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Next Series - Scaleauto 1/32 GT3

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  • Next Series - Scaleauto 1/32 GT3

    SPECS :

    Scaleauto Modern GT Class: Mercedes SLS GT3; Honda HSV-010; BMW Z4 GT3; SRT Viper GTS-R; Spyker C8 GT2-R; Pagani Zonda; Porsche 991 RSR.
    - The newest models come ready to race after magnet removal and rear wheel/tire change. Older models may need a motor replacement, some may need a new pod, gears, and guide as well. Models made for sidewinder pods will probably need a lexan interior or a lot of interior modifications.

    Magnet: must be removed
    Min weight 75 gm
    Max down force (15gm TBD)
    Screws : stock. tight or loose
    Tires : Fronts - stock. Original rears may be moved to the front
    Rears - Scaleauto red stripe foam rubber. SC-2009N recommended, but can be any size as long as it fits within the car's stock fenders.
    Wheels : Stock front, red stripe rear
    Motor : SC-0011b
    Pod : RED anglewinder
    Gearing : stock. Black 27t Anglewinder spur gear and original white nylon pinion
    Guides : stock red. Should be home guide type SC-1620, not the kind with the angled front end
    Chassis : stock


    Added weight : up to 7g, one piece, any location
    Braids : any
    Interiors : stock or lexan if converting an older car to spec
    Wiring : stock , may use grub/set screws in place of eyelets to hold wires in guide
    Tires: Front tires may glued, trued, and coated to minimize grip

    Anything not mentioned in the modifications shall remain in it's original application.
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    what he said
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      well, my spare Z4 borrow car, is better then my Viper. installed the alloy rear wheels to the front installed shims and grub screws. I should race this one instead of the Viper. Oh well, i'll still let Russ run it.


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        I understand the minimum weight but out of curiosity why do you limit how much weight you can add?


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          what he said again
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