wins speed across the board it came down to who could keep em in the
    slot .

    LATE SUMMER KING ; Car , RamJet's Chip Canassi Fly Daytona Prototype , The Red
    White and Blue version . After winning 5 of the last 6 or so Series we might have to
    just start calling Greg the King . Well he led things off again and once again set the
    bar high . The only one the get in the 6's . RamJet 2 tenth's off the pace , myself 3
    hundredths behind Rog . Not to bad on the times for a out of the box stock minus the
    magnet Fly car . Thanks RamJet

    To Greg ( His Highness ) , To RamJet and To Pat

    LATE SUMMER IROC ; Cars , Vic's Fly Racing Porsche GT2's . Vic said he'd spent
    some time on the cars and they ran accordingly . During the early heats it looked
    like the Blue car in lane 2 was the car to beat . As the race went on the car in lane
    3 had some wins .I'm not sure how it happened but I was able pull off a win with the
    Red and Yellow car in lane 4 . This one went down to the last heat I was watching
    and feeling good about my chances with the win in lane 4 . Then Vic pulls one out
    of the hat , hitting 17 laps in lane 4 for the only time of the night , taking the segment
    by one lap .

    To Vic , To Pat and To RamJet

    REVO SLOT GT2'S ; To the Series race , time to see how the Revo's would perform
    on plastic for the second round . Handling and acceleration was about the same the
    difference was in the braking , with the Revo's around a hundred grams thats a lot
    to stop . We all proved it was a challenge as each of us took our turn at one time or
    another watching the rest finish the heats . Vic proved theres no place like home for
    the second time of the night this time with 6 heat wins on the board .

    To Vic , To Pat and To RamJet





    Thanks to Vic and the Gang for a great night of racing .

    Next week it's back to the wood as we make our way to Blair's and Masenchamps

    Till Then
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      Back to the wood and Blairs for the 3rd Round of the Revo GT2's . The cars
      loved Dan's track and ran very close at Masenchamps with only 3 hundredths
      separating the fastest from the slowest car . No Lance's in EMSA

      LATE SUMMER KING ; Car , My ScaleAuto Black Swan GT3 Porsche . The
      real one looks so much better . Set up as we ran it in the Series a wile back .
      I like my cars fairly loose , add the Red stripe ScaleAuto Foamy's and thats a
      formula for some pretty quick times . His Highness led things off with a 5.5 ,
      RamJet followed suit in the 5.5's but 4 hundredths to the good . I'm not sure
      how but I found 3 tenth's with a low 5.2 . Vic with a mid 5.3 and Blair lands
      on the podium 1,1 thousandth quicker than RamJet .

      To Pat , To Vic and To Blair

      LATE SUMMER IROC ; Cars , Blair's matching Slot- it Team Matra's with the
      only difference in the cars was the number and a colored stripe at the front ,
      side and and rear wing stanchions . RamJet figured it out , I raced the wrong
      car only once but it didn't matter 20 laps off the pace . The rest all landed at
      50 lap's , with the final positions being decided by position points . One heck
      of a race for second .

      to RamJet , To Greg and To Vic

      REVO SLOT GT2'S ; On to the Revos . This was strange race , a great race but
      one that's really different . Vic had his troubles at the end of the main straight
      losing his brakes in lane 2 twice . Ramjet had a contact off at the beginning of
      the squeeze section early in a heat costing him a chance at a podium . Blair just
      kept collecting laps . Greg had a couple offs but must of been late in the heats .
      I lost my finger for a moment in the middle of a heat costing me about 5 laps .
      Again lap totals were close and position points had a hand in the final standings
      All and all a great race with all racers landing heat wins , a good way to finish the
      night .

      To Pat , To Greg and To Blair





      Thanks to Blair For the racing and the cookies

      Next week it's back to Bob's the BrickYard ! I'll let him know

      Till Then

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        Out to Bob's and the BrickYard for the 4th Round of the Revo GT2's . With
        the Summer season in full swing and Bob's schedule it's been a 3 to 4 months
        sense we've ran at the Yard and it showed through the first couple segments .

        SUMMER KING ; Car , Roger's orange SRC Porsche 908 Long Tail Endurance
        Racer . Running a 26k ProSlot Motor , plenty quick decent brakes and pretty
        good handling . We all felt the shock of the BrickYard and it showed as the gap
        between the regulars was only 3 tenth's top to bottom .

        To Pat , To Vic and To Greg

        SUMMER IROC ; Cars , Bob's Slot-It Alfa 33/3 Classic's . The tough part
        they were all Red making it a challenge keep track of who's was who's . We
        all had the same view , some a little better than others but you know what
        I mean . Well Bob knows the track , knew the cars and almost pulled it off
        missing the top step of the Podium by one stinking lap to Roger who as
        always wasn't afraid of anything . He ran em like he stole em taking the
        nights second Segment .

        To Roger , To Bob and To Vic

        REVO SLOT GT2'S ; By the Series Race a couple of us kind of figured it
        out . We knew our cars and what lane we were running in . Some incredible
        Heats going down to the timer . Some falling short with self off's trying to
        keep up in the fray . This week we had the biggest disparity in lap times
        with Roger leading the field just about a tenth separation between top and
        bottom . A fun night at the BrickYard .

        To Pat , To RamJet and To Roger


        REVO SLOT GT2'S



        A big thanks to Bob for a great night of racing

        Next week it's to Alan's and ScaleRacing Center - on the 6th Thursday

        Till Then

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          Back at the Center for the 5th Round of the Revo GT2's . Mark the Delivery Man
          joined us for the night and what a night it was . With some of the closes races
          we've had , the IROC and Series Race neck and neck till Vic and I lost our fingers
          in the final heats .

          SUMMER KING ; Car , Roger's Carrera Mercedes DTM , this time set up with a 37k
          Pro Slot motor . We thought we had it figured out , just have Alan go first . Well ,
          thats not it as he set the bar high . High enough to stay atop the stage till the last
          of the regulars gave it a shot . Greg was 2 tenth's of the pace , 4 for me . Vic just
          2 hundrenth's ahead of Greg . Then Roger got on the track , raced it like he owned
          it and took the stage . With that Stage Roger leaps from 5th to 2nd in the standings .
          Greg you'll still be first up next week

          To Roger , To Alan and To Vic

          SUMMER IROC ; Cars , My Spirit C65 Courage LMP's . Running with quite a bit
          of motor for urethan tires on a routed track . One has to be fairly patient with
          these cars at this venue or you'll be doing a lot of running with crash and dash .
          Right Mark ! He had a rough night in the Segment , a whole lot different than
          the 24 scale racers . Vic and Alan were neck and neck going into the last heat
          then Vic lost his finger , twice ! Ended up in a 3 way tie for second , landing in
          3rd by 8 sectors behind Roger .

          To Alan , To Roger and To Vic

          REVO SLOT GT2'S Wow the cars loved the track , mine did . This time around
          Roger and I had a hell of a go for 5 heats . As a whole it was a great race with
          most everyone showing their stuff . Alan and RamJet racing steady & consistent .
          Vic doing the best he could with what he had , Greg's car had good speed with
          some handling issues . As in the IROC race One fell from grace , You guessed
          it , in my second to last heat I had 3 off's and like Vic fell to the last step of
          the Podium . Finally quicker than Roger but couldn't stay in the slot !

          To Roger , To Alan and To Pat


          REVO SLOT GT2'S

          SUMMER IROC


          Another big thanks to Alan for taking the time for us I know you have plenty
          to do but having fun is important , right ? Have a good time and a safe trip down
          to Portland .

          Next week , Monday it's to RamJet's and Fossumheim

          Till Then

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            Single steps up to the track for me , I'm walking much better with my new knee but
            it's pretty steep and still a good choice . Think most every one but Ramjet use the
            single step method . Home track advantage .

            LATE SUMMER KING ; Car , Greg's NSR Gulf 977 Porsche GT3 . I can't really
            remember what was different about it except we used a wireless controller with no
            adjustments . Way to much brake for me 2 tenths off the pace , Vic a tenth off
            himself . The rest figured it out and all landed in the 7.7's . Leading the way the 2
            stepper him self .

            To RamJet , To Greg and To Roger

            LATE SUMMER IROC ; At Ramjets request I brought my NINCO 997 Porsche
            GT3's . All and all a pretty decent set of racers , with lap times in the ballpark of the
            Series cars . They always give a close race , this week the Gulf car in lane 2 was the
            class of the field . All but one of us set our fast lap for the segment with the Blue car
            With only 1 lap separating the top 2 on the Podium .

            To Pat , To RamJet and To Greg


            REVO SLOT GT2's ; On to the Series Race , a race I'd like to forget . I don't
            think I've come off this much in the whole series . RamJet repaired his controller
            and it showed staying in the slot and getting his laps . The rest of us all had issues
            with non contact offs . Half way through The second rotation the culprit was spotted
            My car was bouncing down the track , upon inspection several globs of rubber found
            on my rears . They looked like F1 tires after a cool down lap at the end of Grand
            Prix . No one was sure of it was from tire degradation , cleaning of RamJet's track
            or rubber on the tires from the week before . A great run for RamJet , Roger and
            Greg .

            To RamJet , To Roger and To Greg


            REVO SLOT GT2'S


            SUMMER IROC




            Thanks to RamJet for the Racing the Butt kicking and carrying all our stuff down the stairs

            Next week it's to Greg's and Rainier Raceways . We'll be leaving around 6 pm .

            Till Then

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              The King car was an NSR with the oXigen digital chip, but rather than putting too many knobs in your hands (SCP), I put too few (ARC). Next time, it will be with the SCP and you can adjust whatever you want.


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                No biggie , I thought you said something about oXigen but the memory is not what it once was .
                The problem was't the controller but with the hand in which it laid .

                See you tonight !


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                  Well, yeah, but no one uses controllers without any adjustments any more. I did it mainly to show that oXigen can be as cheap as a $30 controller if you want.


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                    ROUND 7 REVO SLOT GT2'S - RAINIER RACEWAYS

                    Up to Auburn And Greg's for the 7th Round of the Revo Slot GT2's . Upon arrival
                    I noticed something new to the left of Greg's building station . Wow , a 3D printer
                    Greg had talked about and it is pretty cool . He's been busy , with a new Dunlop
                    bridge and some new user friendly curbing on the 180 R1 hairpin leading on to the
                    computer straight . There will be more track accessories down the road (can't wait)

                    LATE SUMMER KING ; Greg really went all out to slip from the top of the King
                    Standings picking Roger's SCX Rally Car . Hoping it would take a couple Stages for
                    the motor to warm up . Huge Fail (depending on how one looks at it ) He set the
                    pace by nearly 4 tenth's . Vic was next closest as the rest of us hung our heads in
                    shame .

                    To Greg , To Vic and To Pat

                    LATE SUMMER IROC ; Cars , Gregs Fly Racing BMW's . It was all about the Red
                    Bull M3 in the first rotation as the inside lane was lacking grip . We survived the slide
                    and before the second go we gave the Yellow car a quick tape rolling . That made all
                    the difference one could ask for . The cleaning gave the inside lane a slight advantage
                    but much better racing the second time around .

                    to Pat , To Vic and to RamJet


                    REVO SLOT GT2'S ; After the clag event last week I was waiting to see what would
                    be the story at EMSA's tightest Venue . Well tires didn't play a major part at all unless
                    one forgot to clean their's . Some of the best racing of the night , untimely offs here
                    and there , with most self induced . Who would know at the end a rare finish by RamJet
                    tied with Vic in the lap department but talking the nights finale with the most heat wins .
                    Thats 2 in a row for RamJet , tightening things up for the final race in the Series .

                    To RamJet , To Vic and to Pat


                    STANDINGS AFTER 6 ROUNDS

                    REVO SLOT GT2'S


                    LATE SUMMER IROC


                    LATE SUMMER KING OF THE HILL


                    Thanks to Greg for everything , the racing , the openers and some other things I'm
                    thinking that printer might be able to do . Very

                    Next week it's to Vic's for the Series Finale

                    Till Then

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                      8th AND FINAL ROUND REVO SLOT GT2'S - VICTORY LANE

                      To Vic's for the Revo GT2 finale . With RamJets's late series charge he has a
                      shot for the title . K Mark a regular at ScaleRacing Center made it all the way
                      from Silverdale for his first race with the club . By the end of the night he was
                      in most every race taking heat wins in both the IROC and Series segments .

                      LATE SUMMER KING ; Car , RamJet's Yellow Pioneer Mustang . What can I say
                      Greg leads it off sets the bar and holds everyone off . We might have to change
                      it to Greg of the Hill . Just 5 hundredth's between the Podium . Another Series
                      Win for His Highness .

                      To Greg , To Pat and To Vic

                      LATE SUMMER IROC ; Cars , Vic's IRL open wheel racers . A tough call for Mark
                      with his first run at Victory Lane , add first race on plastic . It's a different ball-
                      game altogether . Everyone chalked up a heat win but yours truly . RamJet
                      led the field staying in he slot and sporting 2 heat wins . Mark grabs his first
                      heat win , gaining confidence with every lap on the track .

                      To RamJet , To Vic and To Roger


                      REVO SLOT GT2'S ; To the Series Finale , I started out strong in the early rounds
                      and RamJet has won the last 2 races to make it close going into final . We both
                      started out in good shape , keeping out of trouble and getting our laps . With a
                      new guy in the mix it was time to stay on your toe's . Mark was never in the way
                      but he also raced and I'd have to say I can't remember him taking anyone out .
                      Roger's Marcos had the leg's for this night , he also had some selfies along the
                      way . RamJet led the laps , Roger had the win's and I ended up somewhere in-
                      between .

                      To Roger , To Pat and To RamJet


                      FINAL STANDINGS

                      REVO SLOT GT2'S

                      To Pat , To RamJet and To Roger


                      LATE SUMMER IROC

                      To RamJet , To Vic and To Pat


                      LATE SUMMER KING OF THE HILL

                      To Mr Greg , To Vic and To Roger


                      Thanks to Vic for the hospitality , racing and the IRL IROC .

                      Mark I hope you had a good time and can find your way again .

                      Next week it's Round 1 of Slot-It Classic DTM's at Fossumheim

                      Till Then

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