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Carter Invitational - Racing in Mill Valley, CA

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  • Carter Invitational - Racing in Mill Valley, CA

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    Mount Tamalpais Speedway is 90+ feet long. The race will be called "The Bread Run". This track to be loosely based upon the drive from Mill Valley to Point Reys, where I like to buy bread just so I can take the 45 minute drive.

    If you've been there you'll know that this is one of the most beautiful areas in California.


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      I should be there.


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        I'm bummed that I'll have to miss this. My kids really want to go see monster jam at the Oakland Colosseum that same night.


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          I'm bring my brother who has never raced digital. Should be a blast


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            I should be there from 2:00 till 4:30 --then off to dinner with some friends coming in from Socal!

            I'll have a Group C prepped for sure -and maybe---



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              Looking forward to do some running tomorrow.


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                Thank you Carter for inviting us to your home to race slot cars! My brother and I had lots of fun!


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                  It seemed that one and all had a good time. Hooray! Total attendance was 13. It is overwhelming to host an event but fun never the less. It helps to have a partner like Jay to make the food and drink side happen so smoothly. Thanks darling.

                  We had some teething problems that were whittled down as the day progressed. Relocating the lap counter for example, has been further reengineered since then. Prior to this, laps were not being counted fairly after all those shorts. We should be trouble free from here on out, on this issue.

                  The power cord got disconnected, a car here and there had a problem, whatever. Things ran smoother in the end.

                  I very much liked the pairing. Two father son teams, brothers, friends, and new friends. I would like to try this format again with timed endurance intervals, and no power interruptions. The marshaling was excellent and driver skill increased to reduce their need.

                  The GT1 race was first and most fraught with problems. Two or more group C races followed with decreasing issues as the short was an intermittent car, whose remedy was a piece of tape.

                  The final run were Steve's GT2 cars that he generously handed out to everyone. They were slower 14K motors but full fun.

                  After Steve and Evan left; Tim, Martin, Cory, and Mark stayed for a few more races. Afterwards we looked at, and then fired up the Jag. Everyone was gone by 7:30 and I was sorry racing was over but relieved as well.

                  Anyone interested in a Friday night race let me know before hand and I'll include you in dinner plans.

                  Thanks to all who participated.
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                    First Blood

                    The Invitation went really well --considering the number of newbies in the group and the first time out for Mr. Carter as host!! Congratulations and I am sorry that I had to bail so early... but the awesome tri-tip and Justin Cab that awaited me was pretty good too!!

                    I liked the team format for our impromtu Enduro race -- and boy, did that 15 minutes go fast!!

                    Looking forward to the next event and, hopefully a Friday night speedfest as well!

                    Thanks again Carter!!!