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Slot-It Classic DTM's Round Results and Final Standings

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  • Slot-It Classic DTM's Round Results and Final Standings


    Getting things started at RamJet's and Fossumheim with the First Round of the
    Classic DTM's . Mark made his way down from Silverdale for the second week in
    a row bringing Larry just to check things out with the new series . Well , you get
    a controller in Mark's hand and watching just doesn't cut it . The temptation was
    obvious so after jumping into the King the rest of the night was a given for both .

    FALL KING ; Car , Greg's NSR Aston Martin V12 Vantage . Well once again Greg
    leads things off and sets the bar high . RamJet's the only one able get within a
    tenth of His Highness . Myself 2 hundredth's off RamJet's pace , the rest of the
    boys , squandering in the dust left behind by Greg .

    To Greg , To Ramjet and To Pat

    Fall IROC ; Cars , RamJet's Slot-It Alfa 33/3's . Wow the race of the night , with
    only 1 lap separating the top 4 . The move of the night and the only difference was
    collecting the only heat win in lane 4 . Just some great fun racing with many of the
    heats going down to the beep .

    To Pat , To Greg and To Roger

    SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S ; To the Series race , with 4 Opel's and 2 Alfa's the odds
    were stacked in the Opel's favor . With 7 racers and 6 car's there was also a car
    swap here and there . Roger's always fast and I started out at a pretty good clip
    Vic was off the pace and RamJet just kept on collecting his laps . For Mark and
    Larry it was tough swapping cars and racing at Fossumheim for the first time .
    Mark did catch on by the second rotation . Halfway through the second round
    Vic's car just stopped in the middle of of the heat . The grub screw connection
    had severed one of his leads . After his repair he had the car of the night . Just
    a little to late . Roger in a Alfa down 3 in the lap department , takes the victory
    with 7 heat wins

    To Roger , To RamJet and To Vic

    Thanks to RamJet and the rest for a great night of racing

    Next week it's to Baba loo's and the BrickYard , Mark should you except
    this challenge you will prove yourself amongst your racing peers .

    Till Them

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    Out to Bob's and the BrickYard for the second round of the Classic DTM's . It was
    another night of music and racing as Baba Loo was our DJ host . He even raced
    admirably with 2 Podiums to his credits . Never a trip out to Bob's with out taking
    a look and listen to his latest Hi Fi additions . New turntable and several Tube amps .
    Sounding good !

    FALL KING ; Car , My SacleAuto Porsche GT2 makes it back for another shot at
    the King . Greg lead things off and got his wish , though the run looked good the
    tires just got better as the Stage moved on . RamJet cut Greg's time by 2 tenths ,
    almost 5 for me . Vic hit 5 and Bob landed on the final step of the Podium .

    To Vic , To Pat and To Bob

    FALL IROC ; Cars , Bob's Slot-It Group C Porsche 962's . We all had our moments
    with the yellow car in lane 2 . Well everyone but RamJet , as usual the steady one
    stays in the slot collecting his laps and walks away with the segment victory . Bob
    shows the King wasn't a fluke moving up a step to second . Greg grabs the final
    Podium position as Vic and I are left scratching our heads .

    To RamJet , To Bob and To Greg

    SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S ; This week it was about the haves and the have nots .
    who had the tires and who didn't . Greg and Bob had the offs RamJet cruised and
    collected . I can only remember 1or 2 offs for me late in the heats and 1 for Vic .
    One more for me in the Win department but fell short by 6 in the laps . A great
    race for Vic as he jumps from 3rd to the lead in the Series standings .

    To Vic , To Pat and To RamJet





    Thanks to Bob for spinning the Vinyl and the racing

    Next week it's to Lacey , Dan's and Cascades Raceway .

    Till Then

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      Wow. I finally got knocked down on the King. Now I'll actually have to try to climb my way back to the top. Of course, now you want to bring cars that don't get better as they're raced. ;-)


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        Of course Greg , next week on Thursday we'll be at Alan's and ScaleRacing Center . I should

        have the report up tomorrow .
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          Interested to learn

          Hey guys,

          you are obviously racing no-mag on wood, so I am really curious to see how you have defined your rules for the DTMs; and whether you have used any 'mechanism' to equalise the 3 Alfa versions against each other - and more particularly the Opel, with the Opel being lower and wider.


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            We're pretty much all racing Opels because the Alfas are just too tippy to compete.
            I would have thought the Alfas were fairly closely matched other than normal differences in motors and such.


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              Like Greg said most of us are running the Opel but in our first Series Race
              A Alfa Took the top spot with 7 heat wins . The spec's for the Series are a
              couple post down from this . Under - Next Series Slot-It DTM

              This Alfa would work for me

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                Round 3 Slot-It Classic DTM - Cascades Raceway

                To Dan's , Lacey and Cascades for the 3rd Round of the Classic DTM's .
                A Racer from the past showed up to give it a go , Mr. Bob Novak , thats
                B-NOVA to most you SCI members . He started out a little shaky early
                on but by the end of the night he was racing like one of the regulars .
                Bob used to live way up north in Woodenville now residing in McCleary
                we hope to see him a little more often .

                FALL KING ; Car , my Scaley later model small can Formula 1 . Running
                large urethane rears and 100 gms of down force , not helping much on
                Dan's track . We all left the slot once or twice . In a rare occurrence I
                led things off posting a sub 6 second stage . Vic best me by nearly a
                tenth , Greg was right in the thick of it all till Dan hit the track . He
                clips us all by 2 tenths with a low 5.7 .

                To Dan , To Vic and To Greg

                FALL IROC ; Cars , Dan's Carrera DTM's . These cars love the routed
                track . The surprise of the night was Will's start in the segment . He led
                it off with 2 heat wins and was getting pretty excited . Been there done
                that . Sorry Will , well it turned out to be the closest race of the night
                with the top 3 all having the same lap total and the same point total .
                Greg takes the Victory with 2 heat wins , Vic's second topping me by
                2 hundredths with the second tie breaker (fastest lap)

                To Greg , To Vic and To Pat


                SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S ; To the Series race , now Vic told me Dan
                had a pretty good car , he was right ! Vic was just a tic off Dan's pace
                and they had some great heats . The rest of us just kind of stood back
                and watched . We had some fun racing amongst our selves , just not in
                the same class as those two this week or here . The boys set the pace
                With the lions share of heat wins to . Dan taking his second win of the

                To Dan , To Vic and To Pat


                STANDINGS AFTER 3 ROUNDS

                SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S


                FALL IROC


                FALL KING OF THE HILL


                Thanks to Dan for the beating and the rest of the fun .
                We'll have to do this again in a couple weeks .

                Great to see Bob back on the track , hope to see you on Thursday

                Next week it's to Alan's and the Center - Thursday

                Till Then

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                  It was a pleasure to meet Bob, and to race him as well! I look forward to more racing with him in the future.


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                    Kind of a special night of racing at Alan's and the Center this week . Mr. Novak
                    makes it 2 in a row . Baba Loo's on board ready to rumble , Homer's over from
                    the peninsula and the Great one finds his way back to the track . I received a
                    e-mail from Roger and unfortunately he doesn't get back till the 26th .

                    FALL KING ; Car , With the 24 Hour's of Tacoma just around the corner I
                    thought it would be a good idea to give a 24th scale BRM a run , Alan did to as
                    he chose my BRM Taguar . Alan usually kicks our but at the Center so we've been
                    making him go first for the king whenever we visit . He leads off with a 8.9 , I
                    follow with a 9.0 . Vic and Greg both in the low 8.9's . Then Homer hits the track
                    and clocks in with a 8.723 for the top spot . Alan ends up 5th so it's working !

                    To Homer , To Greg and To Vic

                    FALL IROC ; Cars , My first time run Spirit 406 Pug Silhouette's . Running stock
                    10 year old rubber they were inconsistent to say the least . They had a little bit of
                    a Ninco hop coming off the corners but past that they smoothed out fairly well .
                    Being more concerned with the cars and their performance than my racing I spent
                    most my time out of the slot watching . They ran good , with some new tires they
                    could have been great . The Big track regulars set the pace as Alan lead the charge
                    and Homer topped Vic by a single lap . 2nd through 5th all separated by a lap each .

                    To Alan , To Homer and To Vic

                    SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S ; To the Series race , more of the same for me . Lots of
                    watching . Great racing for the rest of the guys . RamJet showing off his skills taking
                    the top spot on the Podium with 67 laps . Then just one lap down on down the line
                    Alan with 66 , The Undertaker ( Yes the Undertaker ) with 65 . Mr. Novak found his
                    finger with 63 the same for Vic , Homer . Greg with 62 . For Brett and myself we'd
                    rather remain anonymous . I almost landed a hat trick for the bottom of the heap

                    To RamJet , To Alan and To Baba Loo

                    STANDINGS AFTER 4 ROUNDS

                    SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S


                    FALL IROC


                    FALL KING OF THE HILL


                    Once again a huge thanks to Alan , with the 24 just 2 weeks away thanks for taking the time for us

                    Next week it's back to Dan's , we'll be leaving around 5:45 or so
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                      It's up
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                        Weren't we just here yes , in fact just 2 weeks ago . So it's back down
                        to Dan's and Cascades raceway . A great track and venue . After last weeks
                        display of racing skills I've been corrected the low end Hat Trick is referred to
                        as the Golden Sombrero . Little did I no I'd end up landing one spot in the
                        IROC race above that non coveted position .

                        FALL KING ; Car , RamJet's NSR Mosler . After being rejected for the umpteenth
                        time at the center RamJet's Mosler finally gets it's shot at the King . Vic leads
                        things off with a 5.0 , I'm next with a 5.1 . I think we both felt pretty good
                        about it , NOT ! ! Greg was next with a 4.6 , a 4.5 for Roger even a lower 4.5
                        for Dan . Bob , Will Karen and RamJet all best Vic and I . Will landing on the
                        3rd step of the Podium , Great Job Young Man ! The first step toward the GS
                        for me . With Greg's 4.6 he finds his way back to the top of the standings
                        after his 2nd stage stumble .

                        To Dan , To Roger and To Young Will


                        FALL IROC ; Cars , with a fail from My FLY 908/3's Dan Broke out his Scaley
                        GT40's . More of the same for me , watching the rest . Lane 1 was pretty rough
                        as most everyone struggled to stay in the slot . In fact that was the goal in the
                        early heats was to break the bench mark holding at 6 laps . Then Greg showed
                        it could be done fallowed by Roger and Bob . At the end of this one I was just
                        relieved to miss the GS , thanks RamJet .

                        To Roger , To Greg and To Bob


                        SLOT-IT DTM ; After last weeks performance I checked the motor in my Opel
                        as I thought it was slow about 900 RPM off Blairs 3 cars I have on hand . Went
                        down to Alan's and bought another motor . Now I'm only 200 off the pace . The
                        3 Podium finishers had a heck of a race with plenty of 22 lap basket heats . Dan
                        and Vic set the pace with lap times and great heat battles . RamJet ran his always
                        consistent strategy staying in the slot and collecting laps . Bob is really finding his
                        finger with his first Podium in the IROC segment and a 4th in the Series Race .

                        To Vic , To Dan and To RamJet

                        STANDINGS AFTER 5 ROUNDS

                        SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM


                        FALL IROC


                        FALL KING OF THE HILL


                        Big thanks to Dan and the Family for hosting nearly back to back Races .

                        Next week it's to Greg's and Rainier Raceways

                        Till Then

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                          Sorry guys I'm beat from the last 3 days working and the 5th annual
                          24 hour race . It was the best 24 to date , the cars were Great , pretty
                          even . Made for fun weekend .

                          I'll do my best to have the report up tomorrow .

                          Also we'll be racing at Vic's ,
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                            ROUND 6 SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM - RAINIER RACEWAY

                            To Auburn and Greg's for the 6th Round of the DTM's . I always look
                            foreward to our Round at Greg's , and the Nutter Butters . But this
                            week Greg took it to a whole new level . Yes , Little Debbie's Peanut
                            Butter Bars , Peanut Butter , Wafers and Chocolate . Is it a strategy
                            or just a love for good stuff ?

                            FALL KING ; Car , Roger' Scaley Maserati Trofeo DPR . Greg back
                            in his usual spot , leads the stage off with a 7.1 , Vic a tenth behind
                            I slip 6 hundredths for a short lived lead . Roger takes it down another
                            half a tenth for his latest stage win .

                            To Roger , To Pat and To Greg

                            FALL IROC ; Cars , Greg's NSR Classics one P68 and a 917 . In
                            the first rotation the 917's tires ran a little light on grip as the P68
                            dominated from the out side lane . Between rotation's the 917 got
                            some NSR tire oil giving us much better racing . The 917 held the
                            advantage but the P68 managed a couple heat win's .

                            To Vic , To Pat and To Greg


                            SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM ; In the series race things got a bit more
                            serious with RamJet focusing on what he does . He just sat back
                            and let the rest of us battle it out . Taking our offs as he just got
                            lap after lap . With just a single point for a win at Greg's winning
                            heats is not quite as important as getting your laps in . At the
                            end the patient one takes the win climbing to within 1 point of
                            Vic for the Series lead .

                            To RamJet , To Vic and To Greg


                            STANDINGS AFTER 6 ROUNDS

                            SLOT0IT CLASSIC DTM


                            FALL IROC


                            FALL KING OF THE HILL


                            Thanks to Greg for the racing , The Nutter Butter and the Little Debbies

                            Sorry I'm so late , Vic's Round Results should be up later .
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                              ROUND 7 SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTMS - VICTORY LANE

                              To Vic's for the 7th round of the DTM's . It's sure getting dark early , cold to !
                              Anyway Vic always has a table of health conscious snacks for the club . Toffee
                              covers peanuts , assorted chips , Oreos , sodas and beverage of your choice .
                              I'm sure I gain a pound or 2 every race but I wouldn't have it any other way .

                              FALL KING ; Car , EMSA's 24 Hour Porsche 962 . Just one day after the finish
                              of the 24 Vic decided to see what was missed . So with the head lights blaring
                              we gave it a go . Greg lead it off with the tires not quite in to form ( no grip )
                              he slipped and slid his ten laps to a 7.4 I was next up still slipping , not as
                              much as Greg but sliding . Vic figured it out left the tires alone and leaped
                              down to 6.9 . Roger took it one step further with a 6.8 . We should have run
                              it in the dark .

                              To Roger , to Vic and RamJet

                              FALL IROC ; Car's , Vic's Classic Fly Chevron B21's . Running NSR Super grip
                              rubber the classic B21's had pretty good performance . Roger figured it out
                              pretty quick , RamJet to . I was still in recovering from the 24 completing
                              less than the laps of anyone on the Podium . In a rare occurrence Vic finishes
                              3rd with out a heat win . The IROC was definitely The R&R show .

                              To Roger , To RamJet and To Vic


                              SLOT-IT CLASSIC DTM'S ; On to the Series Race , Vic was back on his game
                              with the Series Cars . Roger and RamJet were slowly slipping to my level of
                              racing as fatigue was taking it's toll . The Podium was a flip of the IROC race
                              with RamJet topping Vic in the laps department but Vic having 3 more heat
                              wins . They both ended up with the same total's 236 . So a good finish for
                              Vic and RamJet and the two will be battling it out next week for the Series
                              Title .

                              To Vic , To RamJet and To Roger


                              STANDINGS AFTER 7 ROUNDS

                              SLOT-IT CLASSICS DTM'S


                              FALL IROC


                              FALL KING OF THE HILL


                              Thanks to Vic for a great night of warm racing and the snacks

                              Next week it's to Blair's , fresh off the Elevators live performance at
                              Century Link Field before the Seahawks Packer game . Classic Rock at it's finest

                              Till Then again

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