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Redhill October 14th Saturday

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  • Redhill October 14th Saturday

    Red Hill Raceway in Santa Rosa California is hosting are Club event. 4 p.m. for practice 6 p.m. for race the categories we are running are Carrera modern gt/stock except weight,tires. Carrera Dtm running Iroc, group 5/ open gears up to 21.5 motor. Can-am/ up to 25k motor open gears.

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    I'm in......


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      has anybody heard from nate cant get through by cell he is in fire area hope to god you and dusty ok


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        I hope he is okay. His home is very near the areas that burned.

        Another friend of mine lives in the area and he is okay but his father unfortunately lost his home.

        I'll try to reach out to Nate tomorrow to check on him.

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          Heard from Nate - he and wife are at a relative's - and house was still OK -as of last time he saw it...

          Steve C.


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            Latest news - no damage - race cancelled

            Hi guys, I just had a text exchange with Nate - he and Dusty are OK and staying nearby; he says he goes to the house every day to make sure its still there! It's undamaged but there's no electric power and we'll have to wait til later to reschedule.

            So - nothing (but NOTHING) beats good luck, as any racer will tell you. The burn perimeter is only a couple of hundred feet across the street from Nate's house, as far as I can tell. The danger is not really over. So keep your fingers crossed.

            I know we're all grateful for good fortune, and let's see what we can do in the meantime to make some good luck for other people who might be running short.

            best wishes to all!



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              Thinking of you guys. Stay safe


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                Great news to hear.

                I was looking at the evacuation map the other day and Nate's house was on the border of it. Good to know everyone is fine and hopefully all will be safe from this point on. Going to be a mess in the area for a long time.



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                  glad Nate is OK

                  I've been worried about you Nate. Glad to hear you are close by and house still standing.

                  I have taken in 7 displaced people who are in the same boat. Home still standing, Smoke everywhere. Evacuation still in effect.

                  I pray for the best.


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                    My BMW M1 IROC set should be ready for the next race


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                      Well, we will see what is the fastest color.....

                      ....this should be great, your cars always run way fast and smooth.