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  • shoot out class questions

    Hi all
    I'm confused (at my age that's easy).
    The four classes of cars we're going to run are GROUP C, MODERN GT, CLASSIC and LMP. My questions are about what cars fit each race class.

    Looking at the web page---The CLASSIC car class is easy and so is GROUP C.
    In the LMP class, it looks to me that the two AUDI R18's, Lola Aston Martin and Lola B09/60 comfortably fit the class. I'd argue that the two Audi R8C coupes fit the class too.

    For the MODERN GT class I'm convinced the class consists of the Porsche 911 GT1,the Nissan R390 GT1's(short and long tails), Ferrari F40, and Mclaren F1 GTR.

    If someone knows differently please let us all know!! Its less than two weeks to four races.

    OK, here's another question.... The Mclaren F1 GTR has been issued with at least four different motors and two pod orientations. I have one of each F1 that has an Orange-can inline, another with a yellow Flat-6 anglewinder, then there's one with an (unmarked) yellow flat-6 anglewinder and lastly a full size Boxer2 anglewinder.

    Unless I'm corrected, I'll assume they're all legal for the class. Actually makes it pretty interesting with all the different configurations!
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    My understanding is that for the classics and group C we are using the orange endbell only in the standard config.
    classics = sidewinder
    group c = inline

    for the LMP and GT1's, the rules are stating the anglewinder yellow flat 6, 20.5k motor only.
    As far as what falls into each class, i believe what you have for the GT1s is correct. For the LMPs, I would defer to the rules maker on the Audi R8C's but the others would be the ones I know comply.


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      Thanks Glen. Where are the rules you're referring to? I sure could use them.


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        Sherm please look at the post titled slot it shootout. it has all the rules and the cars allowed.