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  • These are tires that i make and guess what they should work real good!!!

    The narrower tire on the rear just don't look right.



    • Ron
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      • Was looking forward to running today but still under the weather. Hope it went well, look forward to the next event....should be another enduro coming up soon I imagine?


        • Was a great stock ScaleAuto sprint race today. As well as BRM group c race.

          Ron mentioned next weekend would be an enduro sprint to warm up for the full enduro the following weekend. So that is the first weekend of May.

          Pencil it in your calendar.


          • Apr 19, 2015 - North Loop

            Hi Guys,

            Sunday was another fine turnout for the 1/24th scale cars. We decided to run a BRM Group C race as well as for the coveted Stock Scaleauto win. Here are the results.

            BRM Group C

            Steve - 185 60' (P)
            John B - 185 32' (P)
            Ronnie - 185 31' (P)
            Ravi - 176 71' (T)
            Charles - 175 32' (M)
            Giancarlo - 172 13' (P)
            Dan - 158 33' (T)
            Tom - 153 74' (P)

            Fast Laps

            Steve - 6.173 (W)
            John B - 6.160 (R)
            Ronnie - 6.163 (P)
            Ravi - 6.421 (W)
            Charles - 6.293 (B)
            Giancarlo - 6.410 (G)
            Dan - 6.752 (G)
            Tom - 7.057 (W)

            Now that was close. 1st through 3rd separated by less than 30'..........

            Steve again takes a Win with the slowest of the contending cars!!! and he lost a gear 2/3's of the way through one of his would have been a runaway win. Well done Steve.

            Johnny B took second place and firmly takes the fast lap time track record. Look out for this guy on any given Sunday!

            Ravi was just off the podium and still trying to get his Toyota back at race pace.

            Charles is still committed to the Mercedes. How do we get this thing to stop with the gears allowed??? Anyone??

            Giancarlo borrowed a car from Steve, took it completely apart, put it all back together, and did a fine job of wheeling it around. Tough cars to drive eh buddy?

            Now onto the Stock Scaleauto.......

            Scaleauto GT Challenge

            Ronnie - 191 44' (RSR)
            Steve - 188 31' (Cup)
            Giancarlo - 186 28' (RSR)
            Charles - 185 1' (Z4)
            Ravi - 181 63' (Z4)
            Dave - 179 35' (Viper)
            John B - 177 10' (R8)
            Dan - 161 72' (RSR)
            Tom - 145 66' (RSR)

            Fast Laps

            Ronnie - 6.094 (B)
            Steve - 6.186 (W)
            Giancarlo - 6.197 (P)
            Charles - 6.136 (G)
            Ravi - 6.307 (B)
            Dave - 6.339 (B)
            John B - 6.356 (P)
            Dan - 6.610 (P)
            Tom - 7.020 (R)

            Great Run Guys! What more can I say?

            This racing is so close it really does boil down to who keeps it on the track. I am already looking forward to Sundays sprint program again. Where are all the 917's!!?? Get em back in one piece guys. I would like to run them this Sunday.

            I will make the official announcement for the next Enduro shortly. First weekend in May looks like it.

            Thanks to everyone that came out. Sunday afternoons are filled with slot racing fun because of you guys.

            Race Haven Hobbies


            • I'm open for business. I'm offering an awesome 1/24 slot car track racing. My hours will be pretty much the same as race haven. Please bring your own slipper and yoga mat, since the track is on the floor. Sorry Ron this track is so awesome that everyone one will be coming to my place instead.


              • It's gonna be tight in there.

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                • Apr 26, 2015 - North Loop

                  Hello Everybody,

                  Sunday was a packed house. It is great to see that the Slot racing is picking up momentum going into the Summer, a first here.

                  We had 10 Racers out for BRM Group C. Here is how it went down.

                  BRM Group C

                  Steve - 191 33' (P)
                  Ronnie - 187 74' (P)
                  Jonathan - 183 56' (P)
                  Charles - 180 34' (M)
                  Ravi - 179 73' (T)
                  John B - 179 39' (T)
                  Terry - 178 58' (P)
                  Giancarlo - 173 66' (P)
                  Dan - 161 70' (T)
                  Tom - 150 34' (P)

                  Fast Laps

                  Steve - 6.061 (G)
                  Ronnie - 6.150 (G)
                  Jonathan - 6.183 (R)
                  Charles - 6.271 (R)
                  Ravi - 6.338 (R)
                  John B - 6.382 (P)
                  Terry - 6.299 (P)
                  Giancarlo - 6.446 (W)
                  Dan - 6.773 (P)
                  Tom - 6.661 (R)

                  Steve does it AGAIN! What a Run........Track Record and Lap time record all in one swoop. A great drive Steve. I fear for my south loop record in 2 weeks.

                  Jonathan put in a personal best run and got the podium. He and the car were spot on.......look out for this kid. He is going to be tough to beat.

                  I have to mention the entire field actually. Everyone has stepped up their game. Look at the fast laps.......this class only ever gets more competitive and you guys keep raising the bar. Every driver in the field deserves a pat on the back for their efforts on Sunday. Well done Gentleman.

                  Now onto the Enduro class run. This was the warm up for next weekends Full Run. 4 minutes heats was the plan, 11 drivers lined up. Here is how it turned out.......

                  Endurance Class

                  Terry - 203 58'
                  Ronnie - 200 72'
                  Giancarlo - 197 10'
                  Charles - 192 9'
                  Ravi - 191 44'
                  Steve - 187 59'
                  Dave - 183 13'
                  John B - 179 73'
                  Jonathan - 178 9'
                  Tom - 160 34'
                  Dan - 158 60'

                  Fast Laps

                  Terry - 5.448 (B)
                  Ronnie - 5.615 (R)
                  Giancarlo - 5.641 (W)
                  Charles - 5.745 (B)
                  Ravi - 5.837 (W)
                  Steve - 5.913 (G)
                  Dave - 6.082 (G)
                  John B - 6.412 (P)
                  Jonathan - 6.348 (B)
                  Tom - 6.710 (R)
                  Dan - 6.656 (G)

                  Now if that race was any indication of the times we are going to see next weekend then look out Gents! Terry has got some speed! He got the Win on Sunday and ran a crazy fast lap!!!

                  Giancarlo got the Podium again! If he can keep it on the rails next Sunday I am predicting another Podium out of him. Well done GC, you are quite the slot racer.

                  Charles, Ravi and Steve all seem to be contenders for next weekend as can be seen in their sub 5 second pace.

                  Thanks to everyone that came out. I am already looking forward to next weekend. The official announcement is going up shortly.

                  Race Haven Hobbies
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                  • We racing tomorrow?


                    • No race today but I will be here till about 2:30 if you guys wana come out and run for a bit.

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                      • Sept 20, 2015 - First Race of the Season!!!!

                        Hi Guys,

                        Awesome! We are back at slot car racing! So early too. We had 9 guys out to run and all I can say is it is going to be an Epic Season of 1/24th scale racing here.

                        2 Endurance Class races with all sorts of machinery in the field from a bone stock Scaleauto, to a BRM 917, and a even DoSlot or Two........

                        Here is how it went down.........

                        Endurance Class (South Loop)

                        Ravi - 190 47'
                        Steve - 186 28'
                        Tim - 183 7'
                        Charles - 177 5'
                        John B - 175 5'
                        Bob - 170 39'
                        Bill - 170 25'
                        Dave - 169 6'

                        Fast Laps

                        Ravi - 6.06 (B)
                        Steve - 6.179 (P)
                        Tim - 6.231 (P)
                        Charles - 6.091 (W)
                        John B - 6.365 (G)
                        Bob - 6.427 (B)
                        Bill D - 6.605 (R)
                        Dave - 6.324 (B)

                        Endurance Class (North Loop)

                        Charles - 187 8'
                        Steve - 186 70'
                        Tim - 185 34'
                        John B - 181 32'
                        Dave - 177 71'
                        Joe - 165 9'
                        Bob - 161 30'
                        Bill - 160 71'
                        Ravi - 156 10'

                        Fast Laps

                        Charles - 5.666 (B)
                        Steve - 5.835 (B)
                        Tim - 6.160 (B)
                        John B - 6.321 (B)
                        Dave - 6.309 (G)
                        Joe - 6.659 (P)
                        Bob - 6.750 (R)
                        Bill - 6.596 (R)
                        Ravi - 6.403 (G)

                        A Fine afternoon of Testing, Tuning, and Racing. ALL Free! Come out, buy a car, and join in on the Fun. Really, this stuff is addictive.

                        Thanks to everyone that came out to kick off the season. See you all on!

                        Race Haven Hobbies


                        • Hope you guys are cleaning your tires tonight... tomorrow is gonna be another fun day of fast racing!


                          • Sept 27, 2015 - North Loop

                            Hi Guys,

                            here are the results from last weekends Sunday afte3rnoon race. There was a lot of testing and tuning going on but we squeezed a race in late afternoon. Here is how it went down......

                            Endurance Class

                            Ravi - 184 15'
                            Steve - 183 44'
                            Bill - 172 42'
                            Dante - 172 10'
                            Dave 164 48'
                            Joe - 161 38
                            John - 160 60'

                            Fast Laps

                            Ravi - 6.084 (B)
                            Steve - 5.978 (B)
                            Bill - 6.198 (G)
                            Dante - 6.529 (G)
                            Dave - 6.355 (G)
                            Joe - 6.600 (G)
                            John - 6.421 (B)

                            Great racing guys. Ravi got the Win but not by much.

                            Dante showed up with a used BRM Toyota and threw it in the race. He finihsed just off the podium. Well done buddy.

                            Joe didn't finish last.

                            See you all tomorrow for another Sunday afternoon of slot car fun!!!

                            Race Haven Hobbies


                            • Hi Guys,

                              sorry for no reports the last couple weeks. There just has not been enough hours in the day.

                              Great turnout this week and last. Thanks to everyone that came out. There is an 1/24th Scale Enduro on next Sunday (Dec 27). Come One, Come All!

                              I do have a couple of MUST mentions. Steve has completely claimed the record board! Well done! Stock Scaleautos are now WELL into the 5's.

                              And Best of all......Joe WON the Enduro class race today!!! He beat Charles by 7'. Off the hook good!

                              See you all next weekend and have a Great Christmas.

                              Race Haven Hobbies


                              • Just want to say it was really nice to see Joe win the race yesterday. Good job Joe.
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