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BRM 6hr Group C Race Nov 7

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  • BRM 6hr Group C Race Nov 7

    6hr 1/24 BRM Group C Nov. 7th


    Doors Open at 9am
    Tech is at 11am
    Qualifying 11:30am
    Race Starts at Noon
    60min Heats
    1 min in between


    $60. Per team (3 per team) (6 teams will be allowed)
    (All Day Access to the Track)

    If 6 teams show there will be a prize for the 1st place team which will be announced later.

    This is a first come first serve basis so please post below or contact the shop with the following info:

    Team name.
    Members on the team.

    Race Details

    1/24 BRM Group C

    Each team will be given a designated area for there team to pit.

    Before the start of the race we will have a 6 laps qualify in the yellow lane. Each team will choose one driver to represent there team for the qualifying. The team with the fastest lap will have there choice of which lane they start the race on.

    The race will start on rubber tires then after 2hr 15min the teams will have to switch to sponge tires. each team will have 30min to pit and change there tires. Tire change must be done under green, if a track call is placed during this 30 mins the team(s) that are changing there tire must stop what they are doing until the track goes back to green.

    All teams will be given a small zip lock bag to put there rubber tires in and they must be turned in before the 30 mins is up. If a team does not have there rubber tires turned in during the allowed time there will be a 5lap penalty for every lap completed with rubber tires.

    ..Phase II Race Rules will be used for this race..

    You are allowed 3 racers on your team. 1 racing, 1 marshalling and 1 resting. The rotation will be as followed: Race 1 hr then rest for 1 hr then marshal for 1. At any time the racer can take a break but you must stop your car at the appropriate driver station then the driver must unhook there controller and allow the second racer to hook there controller then continue their race. If the team wants to use one controller during therace they still must unhook the controller and pass it to the next racer to allow them to hook back up. If the racer does not follow this procedure then a 5 lap deduction will be applied for each time.

    Once the race the starts it will not stop for any reason unless a track call is place by the race director. If a car breaks or if a team wants to fix a problem on the car. The resting driver must come to the track and retrieve the car from the pit area, if the car cannot make it to the pit then the marshal will pick up the car to make sure it does not cause a wreck. The car must be taken to there designated pit table at no time will the car be allowed to go back to their racer box. If this happens the appropriate actions will be taken against that team per the Phase II race rules.

    Tires can only be cleaned under green and at the pit section of the track. Each team will be given 1min to change there car to the next and switch drivers.


    we will be follow the national rules

    Spec Tire: BRM Sponges S-021SS and any BRM Rubber tire

    -Allowed in the Pit-

    *Any tools you may need to fix the car.
    *One spare S-033 T-RS EVO 25,000k motor
    *One Spur gear
    *Extra Braid
    *Spare BRM Screws
    *Tire cleaner if needed

    If you do not see it here, it is not allowed.... If you have any question please let me know

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    Team Phase II
    Greg, Joe and Carlton


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      Team IHSR
      Ron, Sherman and Keith


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        Team CRL
        Craig, Reggie and Mike


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          Team ?
          Glen, Scott and Dave

          let know what your team is called?
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            Ok we need two more teams.....


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              Hi Greg,
              Thanks for posting the rules. Here are some of my questions:
              1. I assume if we are following BRM rules if a wing comes off it needs to be repaired during green. So if this happens does the driver bring the car to the pit box and the non marshall racer reattaches it?
              2. Pit spares- How about allowing tape and glue for broken wings and bodies?
              3. The spare motor- can it have wires and pinion attached?
              4. If the above answer is no then can we at least have spare wires as they often break even in shorter races?
              5. Spare guide should also be allowed.
              6. Question on cleaning tires- If I'm reading correctly we can't clean the tires during the driver change? If so then we need to have to drive to the pit box and have our free teammate clean them correct?
              That is all for now. ~Ron


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                1. So if the wing comes off you will need to stop in the pit and allow the non marshaling teammate reattach it under green. if the wing breaks off then you must repair it.
                2.CA Glue, Shoe Goo and tape is allowed in the pits.
                3.The Spare motor can have the pinion and wires attached.
                5. A spare guide and grub screws with rubber bushing is allowed at the pit.
                6. you Cannot clean the tires between each heat only under green. This means after you stop in the pits the non marshaling teammate will have to clean them.

                hope this helps


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                  Quick and clear answers. Thanks, looking forward to the event it should be fun. Let's get a full field of 6 teams. Anything can happen in a 6 hour race! ~Ron


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                    Originally posted by carbon9 View Post
                    Team ?
                    Gary, Jay and Glen

                    let know what your team is called?
                    Jay is out and Gary seems to be a definite maybe, probably not.....
                    Going to race with Scott and a future draft pick.
                    Question on the rules, if I read correctly.

                    Car must weight a minimum of 180. However the BRM site rules only allow for BRM ballast weight, is that correct?? I might have read it wrong.



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                      Heh heh heh

                      My Budweiser car weighs 198.

                      I need Purple gears and foam tires.

                      Just the info I need.



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                        Scott, I have some purple inline gears if you need for the race or backup.
                        Your on your own for tires.

                        Glen, you are correct about minimum weight is 180g but you can use lead for this race. If and when Alan Smith comes to run offical BRM race then you'll need the BRM ballast pieces. They are expensive and hard to find on some cars.~Ron
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                          This just in...

                          Have a look.


                          Ready to have some fun?



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                            Sorry to hear that glen.. I am sure we can find you and Scott one more person. To confirm... any weight is allow but you might want to look at getting the weight that fits your car. Brm does have a lot of them instock thats including for the angle winder chassis.


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                              Looks good Scott