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Scalextric BTCC Round Results And Final Standings

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  • Scalextric BTCC Round Results And Final Standings


    4 brave soul's made their way through the riggers of the snow and cold .
    well 3 made their way and 1 was shamed in to it . Round 1 of the BTCC
    cars , we decided on the short wheelbase Honda Civic and the BMW 125
    hoping to keep the performance as close as possible between the 2 . I
    was the only non R racer at the event going up against the likes of
    RamJet , Roger and Roy .

    WINTER KING ; Car , finally , RamJet gave my Slot-It Ferrari 312 a
    nod . Running pretty much stock with everything on that came in the box
    except the N22 narrow rubber . The car ran strong with this weeks stage
    King dipping down to the low 7's . Roger lead things off clocking a low 7 of
    his own . Next up yours truly taking a tenth off Roger's best . Then RamJet
    the clubs Sunday driver digs down deep and pulls one out of the hat . Roy
    had his best performance in the King with a 7 of his own .

    To RamJet , To Pat and To Roger

    WINTER IROC ; Car's , RamJets latest IROC set , working all week
    even during the Super Bowl RamJet puts together 4 Slot-It Porsche 962's
    All running 7's like clock work . Just another great IROC race , sure we all
    had a off or 2 . Some early , some later in the heats and thats what made
    the difference at the end of the segment . A early thanks to RamJet for his
    latest addition to his IROC stable , Awesome !

    To Pat , To RamJet and To Roger

    SCALEXTRIC BTCC ; The plan was to step from some of the best Cars
    we race to something closer to Ninco Classic performance . Boy were we
    surprised . These little cars were great , they had all the closeness of the
    Ninco's but running in the low 8's , plus all kinds of 2 wheel cornering . We
    had plenty of 17 lap heats , same lap numbers as the Slot-It IROC cars . I
    can't find the results anywhere but it was a heck of a First Round .

    To Pat , To RamJet and To Roger

    To think I almost didn't show up

    A big thanks to RamJet for getting the heat on early , to Roy and Donna for those
    awesome cookies ! And a thanks to all the R's for making it !

    Next week to Vic's and Victory Lane

    Till Then Pat
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      10 days later


      Well after 17 days away from the Track all 5 of us or was it 6 or even 7 ?
      dosen't really matter , hell we've had great nights of racing with 3 . Wow
      thats what I thought it was all about . Then I have to hear crap from a guy
      who when proxy race's come to his local tracks , rebuilds his cars cleans his
      tires with lighter fluid and only his , gets caught , laughs about it , then has
      the gall and arrogance to call himself Premier . Your actions speak so much
      louder than anything you have to say and yet you always have something
      to say .

      Sorry ,

      WINTER KING ; Car , we stepped from the ordinary and let Alan run one
      of his own . ScaleAutos latest and greatest , their newest chassis shod with
      the familiar Yellow Corvette GTLM . Pretty much stock except for the Scale
      Auto Red Stripped foamy's . As usual at the Center Alan gets to lead things
      off and clocks in a 8.9 . RanJet's next tenth off the pace , I'm a few 100th's
      ahead of RamJet . Roger and Vic get it back down in the 8.9's , Then Greg
      lights it up with a 8.8 .

      To Greg , To Alan and To Roger

      WINTER IROC ; Cars , A set of 6 Ninco 977 GT3 Porsche's shod with BRM
      rubber . A bit of Ninco hop out of the gates but they settled down smoothed
      out and gave us a pretty good race with the top 4 in the 60 lap count . Don't
      you hate it when you lose your skills for a fraction of a second , just once for
      just a blink and have no way to make it up . Well our steady racers covered
      the Podium in this one , Great run you guys .

      To Alan , To RamJet and To Vic

      SCALEXTRIC BTCC ; On to the series race . What can I say a bout these
      little cars .They compete like Ninco Classics , Neck and neck around the track
      even on , acceleration , speed , braking and cornering ( Alan might think a bit
      different on the cornering ) except their faster and very smooth . Scalextric's
      stepped up on this series . This was the race of the night as it was only 2 laps
      covering the Podium .

      To Vic , To Roger and To Pat





      As always a big thanks to Alan who's probably the biggest reason most of us are racing .
      Thanks for the venue , your time and everything else you do for the hobby .

      Next week we'll be racing at Bob's and the BrickYard .

      Till Then

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        To Bob's and the BrickYard for the Round of the Scaley BTCC's . Was running a bit late
        with work and managed to get there around 7:00 so no warmup for for me but I was
        probably in better shape than the rest of the guy's . It was in the mid 40's down there
        with the track temp about the same . It took 2 race's for my hand to warm up .

        WINTER KING ; Car , can't remember , I know RamJet led things off and posted 7.695 i was
        next with a 7.416 and feeling pretty good for about 30 seconds till Roger posts a 7.403 .
        then Greg takes it down to 7.3's , Vic to the 7.2's . They weren't done yet as our host ran
        last and clicks off a 7.136 . He must of been use to the temp . Anyway a great stage for
        Baba Loo .

        1st to Bob , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Greg

        WINTER IROC ; CARS , Bob's Slot-It Alfa 33/3's I think there stock with only N22's on the rims
        Good little cars and they gave us some good heats . Bob started to slip a bit or were the
        rest of us getting used to the cold . Vic took control of the classic Alfa's taking the win by
        3 laps over Roger but Greg lands in second with more bonus points .

        1st to Vic , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to Roger

        SCALEXTRIC BTCC ; To the Series Race once again the Honda's and BMW's gave us some
        great heat's and close racing . Another race that came down to staying in the slot . Bob
        started out super quick , Vic's always quick but again it's not always the quickest who
        lands on top . RamJet Led in the lap's but I grabbed the win with bonus points . My
        favorite type of win , 4th fastest lap in the lap department but squeaks it out . Bob
        completed his crumble landing in the cellar as I did in the IROC segment .

        1st to Pat , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Vic



        1ST - PAT , 2ND - RAMJET AND 3RD - ROGER


        1ST - RAMJET , 2ND - PAT AND 3RD - VIC


        1ST - PAT , 2ND - ROGER AND 3RD - RAMJET

        Thanks to Bob for the racing , could you turn the heat on next time

        Tonight we'll be at VIC's

        Getting used to SCI's new format
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          To Vic's and Victory Lane for the 4th Round of the Scaley BTCC Car's . Missing the scheduled
          2nd round with the worst snow in years it was good to get Victory Lane back in the mix so quickly
          One of the classic layouts it gives it's own challenges , knowing one can't always go racing every
          heat . Discretion always plays a part at Vic's and when your in lane 4 cruse and collect mode is
          not a bad plan to follow (ask Vic and RamJet ) .

          WINTER KING ; Car , RamJet offer's up a glimpse of our next Series With a can you believe it , a Yellow Ford
          GT40 . Set up for the Series shod with N22's and a little led in the front . I led it off wit a mid 7.1 one of 4
          in the Stage . RamJet followed with a low 7.1 of his own . Greg was next and the only one in the 6's , Vic
          another 7.1 Baba Loo joined the club .

          1st to Greg , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to our host Vic

          WINTER IROC ;
          Car's , Vic's Ninco Go Karts , turn up the power , all the way the brakes , down . Disconnect if
          you can cause that little open motor has plenty of them . With the Karts lined up for the start Homer noticed
          there's only about 3/16ths of a inch between the rear's . Doesn't say much for passing in the turns does it .
          It is easier than trying it in a IRL car cause they do hold track better than the longer cars . The racing was a
          lot of fun , a touch here and there and heat wins from every lane . I had a chance but a selfy in the last heat
          took me out of contention . A great race as only 5 laps separates the top 6

          1st to RamJet , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Pat

          SCALY BTCC ;
          To the Series race , after a Round at the BrickYard it was nice to be able to see the track . Still
          had to listen To Baba Loo but thats what makes Bob , Bob . (wouldn't have it another way) Again he started
          out pretty strong , I think he stopped by Russ's and picked up some pooty sweat , but pooty sweat doesn't
          work or last long on urathane tires . We heard a lot of excuses about weight and stuff but we know . It was
          a tough night for Homer to as we didn't have a spare series car car for him so he had to run a different car
          most every heat . He held up well with a couple heat wins of his own . Roy continues to improve , becoming
          one with his new controller ( Slot-It ) . Don't lose sight of the goal !

          1st to Vic , 2nd to Pat and 3rd to Ramjet



          1st - PAT , 2nd - RamJet , 3rd - Vic

          WINTER IROC

          1st - RamJet , 2nd - Vic and 3rd - Pat


          1st - Pat , 2nd - Greg and 3rd - Vic

          Thanks to Vic for the racing , music and goods . I think a great time was had by all !

          Next week it's to Blairs and Masenchamps



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            To Blair's and Masenchamps for the 5th round of the Scaley BTCC Cars . I was looking forward to racing at
            Blair's all week , little did I know it would be a less than memorable evening for this one . Except for Roger
            staying at home with a bad cold it was a perfect group for this weeks round . 3 Racers and 3 Marshals what
            more do you need , if your into Racing .

            WINTER KING ; Car , something new to the club , a ThunderSlot Lola . A out of the box ThunderSlot Lola
            stock stock stock , never run Lola . I led it off with a 5.6 and wasn't sure how I felt . Greg was next and I felt
            better , Vic topped me by 2 hundrent's and I still felt good . Then RamJet our Sunday driver took his turn and
            crushed us , a 5.2 ! Roy was next and showed he's getting used to his new controller poping off a 5.4 of his
            own . Blair landed on the final step with low 5.5 . Roy's first Podium , Great Job !

            1st to RamJet , 2nd to Roy and 3rd to Blair

            WINTER IROC ; Car's , Blairs set of Slot-It Matra's all Blue and White with a hint of Red , Green and Yellow .
            The cars were quick and even giving us some Great heat races . Most definitely the race of the night with
            only 3 laps separating the top 4 . Our host was the leader in the lap department but succumbed to RamJet
            who took it away with 1 more heat win . RamJet on his way to a possible Hat Trick ?

            1st to RamJet , 2nd To Blair and 3rd to Vic

            SCALEXTRIC BTCC ; The Series race wasn't that close at all with a bigger spread between 1st and 2nd
            than the top 4 in the IROC segment . Again some Great racing with some moronic off's by yours truly but
            for the most part some fun racing . The heat wins were spread pretty even across the board , Roy takes
            3 of his own . But as in the previous 2 segments The Sunday driver puts it to us and lands the evening's
            perfect night with a rare Hat Trick . Awesome Job Ramjet , Roy gets his first Podium and our host Blair
            lands on the Podium for his 3rd time of the night

            1st to RamJet , 2nd to Blair and 3rd to Vic



            1st Pat , 2nd RamJet and 3rd Vic

            WINTER , IROC

            1st RamJet , 2nd Vic and 3rd Pat


            1st RamJet , 2nd Pat and 3rd Vic

            A big thanks to Blair , for the Great IROC race , for picking my ThunderSlot Lola for the King and of corse the Cookies !

            Next week it's to Greg's and Rainier Raceway


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              To Greg's and Rainier Raceway for the 6th Round of the Scaley BTCC's , with the usual suspects on hand it was
              another perfect night of racing . All Segments , except for the IROC are up for grabs 2 points in the Series and just
              a tenth in the King . The last 2 Rounds should be one heck of a dog fight .

              WINTER KING ; Car , RamJets Series winning Fly Racing Corvette , set to Series Spec's . RamJet led things off and
              posted a 6.899 . I was next off the pace by a tenth clocking a 6.904 . Then most everyone else showed how to race
              the Yellow and Blue Vette . Vic with a 6.7 , Greg a 6.6 and then Roger finds even more topping the stage with a quick
              6.577 . Great run Roger . With that run the top 5 are within 5 tenths in the standings .

              1st to Roger , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to Vic

              WINTER IROC ; Cars , Greg's NSR Classics , a P68 and his Gulf 917 . With the 68 running the inside lane it had a slight
              advantage in the first couple heats . After a off and over by the 917 the advantage was spotted with one of the 17's
              braids almost gone Greg took it to the pits for a re braid . After repairs the Porsche held it's own and made for some
              heats . In a rare occurrence the IROC race wasn't very close with all but RamJet leaving the slot at least once
              was next best leaving the track one lap later than the next two .

              1st to RamJet , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Pat

              SCALEXTRIC BTCC ; On to the Series race , Well it seemed that the BTCC cars would meet their match somewhere in
              the venue rotation and Rainier Raceway was just that . R1's Thats it , the infamous R1 was a little more than the
              short and tall BTCC's could handle . I mean it's a simple fix , slow down but after 5 rounds of pretty forgiving
              racing the R1's were a different beast all together . They weren't the only corners to take a victim but a high %
              succumbed to the tight ones . That was the most I think I've seen with cars coming to rest on their side . Much
              closer in the series race with only 2 lap separating the top 2 .

              1st to Greg , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Pat


              SCALEXTRIC BTCC

              1st Pat , 2nd RamJet and 3rd Vic

              WINTER IROC

              1st RamJet , 2nd Vic and 3rd to Pat


              1st RamJet , 2nd Pat and 3rd Vic

              Thanks to Greg for another great night of racing and all the goods

              Next week it's to Vic's and Victory Lane


              Side note , ever wonder the difference between Indy car and Formula 1 performance . Well with the Indy Cars racing at the
              Circuit Of The America's this week we have a chance to
              compare some lap times .

              2018 , Formula 1 - Pole , Louis Hamilton 1:32.237

              2019 , Indy Car - Pole , Will Power 1:46.017

              Formula one , over 13.780 seconds quicker , Power would have qualified 11 seconds slower than 20th on the F1 grid .
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                To Vic's and Victory Lane for the 7th Round of the Scaley BTCC Car's . It's been a Great Series so far , Thank's to
                Greg for the nomination . With plenty of close racing action . RamJet's flexing his muscle this Series taking the
                led in all 3 segments . With a 2 point lead in the Series , dominating the IROC and a .089 second lead in the King .
                It's going down to the wire once again .

                WINTER KING ; Car / Truck , Vic chose RamJet's Fly Super Truck a crafty choice indeed . Why one might
                ask ,but you see it used to belong to Vic , wise and crafty . RamJet led it off clocking in with a 7.536 I was
                next down by a tenth . Vic's turn , 3 hundredths off the pace , Greg slid in behind me by 7 hundredths of his
                own . Then Roger lit it up posting the fastest King lap of the night with a 7.321 . Roy had a challenging Stage
                with his first shot with the Truck . Side note ( he did survive )

                ​​​​​1st To Roger , 2nd To RamJet and 3rd To Vic

                WINTER IROC ;
                Cars , Vic's Scaley IRL open wheel racers . Another first for Roy but this time around he
                stayed in the mix . Another close IROC segment with plenty of close action , a wheel touch here and there
                but as I recall most offs were self inflected . This is the segment RamJet's running away with . He's holding
                a 13 point point lead going into the 8th round . He doesn't even have to show for this one but it's at his track .

                1st To RamJet , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Pat

                SCALEXTRIC BTCC ,
                In the Series race RamJet continued with his winning ways , staying in the slot and
                collecting Laps . My Civic was running great , my finger , not so much . I think I had 4 or 5 -16 lap heats but
                I also had a 2 lap'er . Just one of those nights . Vic had some off's to but managed to hold on to second place
                RamJet understands the art of racing as he dominates the round by 20 laps . Going into the final round with
                a 2 point lead I'm hoping I might have something for him tomorrow night .

                1st To Ramjet , 2nd To Vic and 3rd To Pat

                STANDINGS AFTER 7 ROUNDS

                SCALEXTRIC BTCC

                1st RamJet , 2nd Pat and 3rd Vic

                WINTER IROC

                1st RamJet , 2nd Vic and 3rd Pat

                WINTER KING OF THE HILL

                1st Ramjet , 2nd Vic and 3rd Pat

                Thanks to Vic for the racing , to Roger for showing his finger in the King for 2 weeks in a row .

                Next Tuesday a change in the schedule , from Dan's to RamJet's . See you at Fossumheim


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                  Back to RamJet's for the final round of the Scaley BTCC car's . RamJet leading all 3 segments , the King by 9 tenths , IROC by 15 point's
                  and the Series by 2 point's . With only the IROC in the bag the other 2 , to close to call RamJet seemed pretty calm before the race action
                  begins . Greg shows up with about 10 cars or so for sale , some really good ones to boot . 3 or 4 NSR's , a Scaleauto Porsche and some
                  others . I picked up a couple older Fly Cars to complete some IROC sets , and Roy grabbed 2 for future Series Car's . Thanks Greg !

                  WINTER KING ; Car , Greg's MRC Ford 2000 Rally car . Super quick great brakes , if it lacked anything at might of been tires
                  Last time we ran it maybe 6 years ago on the Windser . RamJet led it off and logged a 8.375 his closest challenger Vic was up
                  next and fell short . I was next and lowered the bar by 13 hundredth's . Then Greg lit it up by 2 tenths . None of us could come
                  up with what it would take to dethrone this series King . A great start to a memorable night .

                  1st To Greg , 2nd To Pat and 3rd To RamJet

                  WINTER IROC ;
                  Cars , RamJets Slot-It Alfa 33/3's , always a good segment with the Alfa's . Giving us a challange as well as a
                  heck of a race . With a single rotation there's no room for a mistake any mistake . The cars were very competitive with all up at
                  the front in the heats . At the end of the Round it was all knotted up with Greg and I , same on the laps same on bonus points
                  but Greg takes the win with 1 more heat win . I led that heat for around 1 minute 40 seconds . Great heat Greg , nice win . 2nd
                  step completed for RamJet .

                  1st to Greg , 2nd to Pat and 3rd to RamJet

                  SCALEXTRIC BTCC ;
                  In the series race I knew what I needed to do , beat RamJet easier said than done . RamJet has been in
                  the zone the last couple weeks and he had a good idea what he needed to do also . He started out in his usual fashion cruz &
                  collect . After I experienced a few fails and was out of the picture RamJet did some racing of his own , landing several 14 lap
                  heats , walking away with the round and the series title . In fact in a very rare occurrence RamJet takes all 3 Series segment titles
                  Pretty awesome RamJet , one heck of a Series .

                  Series Hat Trick !

                  1st to RamJet , 2nd To Vic and 3rd To Pat

                  SERIES FINAL STANDINGS

                  SCALEXTRIC BTCC

                  1st RAMJET , 2nd PAT and 3rd VIC

                  WINTER IROC

                  1st RAMJET , 2nd VIC and 3rd PAT

                  WINTER KING OF THE HILL

                  1st RAMJET , 2nd GREG , 3rd PAT

                  Again a Great Job by RamJet , can't remember the last time we had a triple Winner !

                  Thanks to RamJet for the racing and the schooling !

                  Next week it's Round One of the Slot-It Classic's at Victory Lane