"It's more fun to lose by an inch than win by a mile."

Welcome to EMSA (Electric Motor Sports Assoc.), a group of slot car
racers in the South Puget Sound area.

We started with one thing in mind, having a club where all cars
are created equal. That is to say, we strive for the racer to be the
determining factor in a win.

The club runs all makes of 1/32 scale cars and we run them for what
they are, from Ninco Classics to the world champ NSRs. With each
series having its own set of specifications, each car is essentially
box stock and scrutinized before and during the series to ensure
adherence. In racing slot cars, there is nothing more fun than
running neck and neck through 16 heats of racing action.

We have several home owned tracks, from Scalextric Classic to routed
wood tracks. The club runs 6 to 8 races in a series and keeps the heat,
race and series totals to determine the series Champion. It’s a great
way to spend an evening, having fun with friends and meeting new
hobbyists along the way.

Our goal is for everyone to have fun.

If you would like to see for yourself, contact the club, stop by, and
check it out.