The cobwebs were dusted off (literally) the old Le Mazz track last night it an attempt to re-kindle the fond memories of great past races. But it was not meant to be. Issues with the clock, computer and yellow lane made the first race a quite frustrating event. There was a lot of plastic surgery being performed on guide flags to accommodate the shallow Scalextric Classic slot depth. I think the Dremel was running for two hours straight. While we were upstairs eating pizza and BSing, Larry stayed on the track and honed his Bullitt Mustang into a car that Steve McQueen would be proud of. As a result Larry earned his first NJ132SCRA 1st Place. CONGRATULATIONS LARRY.

The second race with the Ninco's went slightly better but the yellow lane went from having intermittent problems to totally not working. We raced on three lanes which freed up a marshall (something we should have done for the first race) and Jeff bested Carl by just under a lap.

The third race was pretty close as going into the final heat all three racers were on the same lap. Jeff came out with the win with Glenn in second and Larry in third.

Great Sport awards go to:
Dave for persevering through the first race even though nothing was going his way.
Glenn for persevering in the first and third race trying to find cars to work for him.
Mary Jo for making the Chocolate Chip Cookies which were the hit of the night.

Quote of the night: As Carl was laying on the couch and eating a Chocolate Chip Cookie he said "These cookies alone were worth the trip."

5/20/11 @ John's

RACE 1: SCCA Trans Am

RACE 2: Ninco JGTC

RACE 3: Vanquish Can Am