Race #1


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Back at The Grove and 5 racers on hand for the summer season.
Race#1 Vintage Sports Cars and Morg's Cheetah holds off Joe's Cobra with Marty's Cheetah rounding out the podium. Dave was fourth in a Cobra and Frank's Porsche fifth.
Race#2 Classic Le Mans had Morg's Lola breaks up the Porsche parade. With Joe second Marty third Frank fourth and Dave fifth all in Porsche's.
Race#3 Grp.C was fast and some close racing in all heats. Morg sweeps the night in a Gulf liveried Porsche and Joe's Lancia second followed by Marty's Lanica in third. Frank in the Shell Porsche fourth and Dave in the lone Jag fifth.
See you in two weeks back at The Grove for more summer time fun racing.