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    Hi Guys,

    I want to run the Big Cars tomorrow afternoon!

    ALL Races will be FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!

    any interest?

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      You can count me in.

      Hope your track session went well Ron. Can't wait to hear about it.


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        Good Stuff Charles!!!

        Tom is coming too.

        Who else???

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          It's on Guys!

          We are racing the Big Cars today. Green Flag drops at 2pm.

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            Sunday Nov 10 - Fun Run - South Loop

            Hi Guys,

            We had a great turnout for 1/24 Scale Racing last Sunday. It was shaping up to be a FAST Race! It was a packed house and boy was it hot in here! I think that lead to some wicked lap times.

            We are going to a new Partial Last Lap system. Instead of sections we are going to go with additional feet. So the First number is the total laps and the +"x" number will be the additional feet traveled.

            Here is how it went down.............

            BRM Group C

            Ronnie - 110 +4'
            Glen - 110 +3'
            John B - 109 +69'
            Steve - 109 +38'
            Ravi - 107 +73'
            Charles - 105 +14'
            Dave - 104 +48'
            Brock - 50 +0'

            Fast Laps

            Ronnie - 6.457 (Red) (P)
            Glen - 6.354 (Red) (P)
            John B - 6.404 (Blue) (T)
            Steve - 6.414 (Red) (P)
            Ravi - 6.436 (Blue) (T)
            Charles - 6.408 (Green) (P)
            Dave - 6.620 (Green) (P)
            Brock - 7.447 (Red) (P)

            Now that was some CLOSE Racing! It really was anyone's race. Position 1 through 6 had almost identical best laps times. There cars are about as equal as it gets. Whoever keeps that back end from swinging around stands a very good chance at winning this race. Good Fun Gents!

            Now onto the 1/24 Scaleauto Race.......

            Scaleauto GT Challenge

            Ronnie - 104 +46'
            Ravi - 102 +40'
            Steve - 102 +22'
            Glen - 100 +21'
            Charles - 99 +52'
            Dave - 94 +38'
            Joe - 92 +8'
            Tom - 86 +59'

            Fast Laps

            Ronnie - 6.694 (Blue) RSR
            Ravi - 6.702 (Green) Z4 GTR
            Steve - 6.737 (Green) Cup
            Glen - 6.870 (Green) Cup
            Charles - 6.727 (Green) M3 GTR
            Dave - 6.932 (Green) M3 GTR
            Joe - 7.282 (Blue) RSR
            Tom - 6.821 (Green) RSR

            I LOVE this Class! I think driving these cars is just the most fun. The realism and the scale speeds are spot on. If you do not own a 1/24 Scaleauto then you should fix that ASAP! Then come on out on any Sunday afternoon to run with the great bunch of guys that race here. Very Relaxed, Very Informal, and totally about the fun!

            Thanks Guys, you guys make my Sundays.

            Race Haven Hobbies
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              Nov 24, 2013 - North Loop

              Hi Guys,

              Today is RACE DAY!!! Here is the report from last Sunday. The Group C BRM's have never run North Loop before so all the records were up for grabs. Here is how it went down.......

              BRM Group C

              Glen - 109 32'
              Ronnie - 108 10'
              Steve - 107 34'
              Charles - 106 56'
              Joe - 88 69'
              Brock - 79 59'

              Fast Laps

              Glen - 6.396 (Red) (P)
              Ronnie - 6.506 (Blue) (P)
              Steve - 6.439 (Green) (P)
              Charles - 6.459 (Blue) (P)
              Joe - 7.234 (Red) (P)
              Brock - 8.322 (Green) (P)

              Not a huge turnout but Super Fun none the less! Now onto the Scaleautos! My Favorite time of the week! This Class ROCKS!

              Scaleauto GT Challenge

              Ronnie - 103 35' (RSR)
              Charles - 101 37' (M3 GTR)
              Steve - 98 13' (Cup)
              Joe - 92 59' (RSR)
              Glen - 72 43' (Jag)

              Fast Laps

              Ronnie - 6.780 (Green)
              Charles - 6.756 (Green)
              Steve - 6.942 (Green)
              Joe - 7.332 (Green)
              Glen - 6.822 (Green)

              Thats it Guys........I have to get my 917 sorted for today. We ran them as an exhibition race last weekend and this is going to be FAST!!!! Today will be 5 Wide and it is going to get messy. Come on out to see this race this afternoon, it will be a spectacle!!!

              Today is Race Day! Green Flag Drops on Group C's at 1pm Sharp!

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                Now that was some of the Best racing we have ever done yesterday afternoon!!!

                3 Races, 3 different Winners!!! We now officially have the Triple Crown. Who will be the first to Win all 3 races on Sunday?

                I will get the Full report up today. Records fell and Fun was had!

                Come see what 1/24 Scale Slot Racing is all about, every Sunday afternoon at Race Haven Hobbies.

                Thanks to everyone that came out.

                BRM 917's ROCK!!!!!

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                  Dec 1, 2013 - South Loop

                  Hi Guys,

                  What better way to promote tomorrows race then the Race Report form last Sunday Afternoon. It was a PACKED house! 1/24 Scale racing is getting big! pun intended.

                  Last Sunday was the first time we lined the BRM 917's up for a 5 Wide Official Race. WOW! The Full report will be saved for last. This does however introduce the "Triple Crown". Who will be the first to Win all 3 Races on Sunday. There will be a separate spot on the Record Board for the "Triple Crown Club".

                  Now onto the BRM Group C' was shaping up to be a record breaking afternoon. Dan The Man (aka Yellowdog) came up from the Fall to have some was good to see and race with you again Dan. Troy and Roger!....jump in the car with Dan next time he comes up.

                  BRM Group C

                  Ravi - 112 11'
                  Glen - 109 38'
                  Steve - 109 50'
                  Charles - 108 65'
                  Ronnie - 108 3'
                  Darren - 103 39'
                  Dave - 101 72'
                  Dan - 94 40'

                  Fast Laps

                  Ravi - 6.255 (Green) (T)
                  Glen - 6.422 (Red) (P)
                  Steve - 6.432 (Red) (P)
                  Ronnie - 6.559 (Red) (P)
                  Darren - 6.677 (Green) (P)
                  Dave - 6.721 (Green) (P)
                  Dan - 7.127 (Blue) (P)

                  Way to go Ravi! Put a Toyota on the Top Step and finally took the Lap time record from Steve set O' so long ago! Your car was Hooked Up! I think we may have to Durometer those tires this week.....

                  Now onto my Favorite time of the week.....Scaleauto 1/24th's!

                  Scaleauto GT Challenge

                  Steve - 105 7'
                  Ronnie - 104 5'
                  Glen - 103 73'
                  Ravi - 103 48'
                  Charles - 101 40'
                  Dan - 93 48'
                  Dave - 93 6'

                  Fast Laps

                  Steve - 6.683 (Green) Cup
                  Ronnie - 6.640 (Green) RSR
                  Glen - 6.784 (Green) Jaguar
                  Ravi - 6.669 (Green) Z4
                  Charles - 6.781 (Green) M3 GTR
                  Dan - 7.032 (Green) Cup
                  Dave - 7.032 (Green) M3 GTR

                  Nice Run Steve.....real close to the record but Ravi still owns it. Thanks for lending Dan your Car so he could play too! What a Gentleman Racer! If I have to lose to somebody........

                  OK, here we go, 5 Wide, 12 Volts, BRM 917's are up!!! 7 Guys lined up for the First Race and all the records were up for grabs........ Five 2 Minute Heats is the Official Format for this Class.

                  BRM Porsche 917

                  Ronnie - 92 49'
                  Steve - 91 29'
                  Darren - 86 59'
                  Charles - 86 45'
                  Dave - 85 2'
                  Gabriel - 71 46'
                  Colton - 71 3'

                  Fast Laps

                  Ronnie - 6.174 (Blue)
                  Steve - 6.384 (Red)
                  Darren - 6.607 (Green)
                  Charles - 6.473 (Blue)
                  Dave - 6.525 (Green)
                  Gabriel - 6.562 (Blue)
                  Colton - 6.983 (Blue)

                  Now that was some FAST 1/24th Scale Racing! These cars are awesome! Dave bought his, did some minor setup on the front axle and off he went......look at his fast lap! Wait till he gets some trued tires.

                  Darren ran in his second 1/24 Scale race ever and hit the podium! Awesome.

                  Gabriel has some issues with a rear axle that slipped and it cost him some time, he ran clean and fast despite the mechanical issues throwing him off a little.

                  Colton was back out to race again!!! Very good! He bought a car first thing on arrival and basically threw it on the track. A Lap in the 6's is brilliant all things considered. Nice running Colton, come out anytime to get that trigger finger back up to snuff!

                  A Side Note on the Rules.......

                  There will be Official Rules Posted for all 3 Classes this week. We are going to run tomorrow afternoon as we have been but the following week the Full Rule sets will have to be complied too. Do not freak out here guys, the Rules are going to be basically the same as we are running right now. We just need to have them in place to keep everything fair. 1/24th Scale racing is getting very competitive and I want it to be Fair for everyone.

                  See all you guys tomorrow, I can't wait!

                  Race Haven Hobbies
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                    How are you guys running brm's faster and more laps than scaleauto's?


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                      We run the BRM's on 22 shore Rubber. If you true them properly and polish them a bit we all find them a bit more grippy than the Pro Comp 3 Foams we run the Scaleautos on.

                      The track is Flat latex paint and we run mostly Super tires on the 1/32 Cars.

                      Not sure why it is the way it is but all 3 different tires seems to play together very nicely.

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                        Originally posted by Pro Stock View Post
                        We run the BRM's on 22 shore Rubber. If you true them properly and polish them a bit we all find them a bit more grippy than the Pro Comp 3 Foams we run the Scaleautos on.

                        The track is Flat latex paint and we run mostly Super tires on the 1/32 Cars.

                        Not sure why it is the way it is but all 3 different tires seems to play together very nicely.

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                        Ok makes sense. What motors are you using in the brm's?


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                          All Pink, All the Time.


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                            Race Day!

                            Can't wait Gents! Tracks On!

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                              Ohhhh baby!!!!!! Tire truer humming over here

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                                on my way!