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Phase 2 last race sept 24

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  • Phase 2 last race sept 24

    A very sad but needed announcement that we will be closing the Pasadena's location. During this time off there will be some health concernes that needs to be attandened to before we open the doors at are new larger location. We would like to thank everyone that supported us at that location and hope that you will join us when we reopen. With that said we plan on doing one last Saturday race. Details below...

    Doors open at 8am
    Race starts at 10am

    1st race BRM Group C
    Using national rules
    BRM 25k
    Scale auto or BRM Sponge tires

    2nd Race 1/24 Scale Auto
    Using National rules
    Scale Auto Sponge tires

    3rd Race 1/32 Slot Group C
    Slot it orange bell
    Any rubber rear tires
    Any front tires
    Any slot it gears

    I hope that everyone that supported us can make it to the race. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the shop or through email at [email protected].

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    phase 2 closing

    Hi Greg,
    Sharon called me yesterday. Very sad to hear about the store closing. I plan to be there on the 24th. We'll talk. ~Ron


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      Very sorry to hear about this, Greg. Was never able to make an actual race, but I know my magnet marshal found a good home there.

      All the best, and the potential for a new, larger location is encouraging.


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        new location

        where is the new location going to be? I haven't been to the Pasadena track in a while due to a job change. wish the best on any health issues . you are great people to be around I just haven't been able to get to do more playing around there. you guys really changed my way of thinking from the hand built from the ground up 1/24th scale winged stuff. Still love that side, but 1/32 scale detail in the cars is crazy. thats what got me into it. Hopefully the new track will be in the area still and I will play when it reopens, Again best wishes. KEN