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Race Haven 1/24 Scale Enduro!

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    I would like to inform everyone that I have 2 Rental Rides for the Enduro event. Both BRM Porsche 962's.

    If you are a slot car racer and would like to come out to run in our Enduro event but do not have an eligible car we have you taken care of.

    The Rental is FREE! You will pay for anything you break on the car.

    First come first serve. PM me if you are interested.

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      Originally posted by Tim ... Guy View Post
      After reading the extensive rule booklet i noticed that i had made a serious mistake in my choice of cars. Since we will be running both clockwise and counter clockwise i realized that fueling may be an issue. That being the case i had to speed up the prep of my small block GT40 which has provision to fuel on either side...Tim
      Brilliant! That is some heads up thinking Tim!

      However, in recent times the track officials have spent some money and retrofitted pit lane with telescopic overhead fueling rigs.

      Continuous Improvement is our motto!

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        Hi Guys,

        The Schedule for Sunday is as follows......

        11am - Store Open
        11am-12:30pm - Open Practice
        12:30-1pm - Track Cleaning / Registration and Tech Inspection
        1:15pm - Race 1 Start
        3pm - Race 2 Start
        5:30pm - Day Complete and we Crown a Winner/Winners

        Hope to see everyone out!

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          Thanks for the loaner Ron, I look forward to this. See you Sunday! (Unless work calls)


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            One "rental" is spoken for. I have 1 more BRM 962 available if anyone wants to try their hand at 1/24th scale racing.

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              Well Dave has finally talked me out of using a nuclear power plant... something about some of the racers (Charlie) may want to have some more children . Also since wheel spin can be a real problem he has talked me into using the slowest motors that i have. He also has been telling me that consistent 7 sec laps will be the winning ticket. Since i haven't raced at Racehaven for a while and my aging memory is very poor and i know that Dave would never steer me wrong i am taking this as fact.

              Thundersport Consulting and Shadow Services should also have at least 1 loaner if any one is interested.

              Tim Snyder


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                Hope to see everyone out.

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                  Hi Ron,
                  Looks like I will be a late arrival and likely not there until 2pm.
                  Trying to get there sooner.
                  Will keep you posted.
                  PS: Thanks for the consideration on nuclear Tim


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                    Cool Charles. See ya then


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                      What a great event today. Other than my "mechanical challenges" I had a good time. It was a very interesting running the track one direction for half the event and then going the other way for the finale. Look forward to the next one, I will be better prepared and hopefully be able to put up a better result.

                      Thanks Terry


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                        Right on Terry!! I was smiles ear to ear as well. I thought it was a fantastic event with a great turnout. A total of 10 teams were entered although the majority of the teams chose to run the "Ironman" option.

                        I will post a full race report later today.

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                          Thanks Ron for hosting the event, and thanks to Tim for the loaner.

                          Sorry about all the in race maintenance required though. I just couldn't seem to stay out of harms way.


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                            The Race Report

                            Hello Everyone,

                            It was a Great Event! We had 9 Iron Man Drivers and 1 Team for the race. Let me start by running through the field of equipment.

                            Terry - Plafit Excel Chassis / Tamiya Sauber C9 Body
                            Dan - BRM Porsche 917
                            Glen - Scaleauto Jaguar
                            Dave - Scaleauto Audi R8
                            Ravi/Anthony - Scaleauto BMW Z4
                            Tim - Scholer 55 Chassis /Tamiya Porsche 956 Body
                            JohnnySlots - Plafit SLP1 Chassis / Fujimi GT40 Body
                            Ronnie - Scaleauto Porsche 997
                            Charles - DoSlot GTC Chassis / Carrera Ferrari 575 Body (Not in Pics)
                            John B - BRM Toyota (Not in Pics)

                            Now onto the race! The first 40 minute race was run South Loop, then the second ran North Loop. That is how the lap totals are shown. The Final Result was the total of both races.

                            Ronnie - 368/360=728
                            Glen - 354/359=713
                            Ravi/Anthony - 350/334=684
                            Dave - 347/336=683 (39' R1 + 15' R2)
                            Tim - 332/347=679
                            John B - 338/330=668
                            Terry - 305/340=645
                            Dan - 301/261=562
                            JohnnySlots - 318/192=510
                            Charles - 141/346=487

                            Glen put the School Bus in Second Place!!! Great Run Gleno!

                            What a Run out of Ravi and Anthony!!! They had a fantastic race 1 and then the car seemed to fall off quite a bit for race 2. They still managed to stay ahead of Dave and grab a podium! Well done guys.

                            Dave.........A Fantastic drive. If we only kept a closer eye on the lap totals maybe you could have pulled something off here. A lesson for future enduros.

                            Tim ran great and the car looked equally as good. Look out for Dave, I think he is your new track nemesis! Maybe listen to less of his advice pre-race.

                            Johnny B! That Toyota ran AMAZING!!! It has improved 10 fold in the last few weeks. A little more work and the results are going to show.

                            Terry.......having never turned a lap here it was a great result. From now on I will install your wheels for you.

                            Dan, a brave choice to runt he 917 for 80 minutes. Anything not in the basement was going to be a fine result. Well done.

                            JohnnySlots got in a big wreck in his 4th heat R2. That's racing Folks. I am sure his car owner is sending him a bill for the damage.

                            Charles, I was going to DQ you for whatever that was in R1 but when I totaled up the results there was no need.

                            Since Fast Laps are totally inconsequential in an Enduro I am not even going to list them. I have not had that much fun racing in a long time guys! Many Many Thanks to everyone that made this a fantastic event.

                            We are sprint racing next Sunday and we will do another Enduro shortly after Christmas when everyone slows down again.

                            Race Haven Hobbies
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                              No fast laps...? Some guys live for those.
                              Great fun as usual gents! Can't wait for the next enduro!!!!


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                                Lots of fun guys... learned a lot. Just lost too many laps in the first segment as i had to wait to the second to fix the guide and just over drove to try to make it up. Almost caught Ravi and Dave though.

                                May have another guy to drag out to the next one... actually my sponsor and almost as fast. I am already working on the next car as the 956 is about as fast as it can get with that motor combo. My c4 TransAm Corvette may be the ticket.

                                Also after checking the model box the GT40 was a Fujimi kit.