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    Originally posted by The Professor View Post
    I will dig out the track paint and anything else that looks important.
    Beer and Sunshine!


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      I built up the power and scoring module. I still need to get a cord for the power supply. The only problem is the system will run the track and do scoring, but it will not do the individual lanes for fuel stops that I had hoped for. I still can not find out what I need and how I build a system to make this work. I am pretty sure I need a second Fidget board with individual relays, but from there I am in the dark. Oh well what I have will work for the time being.

      Headed out the door for Red Devil Raceways were we will enjoy Wednesday night with the PSSRA.

      Hope to see you guys here at my shop on Saturday.



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        I love the smell of MDF in the morning

        The sawdust is about to fly as we will soon be decending to Fester's man cave to get the oval started.

        Action pics to follow.


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          Build day Saturday the 5-12-12

          We did it. We build a track and made a couple of laps in one day. Admittedly it was one lane with a 6V wall-wort with no controller, but we ran a car on the new track.

          There were five of us here as the guys showed up around 8am. Professor (John Powers), Darek (Professor Jr.), Hazard (Dave Hanson), Oops (Graig Bittner) and Fester (Me). Yoda (Tony Kuljis) couldn’t drag his *** out of bed, so I still have beer left. Sarah made us a great lunch of burgers with all the trimmings. We put in a full Ten hour day and everyone was dragging a little when we called it good. I still have to tape three lanes and do a little soldering of the joints then finish up the wiring, but other then that we are almost ready for a SCUMS event.

          We put the emphasis on making the track portable and made a few concessions to that end in how we set things up. We board holes in the end braces and sunk the drivers hook-ups into them so there wouldn’t be anything sticking out to hang up if it was slid into a truck bed for transport. The table is on folding legs, but will fit on a steel framed work table I built a few years back. We decided to work at making it look like a routed track and not a plastic one, thus the off-set the turns to open up inside lane and make them a decreasing radius. The lanes wander a bit also to simulate real race cars. I had to make a special trip to Lowes to get dirt colored paint, as it was decided this couldn’t be asphalt. It is a little crude, but that is how we decided to make it. The lines are different on each side and should be a lot of fun.

          I will try and include some photos from the build on my web page; . I am afraid we all got so busy that we didn’t do as good a job as we could have documenting the process. But you kind of had to have been there to get the full effect of the group dynamics (crazed slot car addicts).

          Hazard and the Professor have contacted me and will probably be back Monday night to help finish up tape and wiring. I have to get some walls up and a few finishing touches. I am getting ready to order up some trans-am and older NASCAR stockers to convert to short track fairgrounds specials. I’ll also have a set of WOMP cars. This should give me a few IROC sets to get us started.

          Well I hope to see you all Tuesday at the drags, Wednesday at the PSSRA races at Shawn’s or perhaps at the next SCUMS race.

          Uncle Fester


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            The track build went well and we just need to tie up some loose ends and let the beatin' and bangin' begin!