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NSR GT'S Final Standings Round Results

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  • NSR GT'S Final Standings Round Results


    Getting started with the Final Series of 2018 . What better than a proven
    car like the NSR GT . This is the 4th time in EMSA's 7 years we've run the
    cars and they still are one of the Clubs favorites . With the Cars top-notch
    performance and equality they always give us a great Series . With Audi's
    Porsche's , Corvette's and Aston Martin's in the mix it should prove to be
    another close one .

    HOLIDAY KING ; Car Greg's Racer Sideways Lancia Stratos Gr.5 Alitalia Giro
    D'Italia . A beautifully liveried car and pretty good on the performance end
    to . Last Series King lead things off , with Vic setting the bar at 7.7 . Greg
    was next with a 7.7of his own . Roger dipped down to 7.6's , RamJet and I
    watched from afar

    To Roger , To Vic and To Greg

    HOLIDAY IROC ; Cars , RamJet's Fly Porsche 917's , modified with NSR
    wheels and Tires . Great IROC cars , with each one having it's own
    personality . Lap times were close with 3 different lanes logging best
    lap times and only 1 lap separating the Podium . This week Greg takes
    the win with myself and RamJet right on his heals .

    To Greg , To Pat and To RamJet

    NSR GT'S ; Back with the NSR GT's running 4 different Marks it was interesting
    to see who held the cards . My Porsche started off like a rocket but settled
    in just off the pace . Greg's Aston Martin was just the opposite , Vic's Vette
    was the most consistent . RamJet was RamJet and Roger needs to true his
    tires down a bit more . In the end Greg totaled 4 more laps than Vic but
    Vic dominated in the win column taking 8 of 12 in the First Round .

    To Vic , To Greg and To Pat

    Thanks to RamJet for a great night of racing , all close , all fun

    Next week it's to Bob's and the BrickYard

    Till Then

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    To Bob's and the BrickYard for the second Round of the NSR GT's . Sure
    gets dark early lately . B Nova made his way to Bob's for the first time
    and we almost lost him twice before he got to the track . Once just trying
    to figure out if he was at the right place or not and again making his way
    through the darkened path to the venues door . Just letting you know he is ok .

    HOLIDAY KING ; Car , in a rare occasion we ran the Host car . Bob's new
    BRM Fiat Abarth 1000tcr Bassano Corse Trento Bondone . Try saying that
    3 times real fast . A 1/24th scale Mini car Dark green with gold trim ,
    beautiful ! Roger led it off with a 8.038 Vic was next 6 100ths off the pace .
    I ended up in-between the 2 , with Bob next closest 2 tenth's shy of Podium .

    To Roger , To Pat and To Vic

    HOLIDAY IROC ; Cars , Bob's Slot-It 962 Porsche Group C Endurance set .
    Shod with ScaleAuto Red stripped foam tires . This was the beginning of my
    nights downfall . The timer beeps and I'm off , in the second minute about
    the same . heat 1 - 1 lap . It didn't get any better . On the other side of
    the spectrum it was a great night for RamJet . For Vic I think he felt it was
    a pick on Vic round . I think I took him out a couple times I was only able
    to see 1 of them . Roger did the same . I'm not sure how many times he
    left the slot , but the most I've seen in years . Sorry Vic . A great Race for
    RamJet taking the Win by 9 laps .

    To RamJet , To Bob and To Roger

    NSR GT'S ; A little more of the same for Vic , feeling like another day of the
    week . For some , great racing , Bob came out of the gates on fire . He's got
    the tire prep down on the rubber tires . Now he just needs to get the finger
    to the same level . Vic's car just stays consistent in performance . Roger is
    always fast but sometimes has the same problem as Bob . B Nova's first run
    at Bob's and the BrickYard , Most definitely a learning round , by the end of
    the night he was running quite comfortably . Tonight was RamJet's Night
    taking both race segments . This time by 16 laps . Even with all the takeouts
    Vic still ended up in second so I'm hoping he'll be alright .

    To RamJet , To Vic and To Roger


    NSR GT'S



    Thanks to Bob for a fun night of racing . ( thank goodness for standings take out )

    Next week it's to Dan's and Cascade Raceway

    Till then

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      Down to one of the clubs favorite Tracks , to Lacey and Dan's for the 3rd
      Round of the NSR GT's . If one wasn't in the Christmas mood , pulling up
      to Dan and Karen's it changed quickly . With hundreds of outdoor light's ,
      Holiday blowup's and a Beauteous Christmas Tree in side . Ho , Ho , Ho !
      The Bucanon's with the holiday kickoff .

      HOLIDAY KING ; Car , Roger's SRC Porsche 908 Longtail . we ran it a
      wile back at the BrickYard and it performed admirably so I guess it's time
      to see what it does on the MDF . Ton's of grip giving plenty of Ninco hop .
      Roger leads it off with a 5.7 , Vic's 2 tenth's of the pace . I'm the first one
      to fall to the 6's . The next 3 followed suit . Then it was time for Will , non
      adjustable controller , head maybe a foot above the top of the table . It
      doesn't seem fair but some of the time he's not even looking at the car .
      Well this time Will puts 4 of us in his mirror's as he hit's a 5.9 of his own
      landing on the Podium .

      To Roger , To Vic and To Will , Great Job Youg Man

      HOLIDAY IROC ; Car's , another round with Dan's NSR Classic's , I'm not
      complaining (yet) . The Car's are dialed in , I'm not . Leading in the first
      heat going into the second minute and I'm off , what's wrong with me
      it continues the rest of the night . For Dan , Greg and Vic it was a great
      race . Back and forth with heats going down to the beep . Dan held a
      little bit of a edge but the other 2 gave him everything he could handle
      It came down to heat wins 3,2,1 Dan's Track , Dan's car's and the winner is ?

      To Dan , To Greg and To Vic

      NSR GT'S ; On to the Series Race . Dan comes out of the blocks on fire ,
      lapping everyone on the track . This continues for most of the night . He's
      in a different class . I mean Vic's running strong but Dan's super quick .
      RamJet's racing in the steady mode . I still can't stay in the slot , took out
      Greg and Roger on the first lap in a second round heat and I stayed in .
      After that my tires or my hand came around and ran ok . Dan was still
      lighting it up going in to the last heat of the night . Then it happened
      first turn after the light bridge he's off , then the second minute
      the next turn off whats up . Dan said his brakes were were turned
      down . That sucks ! I've had it happen still sucks . With that Dan falls to
      3rd a tough way to miss out on a dominate performance .

      To Vic , To RamJet and To Dan


      NSR GT'S



      A big thanks to the Bucanon's for the Holiday Cheer and a fun night of racing

      Next week it's to Alan's and the Center for the last race of the year Thursday the 20th

      Till Then

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        No better place to have EMSA's last race of the Year than Alan's and the
        Center . With everything he's going through at the shop this time of the
        year he still finds a way to share the facility , graciously Host and MC
        the event . Homer found his way down from Silverdale to take part and
        by the end of the night probably felt pretty good about that decision .

        HOLIDAY KING ; Car , Rogers Vintage Lotus Indy 38 , so Vintage it was
        before manufactures stamped their product . No one was sure what it was .
        Shod with some kind of new , old stock gray tires . Roger led it off slipping
        and sliding around the track for the first 5 of his 10 laps but able to get in
        to the 9's . Alan dodging his lead off spot was next besting Roger by a 10th
        Vic up in the 10's , so was everyone else .

        To Alan To Roger and To Pat

        HOLIDAY IROC ; Cars , Spirit Courage LMP's . They'd been on the shelf
        for a wile but ran well . They gave us some great heats and impressive lap
        times dipping into the low 9's . Homer had the speed with these cars but
        started the race with the worst car . In his a attempt to stay with the rest
        he found himself watching . Then after sitting out 2 heats he was in the
        wrong place at the wrong time , getting taken out at the end of the main
        straight . By the end of the segment , Alan's 2 for 2 on his way to the
        Holiday Hat Trick .

        To Alan , To Roger and To Pat

        NSR GT'S ; On to the Series Race , the cars performed great on the 6 laner
        with the fastest lap's at least in the 9.3's for every lane . With 9.1 in lane 3
        being the quickset lap of the night . But being the quickest doesn't always
        bring the win . Homer running Blair's Krypton prepared Audi R8 GT Stayed
        in the slot consistently clocking the second fastest laps in the segment takes
        the win in the closest race of the night . Only 5 laps separating the top 6

        To Homer , To Vic and To RamJet


        NSR GT'S



        A huge Holiday thanks to Alan for the Venue and more so his time . Always appreciated

        Next race is on the 7th of January at Vic's

        Merry Christmas enjoy the break . RamJet is hosting a race night on Thursday the 27th

        Have a safe New Years

        Greg , enjoy your time in the Land Down Under , mate

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          To Vic's and Victory Lane for the first race of the year . After a couple
          weeks off it was fun to get back to the track . With the ringing in of the
          NewYear a first time racer joined us for some fun . Roy from up north
          and had a blast , plus he caught on quick . His first time at Vic's , first
          time racing and didn't take anybody out . He gets it ! Awesome job Roy

          HOLIDAY KING ; Car , RamJets Slot-It Nissan 390 . Pretty much stock
          maybe some N22's on the rear . With Greg and Roger out of town Vic
          lead things off and logged in a 7.3 I took it down a tenth , RamJet kept
          it the 7.2's , Roy on his first attempt stayed in the slot about .7 off the

          To Pat , To RamJet and To Vic

          HOLIDAY IROC ; Cars , Vic's vintage Fly Chevron B21's . It's always
          fun to go back and run some older cars . Vintage cars with NSR classic
          rubber and Vic's special tweak's . For what they are the cars ran very
          smooth and gave us some great racing . Roy hung in there and came
          close to win's in several of his heats . A bunch of rubbing between the
          rest of us , even a take out here and there . RamJet had the fewest in
          heat wins but takes the Victory . Vic had 1 more lap than me but I got
          the nod with bonus points . Only 3 points separating the Podium .

          To RamJet , To Pat and To Vic

          NSR GT's ; A tough call for Roy jumping into his first Series race with
          one of the fastest group of cars we run . Once again he did fine hitting
          17 laps in several of his heats . Some hardcore racing throughout the
          night With nobody giving a inch . A few unassisted offs from exceeding
          ones own racing limits . Baskets in many of the heats , with some close
          misses in the mix to . This time I had the laps by 2 but Vic took me to
          the cleaners in the bonus points .

          To Vic To Pat and to RamJet


          NSR GT'S

          HOLIDAY IROC


          Thanks to Vic for a fun night of Racing a Great way to start the new year

          Next week it's to Ramjet's and Fossumheim . Hope to see you again Mr. Roy

          Till Then

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            Back to Roger's and the steep step's of Fossumheim for the 6th Round
            of the Holiday Series . Our newbie Roy wasn't scared and showed up
            for his second try . Roger was back from his trip to Sunny California
            and ready to race .

            HOLIDAY KING ; Car , Roger's Red Monogram CanAm Lola . I'm
            not to sure what he'd done to it but it wasn't stock under the bonnet .
            Even missing last weeks stage Roger lead things off rumbling around
            the circuit posting a high 7.989 . I was next pushing hard making all
            kinds of noise , slipping past by a tenth and a half . Vic was next just
            3 hundredths off my best . RamJet and Roy were a little off the pace
            this week but all had a good time .

            To Pat , To Vic and To Roger

            HOLIDAY IROC ; Cars , my first time run Spirit Dallara's , It took
            me a few year's to get my hands on all 4 of the liveries but I think
            their going to be worth it . Definitely not yet as there's 3 performers
            and one off the pace . With some time , motor swapping and making
            sure all the gears are the same they should be a good set . They gave
            us some good races and quick lap times to where we were totaling 17
            laps in a lot of the heats . Not bad for no real testing . Roy liked them
            stepping up from the cellar finishing 4 in his second IROC race

            To Pat , To Vic and To RamJet


            NSR GT'S ; On to the Series Race . After the bigger Spirit cars the
            NSR's felt quicker and more nimble . I started off in good shape Vic
            and Roger hit before the light bridge and gave me a lead . Short lived
            as I had a touch of my own traveling about 2 feet in the second minute
            The cars are awesome and love Fossumheim giving us the best racing
            of the night . I had trouble in lane 4 taking Roger out twice back to back
            then out myself for a third time , all at the some corner . Sorry Roger .
            Except for that it was a lot of fun . Vic and RamJet battling for the top
            spot till RamJet had a early off in one of his final heats .

            To Vic , To RamJet and To Pat



            NSR GT'S


            HOLIDAY IROC




            Thanks to RamJet for the racing , having the heater on high and the goods
            A thank you to Donna for staging the cars !

            Next week to Blairs and Masenchamps ( RamJet , You Got a heater you can bring ? )

            I'm going to be leaving a little early for some track maintenance so could you guys
            meet at Vic's and head over .

            Till Then

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              ROUND 7 NSR GT'S - MASENCHAMPS

              To Blair's and Masenchamps for the 7th round of the NSR GT's . Greg's
              back from the land down under with some great stories from his time
              away . Roy's back for his 3rd race continuing to improve and Blair got a
              new heater for Christmas to keep us all comfortable . A great way to start
              the night of Racing .

              HOLIDAY KING ; Car , Blair was taken away by the livery of my Vanquish
              BRM CanAm racer . Better looking than performing . Anyway we all have
              to run it . Roger lead things off , all over the track , hopping like a Ninco .
              He still managed to dip into the 5's . I was next , with my car only getting
              within 3.5 tenths . Vic was 3 thousandths ahead of me . RamJet about 2
              tents off my time and Blair tops RamJet again by 3 thousandths .

              To Roger , To Vic and To Pat

              HOLIDAY IROC ; Car's , with Greg's return Blair thought it would a blast
              to run some semi vintage Auzzy V8 Super cars . We had to sort through a
              few cases to find 3 that were somewhat equal but managed . Old Scaley
              stuff with kind of dry tires . Nothing a couple treatments with NSR tire oil
              wouldn't help . After a couple shakedown heats they started running pretty
              good and gave us some close racing . It was a little different racing from
              the right side of the car but we all got used to it . A fairly even race with
              5 of the 7 racers taking heat wins .

              To RamJet , To Pat and To Blair


              NSR GT'S ; Well here we go ! Always enjoying Masenchamps I was
              looking forward to another good night . For me it lasted 1 heat , it was
              awesome Roger and I nose to tail the whole heat . In the second minute
              tailing Roger for most the heat approaching the squeeze section I some
              how got past him with no idea how . It was great ! Roger liked it to ! Not
              so much later in the evening . RamJet was Mr. Steady along with Blair .
              Vic forgot his car at home , fortunately Greg had his Black Scull Corvette
              on hand , It worked out fine for Vic . Roy was totally blown away with
              Masenchamps , Smiling from ear to ear said it was the most fun he's
              had racing to date . And we get to do it next week to ! Once again
              the 2 fastest laps miss the Podium .

              To RamJet , To Vic and To Blair



              NSR GT'S


              HOLIDAY IROC




              Thanks Blair , a great night of racing , Freshly baked cookies , thanks Mom and Allie

              Next week it's the finale at Greg's and Rainier Raceway

              Till then

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                A little of the action from last night.

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                  To Auburn and Greg's for the final round of the NSR GT's . I can't remember
                  to much about it but I know I sucked . My favorite part of the night was the
                  2 different kinds of Nutter Butter's . Originals and Wafer , yum ! . Oh , and
                  Greg's new 3D printer . Both in maximum action as we arrived .

                  HOLIDAY KING ; CAR , ? , like i said . I think it was Roger's and I believe
                  it was red . Another noisy machine . Roger lead it off with a 8.288 I was next
                  4 tenths off the pace . Vic leapt down in to the 7's , RamJet finished in the
                  runner up spot .

                  To Vic , To RamJet and To Roger

                  HOLIDAY IROC ; Car's , again I can't be sure but possibly ScaleAuto GT3's
                  A Gulf Porsche 997 and a Spiker . The spiker seemed to have the edge on the
                  Porsche , a decisive edge . Vic found the grove early RamJet held steady staying
                  in the slot . Greg was off for Greg at home . Roger and I were quick but couldn't
                  stay on the track . Roy was in learn mode and once again takes it to one of the
                  regular's , Yours truly .

                  To Vic To RamJet and To Roger


                  NSR GT'S With hopes of pulling off a last round Victory my hopes were quickly
                  dashed as I was leading Vic starting the second minute to find myself in the wall
                  flying of the exit of turn 2 . Greg found his finger and set the pace for the rest of
                  the night . Roger , Vic and RamJet had a great battle for second place separated
                  by 1 lap . Roy put in another solid race for the night . A fun series with some of
                  the clubs favorite cars .

                  To Greg , To Roger and To Vic


                  FINAL STANDINGS

                  NSR GT'S

                  To Vic , RamJet and To Pat


                  HOLIDAY IROC

                  To RamJet , To Pat and To Vic


                  HOLIDAY KING

                  To Roger , To Vic and To Pat


                  Sorry I'm so late , with the sight down and the new position at work yeah yeah yeah

                  Thanks to Greg , 2 kinds of Nutter Butter's

                  We started the new Series last week but I can't find the results . BTCC at Vic's on the 11th

                  Till Then , Pat
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