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Black Point Raceway 2.0

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  • Black Point Raceway 2.0

    Well, the wheels turn slowly -but we are closer to Black Point 2.0 -- last week, I had some help in moving boxes and boxes of mainly books - out of the track space and either upstairs or in the main house.

    Step 2 is taking the remaining boxes (which are mostly track parts and accessories) and pushing them to the walls -opening up the middle of the garage floor to erect Costco tables and get the plywood down. This time around, I'm using the 1x1's to 'sit' the plywood sections to the tables so that even if bumped into, they should all stay intact. I may try to make tables at some point for the additional area of the track.

    I will be incorporating the Corkscrew (improved), the banking and the turn at the end of long straight into the new course --however, 2.0 will be longer and will have a hairpin/crossover turn as well as some serious 'esses'. It will remain analog, of course. I'll keep everyone aprised of progress and soon- pictures of the Driver's Lounge!


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    Black Point Raceway 2.0

    Greetings --

    Well, the electrical gremlins are solved!! (forgot to hook up power to the track from the drivers stations!!)

    1st Laps went to Manfred Schurti in the Group 5 Porsche 935/77 Jagermeister

    Other laps are being completed by cars from each decade of racing since 1930 !!!!

    I will try to post photos ASAP

    Next up is to hook up the power taps (although I like having power all the way 'round from one tap!!) and then put in the elevations - which will be more dramatic than 1.0 -but just as raceable.

    Stay tuned!!



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      It all sounds good -

      ...what is the lap length?
      Did you use any track design software, by any chance?



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        Four Lanes of Action

        Well, fans - we finally got to run cars on Black Point Raceway 2.0

        With only one power tap hooked up, all four lanes run all the way round.

        Track is all flat now, elevations are coming this weekend!

        Design is similar to BPR 1.0 -but largerl --- the only software I used was my 'soft' fingers putting down pieces of track to see what I liked!!!

        I will try to get photos up--



        Owner - Black Point Raceway


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          Hi fans-

          Max - track design was 'layout pieces of track similar to BP 1.0 and fill in more space!!!

          Have put in 90% of elevations (the Corkscrew lives!! --only smoother this time!) with only the Monza banking left to build. Some guardrail is in and 'walls' will be next -followed by paint and ground covering - then start on the scenery.

          Have not measured yet, but guessing about 80 feet---



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            Owing to the great work that Mr Mike (a-k-a BoopieJones) did for me on the 1st Black Point, I was able to tear down, label and box everything - and other than adding another set of jumpers (and the Master Track Call button), she fired up on the very first try!! Thanks again Mike!!

            Computer also works with (still) older version of TrakMate -but I will try and upgrade it (and the monitor) next year. Scenery is progressing and I'm trying to cure ;ninco hop' on all my ScaleAuto Group 5 cars!!!

            Steve C.


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              Glad its coming along. Road trip I think.


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                Road trip? Hmmmm....

                ... trying hard to think of a reason not to.....

                ....oh well I tried.



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                  Steve I loved your track when you lived the Bay Area. It was a blast to drive and you were a great host, it was the first "Club" track I had ever ran on. I bet the new and improved version is even better..Thanks.


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                    Thanks Bill --sure miss racing with you and the gang --however, I should be at a race in January when I come down to San Fran for the Fancy Food Show!