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    To Vic's and Victory Lane for the first Round of the Slot-It Classics . We haven't run these sense for 3 years
    now and after the first race we all realized it's been far to long . The GT 40 was the most common with three
    on the grid . Add a Matra MS670 , Ferrari 312 and a McLaren M8D you have pretty good representation for
    the class .

    SPRING KING ; Car , Vic gave my NSR Abarth S2000 the nod . With 2 Series on the rear's Super grip's The
    car was sitting a little low but was still a quick runner . Last Series Champ RamJet lead it off nearly clipping the
    7 second barrier . Greg continued his late series surge taking it down just under 3 tenth's , I was a tenth off Greg's
    best .Vic ended up between Greg and I , then Roger tested the 6.7 waters 4 one thousandth's behind Greg .

    1st to Greg , 2nd To Roger and 3rd To Vic

    SPRING IROC ; Vic's EVO2 powered Saturday Night Special's . We might have to think about running these
    soon . What a blast , Pro Slot GT2's , Vic's IROC set all Porsche's and all close . The Red car in lane 4 carried
    a slight speed advantage which helped it keep up with the others . The Yellow car in Lane 1 started out a little
    off the pace but after Roger raised some eyebrow's with his first go it became more about the outer run of the
    lane than the car . Lane 2 was the toughest of the 4 but a great race indeed . For the second week in a row 1st
    and 2nd tied in laps and heat points . For the second week in a row I was on the loosing end of the tally , 2 heat
    wins behind Roger .

    1st To Roger , 2nd To Pat and 3rd to RamJet

    SLOT-IT CLASSICS ; A three year wait and it was worth it , I love these car's . After the first heat it was obvious
    Vic's McLaren was the car to beat finishing a lap ahead of 2nd . Im' not sure if Vic let off the rest of the night or
    if the others just caught on . At the beginning of the second minute with Vic out of sight my finger lost it's talent
    as I left the slot at the end of the main straight . That ended up being the difference in Round 1 . One of the 3 GT
    40's made it to the Podium , Though Greg's Matra was fast he did have soom teething moments racing it for the
    first time . Roger Clark's Ford was quick and probably was the fastest of the night 1 or 2 , to many off's , not all his
    own . He made a lot of the heat's tence and breath holding . One heat Roger , Vic and myself were neck and neck
    for all of the first minute , at the end of that 60 seconds we all took a collective sigh . Thanks you 2 !

    1st to Vic , 2nd To Pat and 3rd To RamJet

    Once again thanks to Vic for a great Series opener , I hope it continues .

    It will be a wile for next Thursday we'll be at the Center helping Alan with the Slot-It Proxy . I'll have Pizza and
    Suds on hand !

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    Did I miss the schedule for this series? Can't seem to find it.....



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      It's there now Sir


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        Stepping away from the Series Race for a week to give Alan a hand with the Slot-It Proxy . 6 Racers , 6 lanes and 17 Qualifiers
        We through in a club Group C car to assure no one would be running in dirty lane and best of all the club loaner wasn't a factor
        in any aspect of the event . It was a great time and a very competitive event with some of the slower qualifiers finding pace for
        the race . For the most part we put the racers in the proper lanes to make it as equal as posable and I believe we were spot on .
        With the race finishers and the racers totals within single digit's . With only 8 laps top to bottom with the Cars and 7 with the
        Racers . Thanks to all of you for your time and fingers .

        Next week we'll be at RamJet's for the Second Round of the Slot-It Classics