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  • Black Point 2.0

    Well, the wheels turn slowly -but we are closer to Black Point 2.0 -- last week, I had some help in moving boxes and boxes of mainly books - out of the track space and either upstairs or in the main house.

    Step 2 is taking the remaining boxes (which are mostly track parts and accessories) and pushing them to the walls -opening up the middle of the garage floor to erect Costco tables and get the plywood down. This time around, I'm using the 1x1's to 'sit' the plywood sections to the tables so that even if bumped into, they should all stay intact. I may try to make tables at some point for the additional area of the track.

    I will be incorporating the Corkscrew (improved), the banking and the turn at the end of long straight into the new course --however, 2.0 will be longer and will have a hairpin/crossover turn as well as some serious 'esses'. It will remain analog, of course. I'll keep everyone aprised of progress and soon- pictures of the Driver's Lounge!