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Race Info Jan-16 BRM Classic and Scalextric T/A

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  • Race Info Jan-16 BRM Classic and Scalextric T/A

    Doors Open at 9am
    Tech is at 11am
    Race Starts at Noon
    5min Heats
    1.5mins in between

    $20. Both Races and practice
    (All Day Access to the Track)

    ***If you do not see it on here you are not allowed to do it. If you have any question please let me know.***

    1st race

    1/24 BRM Classic (Porsche 917k and Ferrari 512M)


    BRM Porsche 917K and Ferrari 512M (all cars must at least 3 numbers on it.)

    BRM 512 do not have to have the wings on them..

    BRM 917 Plastic chassis- Pink BRM motor.
    BRM 917 Metal chassis Kit- Black BRM motor.

    BRM 512 Metal chassis- Black motor

    Both Cars
    Front wheels-Stock BRM with inserts
    Front tires- Any BRM that fits the 512 or 917. (Tires can be lightly sanded)
    Rear Wheels- Stock BRM with inserts
    Rear Tires- Any BRM Rubber that fits the 512 or 917. (tires can be glued and sanded)
    Gear Ratio- Any BRM Gears
    No Mag
    No weight limit
    Axles- Any BRM
    Any type of weight is allow as long as it is inside of the car.
    Body cannot be cut or shaved in anyway.
    Chassis can be lightly shaven if needed.
    Any BRM guide.
    Braid is open.

    2nd Race

    1/32 Scalextric Vintage TransAM


    National Rules..

    Spec Rear Tires. Scale Auto Sponge

    you can glue the motor in place..

    Hope to see everyone there....

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    we are back to racing this weekend.. hope to see everyone there.


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      Looks like FUN!

      But I will be in the Burgh for a family get together...
      See you all Tuesday...



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        I'll be there for the BRM race, then have to leave daughter's birthday. ~Ron


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          Thanks Phase II for hosting a good event. Lots of great races scheduled for 2016!


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            Thanks for Hosting

            Thanks Phase for a great event. I had a blast! Look forward to more racing there in the future.



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              I enjoyed my race too! Great group of racers. ~Ron


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                What a fun time racing at phase 2 really good racing and really good group of racers


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                  I noticed we are not racing the Classic BRM cars again this year. We need another scheduled race for the 917/512. These cars are too much fun and every other BRM class has 2 scheduled races not including the BRM regionals. ~Ron