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Race Report: OSRL North, May 12th, 2012 - Route 93 Raceway

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  • Race Report: OSRL North, May 12th, 2012 - Route 93 Raceway

    After two cancellations and a lot of finangling, the Ohio Scale Racing League rolled into Route 93 Raceway in Akron, Ohio to bring an end to a long and fun inaugural season.

    Rolling off first were the SCX NASCAR division on the Darlington oval. After watching a few of the practice laps of both first-time entrants Mukti Sinkowski and Maurissa Shank, as well as series regular Kevin Csubak, Route 93 local and Ohio Challenge Cup regular (as well as a local FCR Hardbody oval top gun) Willy Custer. Right off the bat, it was clear Willy had sorted out that an SCX NASCAR wasn't too different from an FCR, and he built a commanding and unassailable lead, turning in one of the most crushing performances of the Northern calendar. More low key, but showing the building consistency that's made him a vital member of the OSRL, was Kevin Csubak whose goal was "Turn laps and lots of them." The closest fight was between newcomers, neither of whom had turned laps before, Mukti Sinkowski and Maurissa Shank, who traded laughs, laps, and wrecks before power cut off.

    Final Results - SCX NASCAR

    1st: Willy Custer
    2nd: Kevin Csubak
    3rd: Mukti Sinkowski
    4th: Maurissa "Misa" Shank

    After a brief lunch break, it was right onto the American King for the Slot-It division. The Slot-It cars were showing solidly on the big classic track and even the newest drivers found a rhythm within a few laps. Bad luck bit into Maurissa Shank's race as her loaner Porsche 956K split a body post after a hard knock, severely compromising handling. Aside from that incident, the race was much closer with best heats being traded between Willy, Kevin, and myself. Mukti and Misa also proved to be improving, with Mukti commenting that "The big track is MUCH easier to drive!". After eight 2minute heats, it was a Ferrari F40 1-2 between myself and Willy, with Kevin and his diabolical Ford GT40 bringing in a much improved 3rd.

    Final Results - Slot-It

    1st: Justin A. Porter
    2nd: Willy Custer
    3rd: Kevin Csubak
    4th: Mukti Sinkowski
    5th: Maurissa "Misa" Shank

    The final event on the day was Modified, with all entrants feeling much more competitive thanks the the Slot-It event shaking the road-racing dust off. In particular, Mukti was eager to use the series' Spirit Courage that series regular Craig Bernard ran to a solid outing at HMS Speedways. Off the bat, it was anyone's race, with the first heat actually showing one lap gaps from first to fifth. Throughout the race, Willy (running the series' loaner Marlboro Porsche 962) and my ScaleAuto Radical swapped the lead while Kevin (and his still tricky SCX Peugeot 908) and Mukti (running the aforementioned Courage) swapped 3rd heat after heat until a wreck cracked the chassis of the Courage, pushing its splitter onto the track and lifting the guide out of the slot for the duration of a heat. Meanwhile, Misa concentrated on improving her lap total. After the last heat, Willy nailed down his second win of the day in his third 1/32nd scale race ever.

    Final Results - Modified

    1st: Willy Custer
    2nd: Justin A. Porter
    3rd: Kevin Csubak
    4th: Mukti Sinkowski
    5th: Maurissa "Misa" Shank

    At the end of what was easily one of the most laugh-filled days on the OSRL calendar, several prizes were given out. The SCC Sportmanship award was given collectively (as we had 3 hats remaining) to the volunteer marshalls of Route 93 Raceway who'd been shagging cars for us all day and had gotten just a bit winded in the process! From BRS Hobbies and CincySlots, we had prize cars as well. Steve (whose last name I regrettably did not get!) who'd marshalled all day as well as assisted in setting up the computers and keeping everyone smiling, was given a Dodge Charger SRT8 in Richard Petty paint that he was tickled to receive. Willy, whose performance and enthusiasm for the 1/32nd scale cars, despite their comparitive slowness to his usual OCC hardware, was given a Carrera BMW Z4GT3.

    Being as this was also the Series Finale, the points were totalled up and - despite being unable to make the final two rounds - the Ohio Scale Racing League is proud to crown its first Overall Champion: Sam "Squirrell" Draudt. For his accomplishment, Squirrell was awarded a Ninco Lightning Lamborghini Murcielago RGT from regional sponsor Clearview Hobby. When called for comment, Squirrell was elated but his comments aren't repeatable.

    Division champions were also crowned, with Squirrell also claiming the SCX NASCAR division, Kevin Csubak riding consistency to nail down the Slot-It division Championship, and myself taking the Modified Championship. The Lorain County Community College gaming club "Gamers' Paradise" sponsored the Slot-It Champion's car which was a Porsche 956K in HydroAluminum colors. As series director, I excused myself from receiving the champion's car in Modified, and instead turned it over to our Rookie of the Year who also received a controller from Professor Motor, Craig Bernard!

    Thanks to all of the sanction and regional sponsors: SCX, BRS Hobbies, CincySlots, Slot Car Corner, Clearview Hobby, Gamers' Paradise, HotSlots132, Difalco, and Professor Motor.

    Thank you to Karl Hoffheims at J&B Raceway, Kit and Cap Henry at HMS Speedways, Mike McMasters at Tom Thumb Hobbies, Brian McPherson at REM Raceway, and Frank (WE MISS YOU) and Debbie Elavsky at Route 93 Raceway. You all helped make this a season to grow on!

    Thank you to every racer who turned a lap with the Ohio Scale Racing League's Northern Region this year and we can't wait to see you next year!