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  • Racing Format Rules

    The race format rules below apply to all NJ Metro Slotcars club races unless in an expressly noted special event.

    * If required based on low attendance, one person can perform the 3 roles below, but host is encouraged to delegate roles.

    - HOST:
    Provide (at minimum) a 4 lane track, with a reliable electronic or mechanical lap counting system. Track should have retaining wall/barrier around permiter to reduce chances of cars falling onto the floor. Layouts should be planned to maximize driver visibility of the entire track, and to allow marshalling of all turns. Un-marshallable areas need to be designated by track owner before each race. Marshalls should not have to reach in front of the driver to re-slot a car, this should be a designated un-marshallable area. No other restrictions apply to the type of track or power source to use.

    Run the individual heats, decide on all Track calls based on race rules herin. Ensure driver and car rotations are performed within 2 minute period. Race Director functions as backup to Score Keeper when Score Keeper is racing.

    Call the racers into the heats, Document the race scoring sheet (Names, cars, penalties,laps/segments), confirm when ok to reset lap counter and clock if separate from lap counter. Act as Race Director when Race Director is racing.


    Series races emphasis will be on running cars closer to stock than modified, except for hand-out spec motor and tires.

    1. Race practice to be limited to 2 minutes per lane once it is within 30 minutes from race start time.
    2. Host to announce what constitutes track calls prior to race start
    3. Track calls should be kept to a minimum
    4. Drivers and marshalls are expected to keep conversation levels such as to be able to hear Race Director
    5. Race Director is to remind drivers to hookup controllers properly, and marshalls to be ready, prior to starting each segment.
    6. Racers must identify lap counter issues during practice; restarting segment should be last resort if problems not identified in practice.
    7. Race segment times shall be three minutes on each lane unless otherwise specified
    8. Two minutes allowed between lane changes to document scores, reset counter/clock, rotate cars/lane stickers, and change lanes.

    1. Drivers improper controller hookup results in track call, and segment restart if first offence in race; Subsequent offences result in track call, segment restart, and 1 lap offending driver penalty, since this potentially impacts power of other drivers in segment.
    2. Tire cleaning shall only be done during 'green flag' conditions, and only with tape supplied by host.
    3. After start of race, drivers cannot touch cars unless during green flag period
    4. Driver handicap penalties to be served on first lane driver rotates into.
    5. Repairs to cars must also only be done during green flag period; must stop repairs between race segments while clock stops. Exception is during Marshall Damage, see below under "MARSHALLING".
    6. Repeated violation of above rule will result in 5 lap penalty to offending driver.
    7. If car substituted in series race, laps only count for car that started race.
    8. Car substition during track call allowed in non-series races if car performance is significantly less than at start of race, in Race Director's judgement; Laps will count for each approved car.
    9. Race Director must determine if segment should be restarted or if other adjustments can be made

    1. Marshalls rotate cars and lane stickers at race start and between segments
    2. Deslots are part of racing, as is marshalling.
    3. Marshalls shall emphasize putting cars back in correct lane's slot without damaging car/affecting braids.
    4. Marshall shall not advance re-slotted car significantly ahead of where it deslotted to 'make up time' for slow marshalling; However, marshall is encouraged to re-slot car on closest straight section to where it deslotted, which may result in advancing car a couple of sections.
    5. Marshall priority is to re-slot first car that fell off, waiting for traffic to pass. If cannot determine which car was first off, use judgement.
    6. Marshall or driver abuse is inappropriate and will be based on judgement of race director; repeat offenses to be penalized 5 laps after initial warning; Race Director can disqualify driver for subsequent offenses
    7. Each racer must marshall at least 4 race segments; upon leaving race rotation, racer must assume marshalling post. Marshall that is scheduled to enter race soonest exits marshall rotation
    8. If racer cannot marshall due to health reason, emergency, or need to repair car, let Race Director know in advance if possible. Vacating marshall must find replacement marshall. If there are enough participants to find a substitute, and the marshall does not request a substitute, the marshall who needs the subtitute receives a penalty of 5 laps. If insufficient number of participants are available, the vacating marshall does not receive a 5 lap penalty, and Race Director will designate a track call area to cover the vacated area.
    9. If expecting a potential important phone call, you should not be racing or marshalling, but let Race Director know in advance.
    10. While marshalling, you are not to operate a camera, use cell phone, or any other activity that does not allow you to use both hands for marshalling. Doing so will be considered not being fully available to marshall, and racer will receive 5 lap penalty
    11. Driver or marshall can make the initial marshall damage call. Marshall must confirm that a significant reduction in car's performace was due to damage traceable to marshall's direct contact with driver's car. Disputed call will be settled by race director's judgement. Car cannot be handed to driver until it's confirmed to be marshall damage. Driver will get 1/2 the length of the segment to repair the car. If car is rendered inoperable, and confirmed by marshall or, in case of dispute, race director that it's traceable to a marshall's direct involvement, driver may use a substitute car (their own, or a loaner) that meets class specifications

    Race winner will have the most laps and sections completed at race end. If at race end there is a tie for first place based on total laps and total sections, 1 minute run-off races will be run on a lane designated by the Race Director. Each racer tied for first place will separately run 1 minute on the designated lane, with laps and sections recorded. After all tied racers have run, most laps and sections is declared winner, and remaining racer(s) final position determined by next highest lap and section totals. If at the conclusion of the 1 minute run-off races there is another tie, the final race will be declared a tie, with first place points shared. This run off only is to be used for first place ties, not for ties for lower positions. Other ties will share points for the specific position