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    August is upon us as we start the NSR Classic Series and as usual Round one is up the stairs to
    Fossumheim . Both sides of the venue were open with the fans ablaze doing the best to keep things
    cool . With the first 90 degree of the year it was a challenge but we've all ran in worse . Thanks for
    the extra effort RamJet .

    L S KING ; Car , For the first stage of the Series RamJet chose Greg's McLaren 720S street car
    with a
    couple upgrades PCR chassis and F22 tires . Not a bad little runner , last series Champ Roger
    it off with a 8.5 I was next 2 tenth's off the pace . Vic found his way back into the 8.5's . then Ramjet
    found a little more squeaking under the 5's with a 8.493 . Steve had a good stage for himself with a
    8.689 of his own . No bodies sweating yet .

    1st to RamJet , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to Vic

    L S IROC ;
    Car's , RamJet's Slot-It Group C set , The Heat must of started to take it's toll as in the
    first heat one of the racers didn't make it through the first turn . He ran several laps after and was
    running pretty good till he realized ( oops ! ) Been there done that . Things settled down after that .
    Some good racing with Vic taking the segment by 1 point . A great race with the top 4 racers all in
    the 50 lap range . It's starting to get kind of warm . Greg's hanging out around the fan and I'm doing
    my best to stay by the opening at the other side of the track .

    1st to Vic , 2nd to Greg and 3rd to Pat

    This is the 4th time EMSA's run the NSR Classics . Their great cars and have given
    us some of the best racing in EMSA's existence . A new car has joined the ranks this time around as
    NSR introduced it's version of the Porsche 908/3 . I've always love the 908/3 so of course I had to have
    one . Spent a little time with it and from the performance from last week I have a lot more time needed !
    The 908 couldn't hang with the P68's who covered the Podium . Roger and Vic's Red 68's were dominit
    in the first round topping the rest in most every category . RamJet's 68 is just off the pace but RamJet
    stays in the slot and lands on the second step .

    1st to Roger , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Vic

    Thanks to RamJet for the racing and extra work on trying things cool

    next week , The schedule says Dan's but that's in question . I'll keep you posted .

    Russ has offered up R&S Raceway , Thanks Russell ! Let me know if there's anything I can do .
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    Well Dan called RamJet and feeling under the weather thought it would be better to not host
    the second Round . Just a small bump as RamJet gave Russ a call and Russell gave the nod
    to run at R & S . ( thanks Russell ) The Club Loves racing at Dan's but R & S ain't a bad back
    up plan .

    L S KING ; Car , we had some Great offerings and Russ picked a good one . Roger's Slot-It
    Audi R8 with the Slot-It Black flat 6 - 26k motor and White striped ScaleAuto soft foam tires .
    RamJet led off the assault with a 6.8 , Greg was next turning some heads dropping down to
    a 6.3 and Vic to a 6.2 . Roger was next and dropped jaw's with a blistering 6.079 . I was in the
    6.3 range and Russ was near the end of the Stage to set it with a 6.2 for the last step on the
    Kings Podium . Roger's car ran great super fast , good everything about 6 hundredths off the
    pace of Greg's winning stage with the Mr. Slotcar McLaren F1 GTR we ran the last time at R & S .

    1st to Roger , 2nd To Vic and 3rd to Russ

    L S IROC ;
    With the opportunity to run another fueled race the IROC segment was put on the
    shelf for a week . It will back in action at Baba Loo's on Monday Night .

    NSR CLASSICS ; The Classics at Russ's in fueled race , should be a blast . After the first heat
    I was pretty excited to see Russ's 908/3 running in the lead . I had spent some time with my car
    over the week and hoped it had something to show for it . My first heat I was able to keep up with
    the 68's for a wile but I was in over my head and had to back it off a little . Miss fuel stops were the
    deciders once again . And we all know who dissent miss things like that . Once again marshaling
    was a issue but when we race crash and burn most the time it can be a challenge . Everything got
    better as the race moved forward . The human calculator Shows his stuff once again , this time
    topping the charts with 307 laps topping his last effort by 10 . Greg was second in laps using his
    own strategy , not listing to anybody and not missing a fuel window . RamJet lands second on
    the Podium with 7 heat wins .

    1st to Vic , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Greg



    1st RamJet - 2nd Vic - 3rd Roger


    1st Vic - 2nd Greg - 3rd Pat


    1st Roger - 2nd Vic - 3rd Greg

    Thanks to Russ for stepping up and having us over on short notice . Appreciated by all !

    Next week it's to Bob's and the BrickYard .


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      To Baba Loo's and the BrickYard for the 3rd Round of the NSR Classics . One of my favorite feature's of
      racing at the BrickYard is going upstairs to listen to Bob's latest Hi Fi purchases . First thing I noticed was
      a big black tube amp with some tubes right out of a Si Fi movie with some BK medium sized speakers .
      For music coming off his phone it sounded pretty awesome . Got my audio fix , time to race .

      L S KING ; Car , Bob thought it would be fun to run RamJet's Fly Racing Corvette . So did the rest of us .
      I think Roger started things off and found out there was something at the end of the back straight in lane
      2 . I haven't seen anything that slick sense Sween Dog cleaned his track with Armor All . Well we decided
      to leave it lie for the stage so we could all enjoy the thrill of leaving the slot . Vic was next 1 hundredth off
      Roger's best . I dipped or slipped down to the high 7.9's , RamJet dropped it even lower 4 hundredth's
      under me . Roy was rubbing shoulders with Vic and Roger . Then Bob was up talking smack as always
      and nearly pulled it off with the second best of the night .

      1st to RamJet , 2nd to Baba Loo and 3rd to Pat

      L S IROC ;
      Car's , Bob's brand spanking Scaley Classic NASCAR's 3 Chevy Monty's and a Ford T bird
      that looked like it had been washed in hot water and put in the dryer . The magnets still in , there was some
      high speed racing . First thing we had to do something about lane 2 . Bob through RamJet some sort of
      quick drying spray , soaked up some TP kneeled up on the track and went to work . Wa la , what ever it
      was , was gone . For the first couple heats the little T bird was getting beat up by the big Chevy's and the
      White kit Monty proved to be the class of the field . It was a different IROC race as the Podium finishers
      were all in the 70's and 4th and 5th in the 40's and Bob came back to earth with 36 .

      1st to Vic , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Pat

      NSR Classics ;
      908/3's , not sure what it is but mine sucked ! The rest of the field were all P68's . smooth
      and sleek Ford P68's . I kind of felt like a tortoise considering I was the only Spyder and stood taller than
      the others . My bar of soap had it's moments just to few and far between . It was fun watching all P68 heats
      and listing to Bob call out what and how he was going to take over in the second minute . I did have the joy
      of ending on of those myself . With RamJet and Bob both running the same livery it at times made for more
      smack talking and glorious fails through out the night . For me I guess the best thing about the series race
      was it might be the last on that configuration . Yep the BrickYard coming down the table getting turned and
      I'm hoping I'll be able to see all the track . Yea !

      1st to Vic , 2nd to RamJet and 3rd to Roger



      1st , Vic - 2nd , RamJet - 3rd , Roger


      1st , Vic - 2nd , RamJet - 3rd , Pat


      1st , Roger - 2nd , Vic - 3rd , Pat

      Thanks to Bob , no matter what , it was a good time . Loved the call from Madeline , Baba Loo's daughter's in his corner !

      Next week it's down to Kenny's ! That's code for Dan's - Enjoy boys !

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