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  • Next Series Slot-It Classics

    TYPE ; Alfa 33/3 , Chaparrel 2E , Ferrari 312 , Ford GT 40 Mk 1 & 2 and Matra 670b

    Spec's ; Pretty much the same as the last time we ran them with the addition
    of the Matra .


    Min Weight ; 63 gms Max Downforce ; 12 gms

    Screws ; Stock or Tuner - may be loose

    Tires ; PT1171 N22 20 X 9.5 - may be trued and glued


    Added Weight ; Up to 5 gms in pod

    Chassis ; Stock

    Gearing ; 11Tooth Pin - GS04 Black 32 or GS05 Lt Blue 34 , 18 mm Spur

    Guides ; Any Slot-It (no wood)

    Interiors ; Stock

    Motor ; Slot-It Orange Bell - 21K , Motor may be secured with screws or Glue

    Pods ; CH 44B , CH62 , CH03B - Sidewinder

    Wheels ; Stock , Must have inserts

    Wiring ; Stock - May grub leads to guide

    Miscellaneous ;

    1 . May use Spring CH47B or Mag CH09 Suspension Kits

    2 . Grubs Shims and Washers may also be allowed on front axles .

    3 . Both the Alfa & Ferrari may sand and or file pod to attain body and pod float

    Any questions or concerns , let me know

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    My apologies , before last nights race I was informed that in the Slot-It Classics
    specs the Tire named in the spec's is incorrect . It should have been the N22 not
    the F22 . After a short discussion on my mistake the idea of running the N18's
    came up . I'll get some 18's and 22's see how they run and put it up to a majority
    vote .

    Once again I'm sorry for over looking the tires , it was right on the nomination
    sheet but I posted the spec's with info from the last time we ran them .

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      Purchased some N18's and went over to Vic's to see how they'ed perform .

      Running the F22's last monday I was running around 7.2 a lap , with the

      N22's around 6.8 and the N18's 6.7 . So with that information I'm leaning

      toward the N22's knowing most of us should have a set leftover from the

      Group C Series .

      What do you think ?



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        OK , seeing how most of us have managed to get our hands on a set or
        2 of the PT1171 N22's that is what we'll be running . If you have a extra
        pair and would be willing to part with them we should have enough to go
        around for everyone .

        Thanks , Pat


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