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    To RamJet's for the First Round of the ScaleAuto GT's . On the hottest day of the year we make
    our way up the steep one's to Fossumheim windows open , fan blowing . It's still going to be a hot
    one . Starting off the night a little differently with racer from the Wednesday night clan checking out
    the Monday nighters . Steve's his name he's a true Seahawk's fan , he fit in fine . Steve's toughest
    challenge of the night was adjusting to the end of incline at the crest to the bridge . First time at the
    track he ran fine and I think he had a good time .

    SUMMER KING ; Car , Rogers 1/24 Vintage Chaparral D2 Coupe . Roger led it off and showed us
    all it wasn't going to be easy . No brakes and not a lot of grip . Roger post's a 8.624 , Greg's next
    and fall's 6 hundredth's short , RamJet's 3 hundredth's off the pace himself . Leaving the track most
    every lap I manage to complete a bout 4 and land a .620 . Vic hits a .658 just behind RamJet and
    Roy clocks in just 1 thousandth ahead of Greg . Steve did great , first time on the track and probably
    his first time running a 24th scale car , first vintage for sure .

    1st to Pat , 2nd to Roger and 3rd to RanJet

    Cars , RamJets latest , a set of Scaley 1st gen NASCAR's With some great Vintage
    liveries . The Tide car , Rusty's MGD , Micky D's and Mark Martin's , pole setter Viagra racer . The cars
    proved to be a hand full for the first couple heats . We all settled down and got a grasp of the older cars
    but if you ran in a early heat it was tough . The step back to the past was fun and might even create
    some interest for another NASCAR Series . I think the last heat of the segment was the race of the
    night as all 4 racers stayed within a foot of each other for most of the race . A Super close finish with
    just a lap separating each position on the Podium .

    1st to Pat , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Roger

    SCALEAUTO GT'S ; On to the Series Race , the ScaleAuto cars are great performers and by the end
    of the first heat it was proven to be the case . Lap times in the 7.0's at least by Roger . Vic spent most
    his pre race time putting together another Porsche for himself and giving Steve the Viper he ran last
    time around . Neither the Viper or the new Porsche had any ballast on board and it was evident as both
    Vic and Steve had untimely offs . Roger had the speed with the long wheelbase Mercedes , RamJet ,
    Greg and Roy ran the Spyker's at their limits all night . Roy really found his finger this week running
    competitive in most all his heats . My car had it's moments but a inconsistent finger cost me any chance
    down the stretch . Roger had the Win's , Greg had the Laps but RamJet take's the Victory !

    1st to RamJet , 2nd to Greg and 3 to Roger

    Thanks to Ramjet for a great night of racing and a step back with the Vintage NASCAR's

    Next week it's to Greg's and Rainier Raceway
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    To Greg's and Rainier Raceway for the Second Round of the ScaleAuto GT's . Vic , Roger and myself
    running a little late because of some heavy traffic on 18 . We show up about quarter to race time and
    for me it showed . Never really found my finger . Steve showed up for his second tussle with EMSA
    and showed the exact opposite in his performance . A great round for both Steve and Roy .

    SUMMER KING ; Car , NSR Porsche GT3 . In a rare occurrence I lead things off clocking in with a 6.08
    that lasted for a minute . Roger peppers in with a 6.03 , RamJet , Vic and Greg all end up somewhere in
    between . The top 5 within 5 hundredths of each other . A early glimpse of what the night had in store for
    the club .

    1st to Roger , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to Vic

    Cars , Greg's Ninco 1 GT's . After running the King in lane 2 and constant cleaning of
    the tires in the segment the Lambo had a advantage over the Corvette in lane 1 . Another incredible run
    in the IROC segment with a single off for the night . The Corvette did find it's rears as the race moved on
    We had a couple lane and scoring snafus . One that went in the book and one was corrected . In the end
    what a race with only 1 lap between the top 4 and just 3 separating the top 6 .

    1st to Greg , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Pat

    To the Series event . I'm not sure if it was the first heat or just mine but I left the track
    2 feet in to it , left it again in the second minute after 2 laps (it didn't get any better) Vic's Porsche started off
    the pace but he had the patience to keep it cool and stay in the slot . The Spyker's all ran well and Steve
    showed a lot of patience of his own for his first time at EMSA's tightest venue . RamJet stole the show with
    well , with RamJet does but this time he leads in the wins department to . Greg was was the quickest but
    had some rare home track off's . Roy's showing some positive strides landing 1 spot short of the Podium .
    Team Spyker was the class of the field taking 3 of the top 4 positions .

    1st to Ramjet , 2nd to Vic and 3rd to Greg



    1st RAMJET - 2nd GREG - 3rd VIC


    1st PAT - 2nd GREG - 3rd VIC


    1st ROGER - 2nd PAT - 3rd VIC

    Thanks to Greg for hosting Round 2 and a fun night of racing . ( how'd you guys like the pop corn )

    Next week from EMSA's tightest to the toughest as we head back to Bob's and the BrickYard .



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      Out to Bob's and the BrickYard for the 3rd Round of the ScaleAuto GT's . Was another beautiful night
      out at the lake and another night of wondering what Bob will have in store for the club . Steve makes
      it for his for his 3rd time with EMSA he seems to be having a good time . Roy's moved to the next level
      putting a little pressure on the reg's , me anyway . It's been a good Series so far .

      SUMMER KING ; Car , Roger's SRC 907 Porsche Long Tail Endurance Racer . Roger leads it off and
      logs in a 8.358 . I'm next after last weeks stumble , pushing all the way with about 6 offs I find a 8.010
      Vic's up next clocking a 8.021 . then a couple 8.1's a 8.4 and a 8.8 . Then Baba Loo digs deep posting
      a 8.015 for the second step on the Kings Podium .

      1st to Pat , 2nd to Bob and 3rd to Vic

      well we wondered what Bob had in store and the IROC was it . A couple of VW Bugs
      for the Gutters and two Micro busses on the inner . In the first heat both the busses were on there sides
      before the end of the first lap but the PC wasn't keeping laps ( reprieve ! ) It took 2 more try's by the time
      we finished heat one . Lots of practice for the first rounders . We all had our shots with the busses and we
      all failed . Roger did manage do stay in a little longer than the rest for the IROC Win .

      1st to Roger , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to RamJet

      After last weeks debacle I was hoping to find my finger , didn't come close . Bob had
      his tires trued down to rubber bands but what he gained in down force he lost in top end . The Spyker's were
      ​​​​​​​strong once again but this week it was Roger and his Mercedes . In a rare week on the track Roger stayed
      in the slot on both race segments not leaving it once . Roger's always quick and now if he's figured out the
      staying in the slot thing we're in for some long nights at the track .

      1st , again to Roger , 2nd , again to Greg and 3rd again to RanJet



      1st ROGER , 2nd Greg , 3rd RamJet


      1st Greg , 2nd Pat , 3rd Roger


      1st Pat , 2nd Vic , 3rd Greg

      Thanks to Bob for the Racing , Music and the Pizza

      Mext week it's to Blair's and M


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        To Blair's and Masenchamps for the half way round of the ScaleAuto GT's . I have to say I love this
        little track squeeze section and all . it was a treat this time around with no track issues , Just a mental
        one as I for got to open the DS box . So the first heat runners got a minute of practice , i'm not sure it
        helped any of them .

        SUMMER KING ; Car , Car's ? , we started the stage with Roger Clark's Fly Racing yellow Shell 911
        Porsche . I led things off with a 6.5 . Vic was next and after a couple laps claimed the car had a issue
        and upon examination it was found to have a pinion problem so we moved on to Blair's second
        choice . My almost vintage Scaley CYTOMAX Jaguar XKRS . Looked slower , sounded slower
        but to all of our surprise it was quicker . I posted a 6.202 , Vic a 6.214 , Greg 6.306 Roy stepped
        up with a 6.311 . Then the heavy hitters showed their stuff RamJet with a 6.168 and Roger with
        a 6.146 . The Fly Racer must of had a problem .

        1st to Roger , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Pat

        SUMMER IROC ;
        Car's , Blair's Revo Slot GT2 Porsche's . Heat 1 and at the end of the trip down
        the main straight I'm off , by the end of the heat 1 car was on the track . Second minute another
        early off for 2 of us and no laps on the PC screen . The Elvins rule was invoked once again . As I
        said it didn't really help anyone , I know I got 9 of a possible 18 . The Revo's are a lot of fun and
        gave us some great racing with the Podium separated by just 3 laps . RamJet kept it in the slot
        as did our host for his first Podium of the night

        1st to RamJet , 2nd to Blair and 3rd to Greg

        SCALEAUTO GT'S ;
        On to the quick car's , with most the series car's we run , if we're running
        foamys they love racing at Blair's . Quick times and lot's of laps . Most of us were quick enough
        to hit 22 in the lap department . Roger's car was lighting the only racer to hit 23 laps and I think
        he hit it 3 or 4 times . I was close a couple time's but never crossed the 23 line . It began to feel
        like the week before at Bob's where Roger was going to have another perfect night . Then the
        Mercedes started to find it's way out of the slot . Vic Had a tough night to as his 911 just didn't
        have the wheel's it needed to compete . For me it was a night like at Dan's in the last series ,
        where the car could do no wrong .

        1st to Pat , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to RamJet a strong showing by Roy with 3 heat wins and a 4th



        1st RamJet , 2nd Greg , 3rd Roger


        1st RamJet , 2nd Greg , 3rd Pat


        1st Pat , 2nd Vic , 3rd RamJet

        Thanks to Blair for another great night of racing at Masenchamps !

        We ran last Monday at Fossumheim , Chuck even came by and Podiumed !

        Our next race will be next Thursday the 18th at ScaleRacing Center . Pizza and Liquid Refreshment !

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          To RamJet's and Fossumheim for the 5th round of the ScaleAuto GT's . Getting ready to leave and the
          land line rings ( yes I still have a land line ) and it's Vic and he's waiting for someone to come fix his land
          line ( crazy ) . Anyway he asked if I could stop by and pick up a couple cars for the floaters because he
          wasn't sure he could make it for the race . Stopped by , picked up and I'm off with one car ready to race
          and one in pieces . Got to RamJet's and he had a spare ready to go so the car in pieces stayed that way

          SUMMER KING ; Car , NSR Fiat Abarth 500 . I led it off once again posted a 7.899 , Vic was still at home
          so up comes RamJet and puts me to shame with a 7.778 . Roger's next with a 7.806 Greg's the only other
          in the 7's . Near the end we hear something hobbling up the stairs and it's our man Vic making it just in time
          to make a run but misses the 7's by 84 hundredths .

          1st to RamJet , 2nd to Roger and 3rd to Pat

          SUMMER IROC ;
          Cars , RamJet's Slot-It Croup C's , 3 962's and a Jaguar . After Vic's stumble in the King
          he quickly found his finger and set the pace in the segment . RamJet did what he does and it was up to the
          rest of us to fill in the last spot on the Podium . Heat wins were spread amongst the top 6 the laps were close
          as well with all racers within 10 . Vic lead from start to finish this week with RamJet and myself 3 laps to the
          rears . A good IROC race with a great set of cars . Thanks RamJet !

          1st to Vic , 2nd To RamJet and 3rd to Pat

          SCALEAUTO GT'S ;
          On to the Series race . Well Chuck was starting to find himself in the IROC race and
          really started to show his stuff in the Series segment . Running Ramjet's (fresh off the tuning block) Yellow
          Corvette he was very consistent staying in the slot a collecting his laps . Vic said something about Chuck
          ​​​​​​​being on his best behavior . I found out what that meant a little later in the evening . Once again Roger was
          ​​​​​​​quick in his Mercedes , RamJet just being consistent , doing what he does . But this week something was
          a little different , Chuck came in got his timing down with the track and found the Podium in his first run with
          EMSA and at RamJet's track . Awesome !

          1st to RamJet , 2nd to Roger and 3rd to Chuck


          SCALEAUTO GT'S

          1st RamJet , 2nd Greg 3rd Roger

          SUMMER IROC

          1st RamJet , 2nd Greg ,3rd Vic


          1st Pat , 2nd RamJet , 3rd Roger

          A big thanks to RamJet for the last minute switch with Vic , all the grub and a great night of racing .

          Next week to Alan's and the ScaleRacing Center on Wednesday - Pizza and Suds

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