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Race Results 12-17-2010

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  • Race Results 12-17-2010

    Well I talked to Paul, and it seems that the control a, and control c and then control v is TOO much work for him, so here goes. This may take as much as 30 seconds.

    From the NJSCRA Family Happy Holidays to all and your families.

    Well, another series is over.

    I think most of us would agree that this was a fun series and we have identified yet another group of cars that are in a category by themselves. We will miss those closed Cockpit Fly Classics. For those who are not racing with us we found that the new Ninco Chassis and Pod setup along with the Blue NC14 motor performs better than the older chassis style. However, this series seemed like it took along time to complete. Last night was a very light night of racers. Only 4 people showed up for the final. Needless to say we finished out the race/series with Dave, Carl, Jim, and Paul.

    Once again the racing was very close with Dave taking first place in the Fly series and Paul first in the Ninco series. Below are the results from last night and the series finale. Now, please pay close attention to the results for the Ninco series scoring:

    Last nights results
    Dave - 97.38
    Paul - 97.32
    Carl - 90.48
    Jim - 90.32

    Paul - 106.04
    Dave - 104.27
    Carl - 99.42
    Jim - 89.62

    I can not remember the series being this close ever. The Fly race while close was won by.....
    Carl with a total (including drops) scored 480 points,
    followed by Jeff with 450,
    and in 3rd was Paul with 445.
    Here are the others who participated in the series:
    Dave -400
    Jim - 305
    Dan - 275
    Larry - 270
    Mark - 195
    J.J. - 60

    In the second series (Ninco) The results were amazing. There was a tie with drops between Jeff and Carl. They both scored a total of 470 again with drops, but you can only have one winner. So I looked at what the tie breaker should be and went to Total Points.
    The winner with a total of 610 points is Carl!!!
    Jeff had 550 points (last night was the difference).
    The next up is Paul with 430 points. Here is the rest of the field:
    Dave - 420
    Dan - 325
    Jim - 310
    Larry - 280
    Mark - 200
    J.J. - 60

    We are off the for the couple of weeks for the Christmas and New Years.