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    Terry's got a bad fast hot rod too......


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      RACEDAY!!! The Track is being cleaned and the pre-race test session is just about to start.

      Race Haven Hobbies


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        Well, I'm selling all my Plafit and scholers and buying a BRM. We had our hat handed to us today by a good shoe with a plastic chassis slot car with a pile of lead on it....humbled....good times nonetheless.


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          Anything screwed together straight and true can win races Terry.

          Unofficial results.....I forgot the results at the shop.




          Great Fun today guys. I will get the full result up on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone that cane out.

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            Feb 15, 2015 - Enduro #3

            Hi Guys,

            It was a grand day of racing with 11 entrants lined up to run for the 3rd Official Race Haven Hobbies Enduro.

            We ran North Loop followed by South Loop. Lets get to it!

            Overall Results

            Ronnie - 387 + 382 (69' + 38') = 770 28'
            Terry - 378 + 351 (59' + 73') = 730 54'
            Ravi - 361 + 360 (46' + 75') = 722 43'
            Charles - 364 + 353 (37' + 4') = 717 41'
            Dave - 343 + 349 (44' + 21') = 692 65'
            John B - 346 + 346 (12' + 7') = 692 19'
            Tim - 347 + 327 (32" + 56') = 675 10'
            Giancarlo - 334 + 324 (43' + 46') = 659 11'
            Robert - 326 + 313 (10' + 6') = 639 16'
            Jonathan - 305 + 305 (43' + 72') = 611 37'
            Tom - 292 + 42 (41' + 0") = 334 41' (Technical Difficulties R2)

            Fast Laps

            Ronnie - 5.923
            Terry - 6.018
            Ravi - 6.085
            Charles - 6.256
            Dave - 6.409
            John B - 6.462
            Tim - 6.380
            Giancarlo - 6.682
            Robert - 6.930
            Jonathan - 6.636
            Tom - 6.628


            Ronnie - BRM Porsche 962
            Terry - Plafit Excell / Revell Sauber C9
            Ravi - DoSlot GTC / Scaleauto Porsche 997
            Charles - DoSlot GTC / Revell Porsche GT1
            Dave - Scaleauto / AMT Ford Thunderbird Late Model
            John B - Scaleauto Audi R8
            Tim - Scholer Wide / Tamiya Porsche 956
            Giancarlo - Scaleauto / Toy Store Porsche 997
            Robert - Scaleauto Audi R8
            Jonathan - BRM Porsche 962
            Tom - DoSlot GTC / Scaleauto Porsche 997

            Now that was a Fun filled afternoon of racing! Thanks to everyone that made the 3rd Official Endurance Race one to remember!

            Next Sunday we are back to the regular sprint program. Get those Scaleautos Legal Guys!!!

            See you all in a week.

            Race Haven Hobbies


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              Thank You Ron for again hosting what are turning out to be classic events, with an interesting and diverse field of cars.

              I hope to have lights in a few of my cars in the next couple of weeks, so if enough of us have them, hopefully we can introduce night sections to the endurance series......



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                It is my pleasure Terry. I love this stuff.

                Pete's light kits seems to be great. I am going to bring in a few sets and see if we can get everyone in a car with lights.

                I am thinking the Enduro races can go right through the summer with the interest we are getting in them. I may even try to sort out a Outdoor Summer Nationals.........Dave and I were throwing around the idea last year.

                I'm looking forward to Sunday already.

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                  Well after testing on Friday and still hunting for the right combo's all i can say is WHEN CAN WE HAVE THE NEXT ONE!!!!!

                  Tim Snyder


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                    Bring your really GOOD stuff Tim, others have been testing too....
                    The bar has been raised.....

                    And looking forward to running night sections soon, so get those light kits installed boys...
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                      Well, it's now the 16th... any idea when the next one will be?

                      Yes Terry i will bring my 'Good' stuff. Not sure yet how good that is yet. Last race again was a 3rd at best till i screwed up. I know i am a touch better right now but still not in the 1st place contention, but that's OK.



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                        Looks like March 29th Tim. I will put up the official post this weekend.

                        Race Haven Hobbies
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                          Next Enduro Date is Booked!!!!

                          Hi Guys,

                          Time to do this again! Same as usual but here it is again..........

                          Sunday March 29th - Track Opens at 10am - Race Starts at 12:30 sharp!

                          The Rules

                          Chassis - Any 1/24 Scale car from BRM, Scaleauto, Plafit, Scholer, DoSlot, Werks, Slotfabrik, or NDW are permitted. If you have a 1/24 Scale car and are unsure of eligibility please PM me. Minimum ride height at ALL times on ALL cars is 1.5mm. Any lower post race and you will be Disqualified. Maximum width on any car is 85mm.

                          Tires - Open - Must not be visible from above. Tires will be checked on glass for any residue or traction additives. If your tires leave a mark on glass then they will have to be cleaned or an alternate set of tires must be used. We also have stock of new tires at the store from both BRM and Scaleauto.

                          Motor - Any FK130, FK180, or FC130. **No Falcon 7** Amp Draw on ANY approved motor must be under 2 Amps.

                          Body - Any 1/24th Scale Body made of hard plastic. (No Lexan) Bodys must have a detailed and painted interior.

                          Controllers - House Only, they stay on the lanes.

                          The Format

                          There will be 2 Races. One North Loop, the second will run South Loop. 5 Lanes, 11 Volts, 8 minute Heats with a break at 4 minutes for a driver change. This will total 80 minutes of racing. The result from both races will be totaled and this will decide the Winner or Winning Team.

                          Team or Iron Man, Up to you.

                          The Entry Fee

                          FREE FREE FREE! Bring a few bucks so we can order Pizzas.

                          Any questions? Ask away!

                          Race Haven Hobbies


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                            Well the day of testing is coming to a close. Steve, Dave and Giancarlo all have their cars sorted for tomorrows big race. I'm still fighting with mine......

                            The Green flag drops tomorrow at 1pm SHARP! Don't be late!

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                              Race Day!!! Tim, Bob, and Malcom are already here testing.......

                              Its gonna be a good one, pack the hauler and get out here!

                              Race Haven Hobbies


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                                maybe they'll burn up all their stuff before the race.....

                                just having a bite to eat then enroute....