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  • EMSA'S Racing Circuit


    The EMSA Club races on 7 different tracks around the South Puget Sound area . 4 Sport and 3 MDX
    Routed venues . All the tracks have a unique history and all have their own varied racing personalities .
    I'll try to give a accurate account of each track , hoping it's close to fact . Also knowing my descriptions
    my not be the gospel , if one feels the need to correct something , please PM me and I'll try to make the
    proper corrections .

    FOSSUMHEIM ; Came into existence as a thought of Debi Kliman . With hopes of continuing the local
    interest in the hobby . She felt there needed to be a track tied in with Fantasy World Hobbies . Thus
    the Fantasy World Warehouse track was born . A large 20 X 8 table , Scalextric Sport Raceway . I'm
    not sure it met the planed goals of the Kliman's but it was great for the club . Hosting many PSSRA
    races, Proxy events and Manufacturing Challenge Races it got plenty of action .With our Buddy Dave's
    latest move the track became available . Roger Ram Jet stepped up to the plate and purchased the
    track .Roger was is in the middle of building a new shop , added a second floor and is now the tracks
    new home. Thanks Rog ! Fossumheim has gone under a course change by adding a over pass to the
    to the layout . It's evened out the lanes and made the racing that much closer .

    SPA MASENCHAMPS ; This track is a little different than most the tracks we race on . It's long and
    narrow 4 X 16 and 3 lanes . It's actually Tim's first routed track , now residing at Blair's . It runs
    about 50 feet . With several squeeze sections and tight turns , Masenchamps is a track that demands
    patience , timing and vision . Always a challenge and a blast to race on .

    VICTORY LANE ; Well Vic's made the switch from Classic to Sport and it's just one more nail it the
    Classic's Tracks Coffin . Pretty much the same layout , maybe about a foot longer . The best thing about
    it is the elimination of Coy Corner and a couple other areas of unexplained offs . It's already better than
    before and as it settles in with time and use it should do nothing but improve . Vic's also added a new
    variable power supply , no more rocket racing . It's amazing what one can find under their tracks table !

    SCALERACING CENTER We've witnessed the end of a era as Alan has opened his new facility . Yes
    the Windsor has been dismantled a moved to a undisclosed location . The New ScaleRacing Center is
    now up and running , at this time it offers 3 tracks with 2 more in the works . I'd have to say the 8 lane
    track is a little more forgiving than the Windsor and the 6 lane track demands more attention . All and
    all I'm looking forward to spending more time on both the big tracks . This is Alan's latest contribution to
    the scaleracing community . The Windsor had more than served it's purpose over the years and miles it's
    traveled . The end of a era and the dawn of another . Thanks to Alan , his passion for the hobby and the
    actions taken to bring it to fruition . I've said it before but we are very fortunate to have Alan in our own
    back yard as a true Ambassador and Leader of our Hobby .

    RAINIER RACEWAYS ; One of EMSA's toughest venues . It's our only Digital track and Greg's put
    in hours of time making it analog friendly for most our series races . Greg's even gone as far as
    putting a chip in everyone's series car when possible. With up to 6 cars for our IROC races and
    only 2 lanes, it's more than interesting. A definite challenge for most of us not used to the Digital
    way . Thanks for all the work Greg.

    CASCADES RACEWAY EMSA's latest venue it's also our most south track located in Lacey .
    Dan did a incredible job building his routed 3 laner . Just getting Started in racing he took on the
    task of designing and fabrication of all components cutting , routing , wiring and timing system .
    The track itself is a blast to race on having all the challenges one looks for in a Slot Car Circuit .
    Dan made fantastic use of the limited space available for his new hobby !

    THE BRICKYARD ; Another of EMSA's challenging venues . It's layout and scenery make it a visual
    challenge (for me anyway ) along with mutable examples of track boarders to none at all . A circuit
    where like no other , lane can dictate your timing and aggressiveness . Where Marshaling at times
    can be a challenge of it's own . As a club we are getting a better grip on the layout but there are still
    some areas of unforgiving off's to racers who get caught up in the action . Bob is in the process of
    turning the table 90 degrees and working on a more user friendly layout and maybe cutting down
    some trees .

    SUMMIT ARCHER ; at this time has been disassembled and moved to my place with hopes of being
    reconstructed in the not so distant future . Tim also has plans to build a Roval once he gets settled
    in to his new Job and work place .
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    Pat, great pictures and commentary. Nicely done.

    Those plans for a future routed track look awesome, hope it comes to fruition one day.


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      Talked to Gerry !

      & he said you guys are more than welcome to race your programs at RED DEVIL RACEWAY also !


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        Thanks Craig , and thank Gerry for his offer . It is something that will
        be brought up at the next race .

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