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    To Vic's and Victory Lane for the first Round of the Slot-It Classics . We haven't run these sense for 3 years
    now and after the first race we all realized it's been far to long . The GT 40 was the most common with three
    on the grid . Add a Matra MS670 , Ferrari 312 and a McLaren M8D you have pretty good representation for
    the class .

    SPRING KING ; Car , Vic gave my NSR Abarth S2000 the nod . With 2 Series on the rear's Super grip's The
    car was sitting a little low but was still a quick runner . Last Series Champ RamJet lead it off nearly clipping the
    7 second barrier . Greg continued his late series surge taking it down just under 3 tenth's , I was a tenth off Greg's
    best .Vic ended up between Greg and I , then Roger tested the 6.7 waters 4 one thousandth's behind Greg .

    1st to Greg , 2nd To Roger and 3rd To Vic

    SPRING IROC ; Vic's EVO2 powered Saturday Night Special's . We might have to think about running these
    soon . What a blast , Pro Slot GT2's , Vic's IROC set all Porsche's and all close . The Red car in lane 4 carried
    a slight speed advantage which helped it keep up with the others . The Yellow car in Lane 1 started out a little
    off the pace but after Roger raised some eyebrow's with his first go it became more about the outer run of the
    lane than the car . Lane 2 was the toughest of the 4 but a great race indeed . For the second week in a row 1st
    and 2nd tied in laps and heat points . For the second week in a row I was on the loosing end of the tally , 2 heat
    wins behind Roger .

    1st To Roger , 2nd To Pat and 3rd to RamJet

    SLOT-IT CLASSICS ; A three year wait and it was worth it , I love these car's . After the first heat it was obvious
    Vic's McLaren was the car to beat finishing a lap ahead of 2nd . Im' not sure if Vic let off the rest of the night or
    if the others just caught on . At the beginning of the second minute with Vic out of sight my finger lost it's talent
    as I left the slot at the end of the main straight . That ended up being the difference in Round 1 . One of the 3 GT
    40's made it to the Podium , Though Greg's Matra was fast he did have soom teething moments racing it for the
    first time . Roger Clark's Ford was quick and probably was the fastest of the night 1 or 2 , to many off's , not all his
    own . He made a lot of the heat's tence and breath holding . One heat Roger , Vic and myself were neck and neck
    for all of the first minute , at the end of that 60 seconds we all took a collective sigh . Thanks you 2 !

    1st to Vic , 2nd To Pat and 3rd To RamJet

    Once again thanks to Vic for a great Series opener , I hope it continues .

    It will be a wile for next Thursday we'll be at the Center helping Alan with the Slot-It Proxy . I'll have Pizza and
    Suds on hand !

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    Did I miss the schedule for this series? Can't seem to find it.....



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      It's there now Sir


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        Stepping away from the Series Race for a week to give Alan a hand with the Slot-It Proxy . 6 Racers , 6 lanes and 17 Qualifiers
        We through in a club Group C car to assure no one would be running in dirty lane and best of all the club loaner wasn't a factor
        in any aspect of the event . It was a great time and a very competitive event with some of the slower qualifiers finding pace for
        the race . For the most part we put the racers in the proper lanes to make it as equal as posable and I believe we were spot on .
        With the race finishers and the racers totals within single digit's . With only 8 laps top to bottom with the Cars and 7 with the
        Racers . Thanks to all of you for your time and fingers .

        Next week we'll be at RamJet's for the Second Round of the Slot-It Classics



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          Thank you and the EMSA team for pitching in. Look forward to the results and most of all happy Easter to all...


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            Well Dale it was a good round , I'll let Alan have the honors on the results . All I can say is The Yellow and Blue McLaren F1 was the car to beat and
            a Orange 962 was hot on it's heels .

            We all enjoyed running your cars , Pat
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              To RamJet's for the Second Round of the Solt-It Classics . After a week off it was good to get back to
              Series racing . It had been far to long as John Q makes his way back to the fray . Hadn't really missed
              a beat and shows up with a pretty quick GT40 . If the tires would have been glued and trued he my
              have been in line for a Podium .

              SPRING KING ; Car , With a side step from the norm RamJet selects Roy's 1957 Chevy , Carrera and
              we all get put to the test of keeping it on all 4's and off of it's roof . I failed and most everyone followed
              suit . Greg led things off and clocked in a 10.29 , Vic slips in 3 hundredths to the good , I stumble flat
              on my face with a 10.41 . The Sunday driver's up next and I guess thats how one has to run a 57 chevy
              RamJet lowers the bar by nearly a tenth to land on the top step of the Podium .

              1st to RamJet , 2nd To Vic and 3rd to Greg

              SPRING IROC ; Car's , RamJet rolls out his new set of Slot-It Group C's . I could be wrong but I think it
              was 3 Porsche 962's and a Jaguar . Some great heats and some early offs for most of us . Greg found
              his finger and never left the slot . The rest of us battled for the last 2 steps . Except for Greg it was a
              pretty close with only 1 lap separating the next 3 spots . John Q tying RamJet in Laps , missing
              third by place points , still a nice comeback .

              1st to Greg , 2nd To Pat and 3rd To RamJet

              SLOT-IT CLASSICS ;
              The series race was kind of the same with one racer dominating the event
              This time it was Vic's turn as his McLaren took us all to school . Another great race for second
              place . With it coming down to just one lap for the runner up spot . The Classics are a ton of fun
              and always give us some close racing . Vic's 2 for 2 so far and has the car and finger to beat !
              Who's going to be able to give him a challenge before he runs away the Series .

              1st To Vic , 2nd To RamJet and 3rd To Pat


              SLOT-IT CLASSICS

              1ST VIC , 2ND RAMJET , 3RD PAT

              SPRING IROC

              1ST PAT , 2ND GREG , 3RD RAMJET


              1ST GREG , 2ND VIC , 3RD RAMJET

              Thanks to RamJet for a fun night of racing , to Roy for the extra goodies - yum

              John it was good to see you , hope you make it back for more !

              Next week it's to Bob's and the BrickYard



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                To Baba Loo's and the BrickYard for the 3rd Round of the Classic's . A little racing and a whole lot
                trash talking but I wouldn't have it any other way . Baba Loo was in rare form sharing some of
                his racing secrets and informing the rest of us to be on the look out . For what I'm not sure but at
                the BrickYard one should be ready for just about anything .

                SPRING KING ; Car , Bob showed a lot of interest in my Thunder Slot Lola and chose to give it a
                try . Greg still holding on to the top spot leads it off . This time the tires are trued and glued , what
                a difference a little time on a car makes . Still stock tires but very good off the shelf . Greg post a
                6.652 , RamJet's 5 hundredth's off the pace , 4 behind for Vic . I'm next and found a tenth , Roger
                finds 4 thousands quicker than my best . Bob guaranteeing a victory misses the Podium by 2 one
                hundredths .

                1st to Roger , 2nd to Pat and 3rd to Greg

                SPRING IROC ;
                Cars , Bob's Slot-It Group C set . Four Porsche 962's shod with ScaleAuto Yellow
                striped foamy's . After the first heat restart the cars found their tires and ran strong . Unforced off's
                were once again the story of the segment . This week Vic stayed a way from the danger of the rest .
                Usually the IROC segment is pretty close but the last couple weeks we're seeing some gaps at the
                end . 6,7,5 and 5 laps separating the top 4 . Hope that changes tomorrow . Baba loo's 0 for 2 .

                1st to Vic , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Greg

                SLOT-IT CLASSICS ;
                So who's going to knock Vic off the winners block ? I remember Baba Loo and
                Roy taking a swing or to . I had a good start , might of even had the lead after 2 rotations but but got
                caught up in racing in the gutters . Not a good thing to do at the BrickYard . Bob's car was super quick
                ​​​​​​​out of the blocks but the finger couldn't match it's performance . RamJet had a rough night as he had
                several ​​​​​​​encounters with a maroon GT40 . It sucks to be in the wrong place at the wrong time , been

                there done that . Another race with large gaps , 8 and 8 for the Podium and Vic's still standing ! Oh
                and Bob 0 for 3 .

                1st toVic , 2nd to Pat and 3rd to RamJet

                STANDINGS AFTER 3 ROUNDS

                SLOT-IT CLASSICS

                1st Vic , 2nd Pat , 3rd RamJet

                SPRING IROC

                1st Pat , 2nd GREG , 3rd RamJet

                SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                1st Greg , 2nd Pat , 3rd RamJet

                Thanks to Bob for a pretty fun night of racing and all the trash talking , it's the best !

                Next week it's to Lacey , Dan's and Cascade Raceway . Leaving hear around 6:00


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                  South on I-5 to Dan's and Cascade Raceway for the 4th Round of the slot-It Classics . We missed Cascade last Series
                  and it was good to get back on the 3 laner down in Lacey . One really doesn't realize how much it's missed until you
                  get back on it .The flow of the circuit the timing of the infield chicane and the twitch approaching the first left hander
                  leading one to the main straight . It's really good stuff !

                  SPRING KING ; Car , Roger's Slot-It McLaren F1 Longtail , Grey & Hot Pink , A beautiful liveried car and I believe to be
                  the same car Roger used in the Series . Nice performer but most of the GT's are . Greg leads things off again and posts
                  a pretty quick 5.196 , I'm next almost a tenth off the pace . RamJet's 2 thousandths behind me , Vic picks it up but still off
                  Greg's best . Roger slips in between Vic and myself . Time for the big boys , Dans up next putting his stamp on the King
                  a tenth quicker than Greg , then the young one follows Dads lead and lands on the second step of the Kings Podium .

                  1st to Dan , 2nd to Will and 3rd to Greg

                  SPRING IROC ;
                  Cars , Vic packed up his IRL IROC set for some open wheel fun at Cascade's . The cars and the racers
                  adapted well and gave us some close , competitive heats . Vic and I were able to keep our nose clean and stay out of the
                  way of others as most everyone else had at least one off . The IROC segment came back to the close race finish that it's
                  been in the past as Vic and I had the same laps , same # of wins and same position points . Vic takes the win with the
                  fastest lap of the segment .

                  1st to Vic , 2nd to Pat and 3rd to Roger

                  SLOT-IT CLASSICS ;
                  Vic comes in winning 3 of the first 3 rounds and looks like he's in a class of his own . This round
                  starts off the same as the last rounds Vic just a hair off the pace . Dan , Roger and myself out of the blocks
                  with speed . Greg's quick to . RamJet just staying back getting his laps . Dan and Vic's Tires are close but just
                  not quite right with lot's of chatter in the early heats . My tires seemed spot on for the first time in the series .
                  The 312 was smooth and silent . Going into the last rotation it was down to 3 racers . It was the end for me
                  having early offs in 2 of the last 3 . Vic was solid but the quite one goes for it in the final rotation landing 3 - 22
                  lap heat wins pushing Vic off the top step for the first time in the series . So it can be done !

                  1st to RamJet , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Pat

                  STANDINGS AFTER 4 ROUNDS

                  SLOT-IT CLASSICS

                  1st Vic , 2nd RamJet , 3rd Pat

                  SPRING IROC

                  1st Vic , 2nd Pat , 3rd RamJet

                  SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                  1st Greg , 2nd Pat , 3rd Vic

                  Thanks to Dan and the family for another great night of racing at Cascades . Hope to see you up north some time .

                  Next week it's to Greg's , Auburn and Rainier Raceway


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                    To Auburn , Greg's and Rainier Raceway's for the 5th Round of the Slot-It Classics . Back to EMSA's
                    tightest venue , with no time to rest or relax . Last week RamJet was able to knock Vic off the top spot
                    with his first win in the series . Whats this week have in store ?

                    SPRING KING ; Car , with a glimpse of a future series Greg chose Rogers 3D chassis Carrera DTM .
                    Set up with the Slot-It 1mm angle winder pod , yellow flat 6 and foam tires . Quite a step up from the
                    stock version and looks to be a pretty quick racer . Greg led it off clocking a 6.516 I was next and stunk
                    it up stumbling in with a 6.880 . Vic with a 6.420 , RamJet follows with a 6.405 . I'm cringing as Roger
                    leaps to a 6.338 and Roy rounds out the field .

                    1st to Roger , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Vic

                    SPRING IROC ; Cars , a step back in time with a set of Ninco Classics . It's been a wile sense we ran
                    the Ninco's and I forgot just how hard one has to squeeze the trigger to get them to go . Fortunately we
                    ran 2 rotations and it gave us all a chance to catch on . The first couple racers running the Testa Rosa
                    in the outside lane left the slot in the middle of the infield chicane . The rest of us took notice and side
                    stepped the hazard . At the end it was nice to get back to a close race with only 2 laps separating the
                    Podium .

                    1st to Pat , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to RamJet

                    SLOT-IT CLASSICS ; On to the Series Race . With some early race miscues the door was open for
                    anybody to take advantage . The cars ran very well at the venue , handled the R1's with ease and
                    cranked out some high heat lap numbers . I think Roger might of hit 20 laps a time or 2 , 19 anyway .
                    Just some fast fun racing but like I said before I had a first heat first corner off then Vic had a main
                    straight launch into the turn 1 wall . Roger's car was super quick but , well you know . Greg had a
                    couple late off's , Roy's still moving forward with his racing , experiencing peaks and valley's but
                    keeping a positive attitude . ( hang in there ) Not sure whats up with RamJet he's getting pretty
                    racey and it's showing up in the results . Another close one with just 3 laps between the top 4 .

                    1st to Greg , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Pat

                    STANDINGS AFTER 5 ROUNDS

                    SLOT-IT CLASSICS

                    1st Vic - 2nd RanJet - 3rd Pat

                    SPRING IROC

                    1st Pat - 2nd Vic - 3rd RamJet

                    SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                    1st Greg - 2nd Vic - 3rd RamJet

                    Thanks to Greg for a fun night of Racing , for being a gracious host as always .

                    Next week it's to Blair's and this race , XLR's !
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                      ROUND 6 SLOT-IT CLASSICS - MASENCHAMPS

                      To Blair's and Masenchamps for the 6th Round of the Classics . Over the weekend we took the first step
                      of bringing Masenchamps into the 21st Century by finally installing XLR connectors . After Vic's last brake
                      pod fry it was well past due . So no more adapters and no more cooking . I have to say it's kind of nice ,
                      we'll see how long it takes for the next step .

                      SPRING KING ; Car , as a tribute to Memorial Day and the INDY 500 , Blair chose RamJet's Scalextric
                      Penske IRL open wheel racer . Greg leads things off as he usually does . A tough Stage for Greg with
                      a track issue or two . Greg still manages a low 6.4 , RamJet was next clocking a low 6.3 and Vic steps
                      in with a even lower 6.318 of his own . By my turn the motor , tires and track have all warmed up and I
                      manage a 6.272 . Our host steps in and splits Vic and RamJet for the last step on the Podium .

                      1st to Pat , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Blair

                      SPRING IROC ; Car's , Blairs Slot-It McLaren F1 GTR's , angle winder Pod with The yellow flat 6 motor .
                      Starting the first heat Vic found out the car in lane 1 had tire issues as he left the slot at the end of the
                      main straight . Then another track issue . We decided to invoke the Tim Elvins rule and restart the race .
                      In the past on a restart it most always went to Tim's advantage , thus . Greg took the opportunity to clean
                      the tires on all the cars , didn't help lane 1 that much though . Still some good heats and close racing . At
                      the end in the final heat I had a chance to take the segment , just had to stay in the slot , went to turn up
                      my brake and slid out at the end of the main straight . Crap !

                      1st to Blair , 2nd To RamJet and 3rd to Greg

                      SLOT-IT CLASSICS ; To the Series Race , the cars hooked up we'll in fact I believe we were clocking in
                      the low 5's and hitting 22 laps in a couple of the heat's . My 312 was running super quick , you know when
                      your car's hooked up and the controller is set just right . Thats a good feeling . One heat , again the last
                      heat away from a perfect race and a mid minute unforced off . That made the lap totals close but bonus
                      points pulled me out . Another tough night for Vic , 2 in a row . I think he's just taking it easy on us after
                      winning the first 4 . RamJet , Blair and Greg all holding their own .

                      1st to Pat , 2nd to RamJet and with his 3rd Podium of the night our Host Blair

                      STANDING'S AFTER 6 ROUNDS

                      SLOT-IT CLASSIC'S

                      1st VIC - 2nd RAMJET - 3RD PAT

                      SPRING IROC

                      1ST PAT - 2ND VIC - 3DR RAMJET

                      SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                      1st GREG - 2nd VIC - 3rd RAMJET

                      Thanks to Blair for another great night of racing , missed the cookies though .

                      Next week it's to Alan's and the ScaleRacing Center on Wednesday the 29th . I'll have Pizza and Liquid
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                        On a Wednesday , really out of the norm we make our way to Alan's and the Center for the 7th Round
                        of the Slot-It Classics . Offering up some cars for our host and a first timer stepping away from the 24th
                        Scale Friday night Trans Am group . Lee's been progressing with the big cars adding more laps to his
                        totals every week . 32nd cars throw a whole new set of challenges his way but with a little practice he
                        gets a grasp on the smaller cars .

                        SPRING KING ; Car , Alan picks Roger's Policer Classic F1 . As alway's Alan leads off the King at home
                        it seldom happen's but it does give us a chance to match his best . I think by his 4th lap he crank's off a
                        9.4 and during his next lap looses something in the gearing . To keep things moving Alan offers his car
                        and run's the remainder of his laps with a 9.55 his best . Greg's next and ends up a 1.5 tenths off the pace
                        RamJet's off another . Roger let's off a little steam and finds 5 hundredth's to top Alan . I found a 9.6 for
                        the last step on the Podium .

                        1st to Roger , 2nd to Alan and 3rd to Pat

                        SPRING IROC ; Cars , Alan's BRM Megan's We've been trying to bring our own IROC cars , cause Alan's
                        been generous just giving us the facility let alone his car's but every once in awhile things slip through the
                        crack's and we have to ask for some last minute help . As always Alan graciously provides and we start off
                        with the Megan's . We haven't run them in quite awhile but there great cars so it didn't take long to be at the
                        cars limit . At the end of the segment well over half of heat totals were at the lap limit , 66% in fact . It also
                        ended up the most competitive race of the night with a tie in laps for the win . Roger Clark takes the win by
                        only 3 sectors and only 4 laps separating the top 5 .

                        1st to Roger , 2nd to Alan and 3rd to RamJet

                        SLOT-IT CLASSICS ; To the Series Race , always different at he big track of the Center . After 6 Rounds
                        running the home tracks one gets a chance to relax a little take a breath on the long straights . The Cars
                        hooked up well on the 6 laner , held in the corners too . Again the 312 ran we'll but Alan chose to run my
                        McLaren M8D and in Alan's words the best car in the field running the quickest laps in 4 of the 6 lanes .
                        It was another close race with the victory decided by just a lap . This weeks results have tightened up the
                        standings and it will all come down to the final round next week .

                        1st to Alan , 2nd to Pat and 3rd to Roger

                        STANDINGS AFTER 7 ROUNDS

                        SLOT-IT CLASSICS

                        1st , PAT - 2nd , RAMJET - 3rd , VIC

                        SPRING IROC

                        1st , PAT - 2nd , RAMJET - 3rd , VIC

                        SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                        1st , GREG - 2nd , ROGER - 3rd , RAMJET

                        A big Thanks to Alan for being so flexible , it's always a blast at the Center . Have a safe trip .

                        Next week it's to RamJet's for the final Round

                        Next Series , ScaleAuto GT's - spec's are posted

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                          A last minute surprise as Dan offers up Cascade's for the Classics Finale . After focusing for
                          a week on running Fossumheim , at 3:30 RamJet gives me a call with the news on the venue
                          change . For me I wasn't sure what to think I was in Port Angeles so my first race of the night
                          was on . Guess it could have been worse . I could have been in Arlington or anyplace north of
                          Seattle . Why the change . Dan , Vic and others held a Carrera Proxy race earlier in the day so
                          what the heck . Vic and Dan are already there and it was a chance for Dan to get some more
                          racing in .

                          SPRING KING ; Car , Dan chose RamJet's Revo Marcos . Guess what , it's yellow ! Pretty quick
                          to . Greg leads it off and logs a 5.2 , Rogers next with a 5.1, Ramjet follows suit with another 5.1
                          I'm 2 hundredths off Greg's best , Vic's the same behind me . Our host lights it up joining the 5.1
                          club . Roger claws back to the top in the King setting the top mark in 3 of the last 4 Stages

                          1st to Roger , 2nd to Dan and 3rd to RamJet

                          SPRING IROC ; Car's , after the Carrera Proxy the boy's thought it would be fun to give the DTM's
                          a go . With some early offs by some of the contenders it was all about staying in the slot . One just
                          couldn't cruise and collect you had to run hard but had to know when to be smart like when in lane
                          3 and Karma Corner . As often happens the IROC segment was the closest race of the night with
                          just 2 laps between the Podium finishers .

                          1st to Pat , 2nd To RamJet and 3rd to Vic

                          SLOT-IT CLASSICS ; To the Series Finale . It's been a tail of 2 half's in this Series , Vic lead it off
                          with 3 wins in a row . Then RamJet showed he could be beat at Dan's first go round . Greg was
                          next to grace the top step , my turn at Blair's and Alan takes it at the Center . Coming down to the
                          last Round with 3 racers having a chance for the Series . Throwing Dan in the mix it could be any
                          one of the 3 . Vic was the first to stumble and RamJet Just kept running . The 312 was on rails again
                          then going into the second rotation I started hitting the 23 lap mark . Then , the whispers of Pooty Sweat
                          could be heard in the back ground . Hadn't heard that in a wile . The 312 never flinched and took the
                          win my best performance of the Series .

                          1st to Pat , 2nd to Dan and 3rd to Roger

                          FINAL STANDINGS

                          SLOT-IT CLASSICS

                          1ST - PAT , 2ND - RAMJET , 3RD- VIC

                          SPRING IROC

                          1ST - PAT , 2ND - RAMJET , 3RD - VIC

                          SPRING KING OF THE HILL

                          1ST - ROGER , 2ND - GREG , 3RD - RAMJET

                          Thanks to Dan , we should do this more often .

                          Next week the first round of the ScaleAuto GT's - Not sure where but it will be posted when I hear
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                            First round of the ScaleAuto GT's will be Tuesday June 11th at RamJet's