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1/24 Scale Fun Run Sundays

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  • 1/24 Scale Fun Run Sundays

    Hi Guys,

    This is going to be a thread that I can post all of our Sunday Racing in. We run 1/24 Scale cars every Sunday with Racing starting at about 2pm.

    The First Race is a BRM Group C Race and the Second Race is Scaleauto GT Cars.

    We had our first Scaleauto Race last weekend and it was some of the Best 1/24 Scale racing we have done so far!!!

    I will post the results from last Sunday shortly.

    Stay Tuned,
    Race Haven Hobbies

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    April 14, 2013 - Fun Run

    Hi Guys,

    This is the 1/24 Scale Race report from last Sunday. We had 5 racers out to run the BRM's and 5 Racers to Run the first ever Scaleauto race.

    Here is how it went down.

    BRM Group C

    Ravi - 108.500 (T)
    Julian - 102.600 (P)
    Dave - 102.300 (P)
    Rick - 97.100 (P)
    Tom - 79.100 (P)

    Fast Laps

    Ravi - 6.438 (Green)
    Julian - 6.681 (Blue)
    Dave - 6.660 (Green)
    Rick - 6.616 (Blue)
    Tom - 7.168 (Green)

    Ravi got the WIN!!! Way to go Ravi. That was his first BRM Win and the Very First time a Toyota has won a race. Nice Drivin' Ravi.

    Julian borrowed a car and set out in his first 1/24 Scale Race ever. Second place!!! Awesome buddy!

    Dave rounded out the Podium with a solid 102 Lap run.

    Now onto the Scaleauto results.

    Scaleauto GT Challenge - South Loop

    Ronnie - 104.200 (RSR)
    Julian - 103.200 (R8)
    Rick - 102.100 (RSR)
    Maurizio - 99.600 (Cup)
    Dave - 97.500 (M3 GTR)

    Fast Laps

    Ronnie - 6.769 (Blue)
    Julian - 6.732 (Red)
    Rick - 6.881 (Blue)
    Mauruzio - 6.866 (Red)
    Dave - 6.907 (Red)

    Now that was some Fun racing!!! Julian set the Fast Lap time with that blistering fast Audi R8!

    This class is Awesome! It is going to be some of the Cleanest Classiest Racing we do. Everyone is learning to protect the car first, go fast second. This is what this class is all about.

    Today is Race Day. Grab your 1/24's and get out here!!! Or just come to watch.

    Race Haven Hobbies
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      I some how got my hands on a 911 Scale Auto... time to paint and tweek. May be out next week.

      Tim Snyder


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        Very good but next weekend the store is closed Timmy. The weekend after next works though.

        Race Haven Hobbies


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          Yup.. forgot about your driver training. Do they add training wheels to the Radical, or just to the driver? When i went for my license the tires were still square.

          Tim Snyder


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            Just the Driver. I would never allow training wheels on the Radical.

            Race Haven Hobbies


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              April 21, 2013 - Fun Run

              Hi Guys,

              This report is long overdue! This was the second Scaleauto race and the BRM race that ran first. First up was the BRM Group C Race...........and a Fun one it was!! Here is how it went down.

              BRM Group C

              Ronnie - 111.600 (P)
              Glen - 110.500 (P)
              Rick - 105.900 (P)
              Julian - 103.900 (T)
              Dave - 102.700 (P)
              Jim - 99.500 (P)
              Patrick - 82.400 (P)

              Fast Laps

              Ronnie - 6.383 (Blue)
              Glen - 6.444 (Red)
              Rick - 6.665 (Green)
              Julian - 6.577 (Red)
              Dave - 6.683 (Blue)
              Jim - 7.036 (Green)
              Patrick - 7.676 (Green)

              Fun Times Gents!!! Gleno finally got that car sorted. Rick is picking up some speed as well!!!

              We are running tomorrow afternoon again. Come on out!!!!!

              Now onto the Scaleauto Race. This weeks direction was North Loop. This is the first time we ran them in this direction so all the records were up for grabs. Here is how it turned out.

              Scaleauto GT Challenge - North Loop

              Steve - 101.400 (Cup Car)
              Julian - 99.800 (R8)
              Dave - 99.700 (M3 GTR)
              Ronnie - 98.700 (RSR)
              Maurizio - 96.700 (Cup Car)
              Rick - 95.600 (RSR)

              Fast Laps

              Steve - 6.703 (Green)
              Julian - 6.863 (Red)
              Dave - 6.939 (Red)
              Ronnie - 6.992 (Red)
              Maurizio - 6.975 (Blue)
              Rick - 7.102 (Green)

              Way to go Steve!!! Both Records and the WIN!!! Now that was some nice drivin! This class is up again tomorrow afternoon. We will be running South Loop.

              Come on out to Race or Spectate. Both are more fun that you would believe. The Guys that race here are Super Friendly and there is no attitude whatsoever!

              Come check out some slot car racing, you won't regret it. Your bank account might, but you can't take it with you anyways..............come get into Slot Car racing.

              Racing starts tomorrow at 2pm.

              Thanks to everyone that makes 1/24 Scale Racing here the best in the city!!!

              See you all tomorrow,
              Race Haven Hobbies


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                Race Haven Hobbies


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                  Great racing yesterday guys!!! I will get the report up today at some point.

                  Thanks to everyone that made it out.

                  Keep in mind that there will be at least a Scaleauto Race next Sunday starting at 2pm. We will run BRM's if we get enough guys/cars out.

                  See you all Friday night,
                  Race Haven Hobbies


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                    May 5, 2013 - South Loop

                    Hi Guys,

                    It was a quiet Sunday afternoon last weekend. We did manage to get in a Scaleauto GT Race. Here is how it went down........

                    Total Laps

                    Ronnie - 101.500 (RSR)
                    Steve - 99.900 (Cup)
                    Ravi - 95.100 (R8)
                    Charles - 94.500 (M3 GTR)
                    Tom - 76.500 (RSR)

                    Fast Laps

                    Ronnie - 6.766 (Green)
                    Steve - 6.679 (Red)
                    Ravi - 6.915 (Green)
                    Charles - 6.848 (Green)
                    Tom - 6.906 (Green)

                    Fun Racing Guys!!! These cars are Crazy Fun!!!

                    We are racing tomorrow afternoon. I know its Mothers Day but the Race Must Go On!!! We should be done by 3pm if anyone has to make it out to a Mothers Day Dinner.

                    Hope to see you all out.

                    Race Haven Hobbies


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                      Happy long weekend gents!

                      Anyone around for some 1/24th today?

                      Ron, sorry I missed Friday (again) looks like there was another fun & fast race.


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                        Come on out Charlie!!!!

                        We are Racing!



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                          Perfect. See you there around 1:45.


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                            We just ran the BEST Scaleauto race yet!!! 3 track sections was the spread between 1st-3rd.

                            Ravi took the South Loop Track record.

                            Steve re-set his best lap time record.

                            What a Race!!!

                            If you guys don't have a Scaleauto, get one!!! These things are waaaay too much Fun!!!

                            Race Report coming up tonight.

                            Race Haven Hobbies
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                              May 19, 3013

                              Hi Guys,

                              What a great race today! The track was Super fast!

                              BRM Group C

                              Ronnie - 112.500 (P)
                              Glen - 110.900 (P)
                              Ravi - 109.100 (T)
                              Steve - 107.500 (P)
                              Charles - 98.600 (P)

                              Fast Laps

                              Ronnie - 6.335 (Blue)
                              Glen - 6.399 (Red)
                              Ravi - 6.391 (Green)
                              Steve - 6.614 (Green)
                              Charles - 6.922 (Blue)

                              Scaleauto GT Challenge - South Loop

                              Ravi - 105.300 (R8)
                              Steve - 105.200 (Cup)
                              Glen - 105.100 (Steves Cup Car)
                              Ronnie - 104.700 (RSR)
                              Charles - 99.100 (M3 GTR)
                              Tom - 93.600 (RSR)

                              Fast Laps

                              Ravi - 6.648 (Green)
                              Steve - 6.616 (Red)
                              Glen - 6.678 (Red)
                              Ronnie - 6.729 (Green)
                              Charles - 6.660 (Green)
                              Tom - 6.858 (Green)

                              Now that is Racing Gentleman!!! I had soooooo much Fun and I wasn't even on the podium.

                              Records Fell ALL Day!!! The Rubber tires on the BRM's and the Foam Tires on the Scaleautos seemed to LOVE the heat!

                              1/24 Scale racing All Summer Long................come on out and play!

                              Race Haven Hobbies