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Race Rules March 26 BRM Group C and Carrera 1/24

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  • Race Rules March 26 BRM Group C and Carrera 1/24

    Doors Open at 9am
    Tech is at 11am
    Race Starts at Noon
    5min Heats
    1.5mins in between

    $20. Both Races and practice
    (All Day Access to the Track)

    1st Race BRM Group C

    2012 Rules

    2014 Updated Rules

    Angle Winders allowed.
    Minimum weight 180 grams.
    Tires Front low profile allowed same minimum as Challenge Rules now.
    Rear tires spec to the Event BRM021SS, Scaleauto-2426BRM, BRM021, and also
    Tires to be spec for each Event no mixed tires allowed.
    Either lead or BRM weight allowed only on the chassis.
    Any BRM gearing, any BRM motor unmodified.
    Angle Winder you may extend stock lead wires.
    Latest BRM guide allowed.

    Spec Tire: BRM Rubber tires.

    *Wings Must be attached*
    *Wheel inserts must be in*
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________

    2nd Race 1/24 Carrera


    Cars Allowed: Any 1/24 Carrera
    Motor: Carlos Motor
    Motor Pod: OEM
    Spur Gear: OEM
    Pinion: Stock Carrera or Scale Auto 10tooth brass
    Front OEM (glued and trued is allowed but no chemicals are allowed on the front tires)
    Rear Tires: OEM (Urethanes are not allowed) glued and trued is allowed
    No Magnets allowed
    Weight: Any lead weight is allowed
    Guide: OEM Carrera black or red (you can cut if needed)
    Braid : OEM Carrera Braid only

    If you do not see it here, it is not allowed.... If you have any question please let me know.

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    Carrera class question

    Can I use masking tape on my chassis?